The 10+ Best SaaS Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

Leena Fernandes

Leena Fernandes

January 29, 2020 |

Podcasting is great, in fact, it is the easiest way to inform yourself with valuable information on a topic.

And why not? In an era where prospects expect every action to be spontaneous from brands, podcasts work as an instant information provider that can work well in garnering many potential prospects towards a brand.

 ‘’86% of end-users said SaaS helps them be more productive and successful than desktop programs and 38% of companies say they are running almost completely on SaaS and 73% of companies plan to make all their business systems based on SaaS by 2020. ‘’

An online study stated, ‘’Over 40% of monthly podcast listeners report that they listen to more podcasts now than they did a year ago. On average, podcast listeners download and listen to seven shows each week’’ imagine how impactful your Saas business will be once you incorporate podcasting in your prospects sales process.

Your peers have already started incorporating it which is why you need to learn from the experts. Apart from brands who wish to conduct the action in the first statement, podcasts are also a great way for brands to learn how they can enhance their business better.

Podcasts include multiple speakers who have breathed the air of the Saas industry for a long time and learning their insights can help you to frame and mould your Saas business to the best.

In 2020, the only way your brand can succeed is when you start to incorporate the actions that the modern prospects of yours want and also what your Saas market wants you to apply. Understanding this, this article brings you insightful Saas podcasts that can be your cheat sheet towards successful SaaS marketing efforts.

Let’s get started.

The 15 Best SaaS Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

1 . Growth Marketing Stories Podcast

Growth Hacking is BS. There’s no quick way of making tons of money in the short term. Instead, Growth Marketing Stories focuses on growth stories and growth flywheels.

Aazar believes you have to wait it out and do consistently smaller experiments, and initiatives to grow business as a growth marketer. This show is for growth marketers.It’s not for growth hackers, get rich quick schemes, short term hacks, and doing things unethically. Growth marketing is all about being personal at every stage of the user journey. 

Does it not annoy you that you are seeing a generic free trial/get a demo retargeting from companies even though you are a customer? That’s what they talk about. It’s about personalisation in growth marketingWho is it not for?Growth hackers who will grow your business in a very short time.

Every massage should be personal on ads, emails, in-app, and out-app. It’s being specific, not general.Some of the esteemed guest who’ve been at the podcast:

  • Rand Fishkin (Ex-CEO at Moz)
  • Jay Acuzno (Former Head of Content at Hubspot)
  • Nadya Khoja (Chief Growth Officer at Venngage)
  • Andrew Capland (Former Head of Growth at Wistia)

2. The Saas Revolution Show

The Saas Revolution Show is a podcast that is run by the Founder of Saastock, Mr. Alex Theuma. Each podcast episode runs for 30 minutes which makes it super easier for users to listen to a quick session on the topics they information on.

The Saastock brand runs the largest B2B Saas conference in Europe and with their podcast, they spread more insightful information from Europe’s Saas experts as well as other Saas experts spread across the globe which helps user’s to understand how the Europe Saas business is working its ways to success. 

The reason why ‘The Saas Revolution Show’ is popular as it lays more of the information about Saas with every podcast and that too from the mouths of insightful experts. Mr. Theuma is a great speaker to host the show because he is also considered to be one of the experts who have good knowledge on any topics related to the Saas industry.

Another greatest thing about this podcast is that there are many other speakers who share the same knowledge and expertise from the Saas business which is why this podcast has become a routine for Saas enthusiasts to learn, explore and grow better in this field. From enquiring capturing hard-hitting questions to getting only the best of the experts to answer those questions, this podcast is considered to be one of the finest ways for a listener to enhance their knowledge of the Saas world.

To get started with this podcast, try out the below episodes:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Simplecast, and Stitcher as well. 

3. Inside Intercom Podcast

The Inside Intercom podcast is head by the Intercom team itself. Listeners can have a good run of the information being provided in the podcast since each episode is only 30 minutes. Intercom definitely shares insights on the Saas industry but apart from that they also share valuable information on topics such as product management, marketing, startups and also designing. 

To have a brief about the podcast, you can try the below episode to get started:

4. The Official Saastr Podcast

‘The Official Saastr Podcast’ is run by the Saastr team and hosted by the brilliant Mr. Harry Stebbings. Each of the episodes is conducted for 25 minutes where Mr. Harry ensures that maximum information on the topic is being shared with listeners. The Saastr has a mission to connect the entire B2B community on the road to growth which is exactly why most of the time the host Mr. Harry interviews operators and investors.

