Small Business Tactics For Adapting To COVID-19: Lessons We Learnt As A SaaS Startup, And How Our Customers Are Faring

business tactics covid 19
Leena Fernandes

Leena Fernandes

October 2, 2020 |

COVID-19 hit the world in a manner where no one could ever imagine.

What started with a tiny fear shot right up to deaths and multiple people being diagnosed with the virus, apart from this there was one more thing that impacted the economy to reduce to a lower figure, businesses.

COVID-19 is not going to escape or vanish anytime soon, so what does it hold for businesses like yours?

With everyone staying at home, money being cut short, how can you convince your prospects to invest in your business?

This process isn’t easy but it is not impossible as well.

We understand that for small businesses like yours, it becomes difficult to cope up and for this reason, we want to tell you that we can help you get your business on track just the way we did too.

It’s a struggle to get started, but once you apply the business tactics our brand did, you will be back on your business track.

What you would learn from this article?

Let’s get you started.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Businesses Across The Globe?

If you’re expecting a negative answer to this question, you might want to think again.

We are going all positives and the answer below will help change your mind too from the negativity surrounding the virus.

Businesses had gone digital but not everyone was still in the online phase.

Today you will still find brands who are still using the physical platforms to engage and sell to their prospects. 

When COVID-19 stepped in, the world of business was transformed. For those brands who operated online, there wasn’t much loss to be encountered but for those who depend highly on the physical platforms, it was a question of worry.

COVID-19 isn’t going to go away soon, and with the curfews, lockdowns, and minimal efforts of stepping out, your business needs to get on a solution that can help them conduct the same workflow like it used to be.

One thing that is clear, with COVID-19 staying for long, it would be a wise decision to transform your lead generation activities online. There is a medium of live chat that will help engage with your prospects better and help you close deals when done right.

While we think that COVID-19 is here to put everyone at risk, you might be surprised to witness how slowly it is converting businesses more towards the digital stage.

Following in the same footstep, our brand Limecall did our bit to pick up our business and get it back on track, we are confident it can do the same for you.

Business Tactics Limecall Used To Get Our Business Aligned

We are Limecall, a callback solution software that ensures that communication between prospects and brands are being conducted smoothly. 

limecall callback solution

The one thing that remains constant in any business is communication. When you make it easy to speak or rather connect with your prospects and vice versa, your businesses are bound to be more approachable.

1. Reasonable pricing

Free plan, Pro-$149/month, Advanced- $399/month, Enterprise- Custom. We haven’t increased or decreased our pricing, it has been constant and has been created to match any business. What brands do these days is they try to hike their prices so that the profits coming in is great, but we believe otherwise.

At Limecall, our agenda here is to make our services affordable for all because we are confident that we have a solution that will suit any kind of business. Since we are all affected by COVID-19, you can get started by analyzing your pricing packages and ensuring that they are affordable, reasonable, and add better value from the prospect front.

To get this done:

  • Conduct thorough research
  • Each price you state should add great value

2. Posting more blogs

Content marketing stat_business tactics covid 19

Content matters and is affordable right now ‘’Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.’’ Content marketing can help you sell better, we know this because it helped us. During this crisis period, we wrote insightful blogs on multiple topics, this helped our prospects to understand us better and continue following us to learn more.

Also, we even included other business products whenever we write the top products in our industry, this helped us to be exhibited better as well as for them. 

3. Giving better free trial benefits

Your prospects are going to take time to understand and learn about you, so if you’re offering them a free trial ensure that you are able to do the same by adding more features about your brand so that they can explore your solution better. What happens is when you do this, your prospects can understand your brand better and the investment opportunities in your brand after the free trial would be more.

4. Updating features regularly

When you have features to exhibit, ensure that you’re updating it as well, when you do this your prospects will continue to be happy and satisfied with your brand. We have recently updated our features where we upgraded it in a better way for our prospects such as from offering an out of business hours widget or introducing powerful custom widget fields, we want to make our process easier for our prospects and you should do the same.

You do have our tactics to get started, but we do have a small cheat sheet to share with you the top tactics that small businesses like yours can also make use of.

4 Top Tips To Help Your Small Business Get Started

b2b sales responses business tactics_business tactics covid 19

The above four R’s will help you sell better during this COVID-19 crisis.

1. Respond

The most important factor here is to respond to your prospects. Since they are in the lockdown, there will be more chances of them viewing your website and engaging with you. Don’t miss such opportunities and immediately engage with them. Continue to monitor prospects actions and work accordingly.

2. Reflect

You can’t start operating during a COVID-19 crisis without a plan. You need to start building a plan that can help you tackle this problem for the next few months. Work on your solutions, enhance your features, plan how you will exhibit your solution in front of your prospects. Also, modify and tweak your pricing or any other changes accordingly so that your prospects understand an investment in your brand is worth their time and money. 

3. Reimagine

Your next plan is to fit everything accordingly so that planning the long term takes place easily. Immediately fit in all that you have planned so that you are aware of what your next actions are.

For instance, if you wish to see a rise in your conversion rates by 50% you need to work on how you can do that such as investment in certain tools or changing the strategies and more. This will help you lay down your foundation better to continue with your business. 

4. Rebound

Now whatever you have planned which contains everything such as aligning your strategies for introducing a new feature or anything else will come into action. You now will have an answer or rather a solution to manage your business during such a situation. Whatever optimization is needed to conduct it because that is what will help you in your business to grow better. Work accordingly and make the changes as stated. 

The Bottom Line…

It’s a tough time, but we can get past it. Soon everything will start to pick up and get back on track.

With the details mentioned above, you now have everything you need to get started with your business and bring it on track again.

The tactics we shared worked for us and we are confident that the same will be with you as well.

If you would like to share your opinions with us on this topic or would like to add pointers to help similar other small businesses like yours to grow better, do tweet and tell us.

Leena Fernandes

Leena Fernandes

A writer by choice. Leena has served her passion for writing mainly into the B2B marketplaces.

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