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In the nail-biting Albacross competitor comparison below, you will see that LimeCall strives to say “yes” and looks to help you and your business every step of the way. LimeCall was designed to be the best B2B lead generation software on the market, don’t believe us? Sign up below and try our 14-day free trial so we can prove it to you. Find out why we’re the number one Albacross alternative.

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60+ Reviews

LimeCall vs Novocall

Tracks the companies on your siteYesYes
PriceStarting at $39 USD per month$400 USD per month on average
Page trackingYesYes
Auto-assignment of leads to usersYesNo
Key contactsUnlimitedLimited
Number of websitesUnlimitedLimited
Company exportsUnlimitedLimited
Identifies 20% more companiesYesNo
Slack integrationYesNo

Those are only a few of the areas that LimeCall outperforms Novocall!

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Use Cases for Your Business

Conference Call Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Track what companies are doing on a website, and how they got there to better optimize website experience and report on marketing efforts.

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Concurrent Ringing

New Business Development

Identify the new companies that are visiting a website, their key contact information and key employee information, to reach out to them via phone, email, LinkedIn, direct mail etc. to convert them into a new client.

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Call Stacking

Existing Business Development

Track existing clients so you’re following up with them at the perfect time. You already have their contact information, we just provide you with the perfect timing and insight for follow up.

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