The reason why the Saastr has grown to become a lovable podcast because the topic of discussion is on various business levels, for instance, the conversation in the podcast deepens on various topics be it customer success or fundraising. Saastr podcasts are a good choice when it comes to brands that wish to learn and explore the Saas industry more in-depth.

To get started, you can tune in to the below episodes:

  1. David Skok, General Partner @ Matrix Partners
  2. Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO @ Zuora Shares the $100m Question All SaaS Founders Must Ask
  3. Godfather of Sales John Barrow on How To React When a Lead Goes Dark
  4. Tomasz Tunguz, Partner @ Redpoint Ventures Discusses The Rise of Machine Learning in Enterprise SaaS

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Google Podcasts as well. 

5. Saas Open Mic

Saas Open Mic is conducted by ChartMogul and hosted by Ed Shelley. Each of the episodes explains the topics for 30 minutes each. The experts being interviewed are from the leading Saas companies so it is evident that anything and everything related to the Saas world is being discussed. The speakers mainly emphasize on how one can focus on the growth of the Saas business. 

To get started on the podcast, you can listen to the below episode:

6. The Growth Hub Podcast

The Podcast is conducted by the team of Growth Hub and is hosted by Mr. Edward Hub. The podcast is powered by Advanced B2B. Each of the episodes is 35 minutes where detailed explanations of the topics are discussed. 

To get started with the podcast, you can try the below episode:

7. Build your Saas

Build your Saas is a podcast that is managed by two minds, Jon and Justin. With the help of transistor.fm, they are showing live examples of how a user like you can build a successful Saas empire. The podcast covers many major topics such as ‘Predictions and Goal settings’, they also share impactful advice on the marketing, sales, payouts and burnout categories. Also, they drop in some information on traditional physical selling.

The greatest thing about the podcast is that since they are working their way to build a great Saas business for themselves, they are showcasing what are all the issues, measures and other factors that are in this process which shares a huge light on how the Saas industry is and what it requires to function well.

To get started, view the below episodes:

8. Saas Breakthrough

For the lovers of case studies and marketing, Saas breakthrough might be a podcast that would match your rhythm well. The team at Demio conduct this podcast by interviewing the brilliant minds in the Saas industry to capture and share insightful knowledge which can help a user market better within the Saas world.

It covers everything you need to know about Saas. Since many experts visit the panel to share their thoughts on the Saas industry, listeners get the opportunity to hear the mistakes, achievements, secrets and many more measures which could give them an idea of how the Saas industry functions. 

Hop onto their episodes and witness the stories of like minds from your industry:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Stitcher as well. You can also view their blogs to view their podcast notes.

9. The Indie Hackers Podcast

If you are the founder of an efficient Saas business, then the ‘ Indie Hackers podcast’ is for you. The podcasts have insights shared by Founders and Growth hackers who preach their Saas stories for the upcoming founders like you to enhance your Saas business in the best way. The communication in the podcast is about experiences and growth over the years which these founders have undergone during the process of growing their Saas business.

The topics being spoken about are anywhere from bootstrapping to scaling which is vital information the present founders need to know about the Saas world. The podcast can last anywhere between 60-90 minutes and such a long podcast shares only valuable information with every word. ‘The Indie Hackers Podcast’ has everything you need to know and learn about the Saas industry.

To get started, you can hear the below podcasts:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Breaker as well. 

10. The Startup Chat

This podcast is managed by two minds who are an expert in the Saas world, Mr. Steli Eli from Close and Mr. Hiten Shah, founder of multiple Saas brands (Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and FYI). The main agenda of the podcast is to help listeners understand how they can increase their Saas business growth without having to take the complicated road.

The episodes are created by the above two experts which are only 20 minutes each which is an easy way for listeners to gap instant information anytime they require. While podcast speakers help listeners to enrich their marketing efforts to the best, they also play a huge role in shaping the way a founder’s thoughts should be which is a crucial part of building a business.

Each week, these two exceptional minds release a podcast, why don’t you try the below ones to get started:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on their website and even on Apple Podcasts.

