E-Commerce and Retail

Automation that accelerates your path to building a best in class customer experience.


How workflows run

Automate your CX workflow across the entire customer journey with our powerful integrations to take action at the right time, minimise at-risk revenue and seize opportunities to increase sales.



Pipe Customer data into Chattermill and setup triggers when certain events happen in your data set.



Add conditions to triggers and segment them by tags, customer segments, metric scores and much more.



This is where the magic happens, a list of actions take place once an event satisfies a condition.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Chattermill integrates with tools you use daily creating endless opportunities to create dynamic workflows.

Never miss an important moment with your customers

Imagine if you had your best analyst 24/7, keeping a watchful eye over changes in your customer feedback data to trigger alerts when there is a change in customer sentiment.

Anticipate the needs and avoid losing customers before it’s too late.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and free up time to focus on what matters most

Put your workflow on autopilot and let automations take care of the manual tasks for you.

Make your day more productive and dedicate valuable time to tasks that require attention.

Customer experience workflow management made easy

Case study

Join the most ambitious companies in the world reshaping CX

CX, product, and analytics teams from Gusto, Trainline, and Just Eat get instant powerful insights in Chattermill that drive customer insights, retention and advocacy


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