11. The Saas Podcast

The Podcast is hosted by a well-known name in the business industry, Mr. Omer Khan who used to work in the product management department at Microsoft. The Podcast involves impactful discussions with many brilliant minds in the industry who share their experience and advice to motivate and push the current Saas founders to mould their business into the right shape.

It is a fun podcast that ensures that the listener is motivated to take strict action on making its Saas business reach the success road more quickly. 

To grasp the motivation, you can view the below episodes:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on its website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher as well. 

12. Saas Growth Stacking

Focusing on the topic of Saas Growth Stacking, the host Mr. Dan Martel, an angel investor ensures that its listeners are hearing all the information they need to know about the Saas industry and its current existence. 

The greatest thing about this podcast is that the host covers all the essential matters of a topic under 10 minutes. Yes, you heard that right, Dan does a great job of pushing valuable information in a shorter time period so that it becomes convenient for the listeners to grasp instant information anytime. 

With the creation of shorter episodes, Dan tries to capture the interest of multiple listeners who don’t have the time to engage with multiple information.

To get started, listen to the below episodes:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on their Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher as well. 

13. The Top

‘The Top’ podcast led by Mr. Nathan Latka, brings on the table the reason why investors, entrepreneurs and Saas founders are successful. Each of the insightful episodes is only for 15 minutes which means you get easy motivation in just a short time. 

Nathan in the entire podcast asks interesting questions whose answers can be beneficial for the listeners.

Get a brief of the episodes by listening to the below podcasts:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on their Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher as well. 

14. Scale or Die

Considered to be one of the finest podcasts in 2019, Scale or Die is soon going to win the same tag in 2020. One of the team members with the name Dave Rogenmoser acts as the host of the podcast and interviews the experts in the field of business who are a part of well-established startups such as Zapier, Drift, Front, and Wistia.

Their quality of production is spot on which makes it easier to understand podcasts winning the attention of many users in the Saas industry. 

Give it a hear by listening to a few of the podcasts such as the ones mentioned below:

Where can you hear this podcast?

This podcast is available on their Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher as well. Head on to watch their videos on Youtube as well to grasp more attention.

15. The Saas Venture

With over 4.6k followers on twitter, ‘the Saas Venture’ podcast is growing popular with the information it sells on its podcast. Right from explaining topics such as how to grow bootstrapped Saas business to sharing meaningful experiences, The Saas Venture ensures that every minute detail is covered in the podcast so that listeners can understand what to avoid and what should be implemented in the success of a Saas business. 

The hosts Aaron Weiche of GatherUp and Darren Shaw of Whitespark do a fabulous job to capture relevant insights and ensure that every listener is able to take valuable information with each and every episode being conducted. View their episode which is published once every week. 

Each of the episodes is launched once a week illustrating unique information to be viewed.

16. The Product-led Go-to-Market podcast

In this podcast, Aggelos Mouzakitis, founder of Growth Sandwich, has discussions with some of the most knowledgable SaaS professionals in the world, the conversations are essentially around the hot topic of Product-led Growth.

One of the main reasons this podcast is interesting is the Q&A between the host and his interviewees. The discussions become really candid and practical and are not revolving around superficial learnings and theory.

Top-3 episodes

  1. The myths of the Product-led onboarding
  2. The practical use of User Research data
  3. The Flywheel model and its application to SaaS products

Listen to Product-led Go-to-Market podcast
Check out the Product-led Go-to-Market podcast on Apple podcastsGoogle podcasts or Spotify

17. Bootstrapping Saas

Bootstrapping Saas is a podcast that is conducted by the founder of Claritask.com, Val Sopi. The entire concept of Saas in this podcast is to help enhance the way a brand can grow better in the Saas business. It explains all the strategies, lessons, techniques, tips, and secrets of successful Saas business so that it becomes easier for listeners like you to plan and route your way better.

In Conclusion…

Podcasts can help you to enhance your brand as well as help you to engage better with your prospects. Podcasts are efficient for any time of business be it a brand that sells callback softwares or any other Saas Callback / Saas related services.

What did you think of the article? Was it helpful?

Which Saas podcasts are you planning to listen to first, tweet us and tell us.

Leena Fernandes

Leena Fernandes

A writer by choice. Leena has served her passion for writing mainly into the B2B marketplaces.

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