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Meeting Schedulers: Why We Love Them (And You Should, Too!)


Responding to your leads on time (within 5 minutes) can increase your chances of getting a response by 400%. This puts you in a better position to close deals and make sales as the speed at which you attend to your leads increases lead conversion rates. While it’s a great tactic to respond to leads immediately, it isn’t always the simplest thing to do as there are several reasons why you would miss out on leads immediately they come. You may be absent from the office or engaged in other activities thereby keeping your leads for longer before being able to reach out to you. Meet schedulers have come to change all that and to ensure that you do not miss out on your leads to the competition.

As with other things, automating tasks makes it more efficient and effective in providing solutions. And so with meeting schedulers, you can capture all your leads and not have to worry anymore about missing out on opportunities.

We have made this article for you to help you understand what meeting schedulers are, how they are beneficial to you, what to look for when choosing meeting schedulers, and top options of meeting schedulers you can invest in.

Meeting Schedulers

Meeting schedulers are software that allows your leads to book meetings with you to avoid long waits. It’s the automated solution to tackle long waiting times before leads connect to your sales team, leading to increased conversion. With meeting schedulers, your leads can book meetings based on their convenience and yours so leads capture increases.

Advantages of Using Meeting Schedulers

1. Integrates Easily with Your Applications

Meeting schedulers do not imply more tasks for you as they can be easily integrated with your website or other applications. What this means is that you can have your prospects engage with you at the point of capture, making it easier for them to reach you and reducing the number of potential leads you’d lose.

2. Improved Customer Experience

With meeting schedulers, your captured leads can conveniently have their queries answered without having to wait for too long. Long waiting time is one of the factors that bring about poor customer experience, and can also cause you to miss out on your leads to a competitor.

3. Increased Lead Engagement

With a meeting scheduler, you can engage better with your leads, leading to increased conversions. Your potential customers reach out to you when it’s convenient for them and you and you can satisfy all their queries perfectly.

4. Better Productivity

With a good flow of captured leads being attended to on time, your productivity would be increased. This is because with good customer experience comes greater satisfaction and an increased tendency to convert.

5. Less Cost to Capture Leads

Capturing leads is an expensive and time-consuming process, but thanks to meeting schedulers, you can have all of that in one investment. By having more bookings done, you can convert quickly and with less cost to you.

Top Meeting Schedulers for 2021

1. LimeCall

Top on our list of best meeting schedulers is LimeCall. It guarantees you increased sales by connecting your potential leads to the right sales rep instantly. On average, you are promised over 80% increase in revenue, triple conversion rate, and loads of leads.

LimeCall is a software that is a synergy of tools and integrations that you need to grow your business in terms of increased sales and lead conversions. It allows your leads to schedule a meeting with you when convenient and also makes it possible for direct web calls from your website. All of these improve customer experience and are the reason why you are assured of increased lead conversion.

You also get an analysis of your leads from the time they fill out the form and booked a meeting or started a direct web call. Sales reps are notified of new leads and the leads are intelligently routed to the right rep to handle their query. This is to provide the best service at every turn.

2. Calendar

Calendar gives you both web and mobile versions, and each one comes with everything you would need from a meeting scheduler app. It also has an extensive tracking feature, giving you statistics for every meeting you have, and helps you spot the start of a trend. You get stats for the duration of meetings over a while, and attendance records as well. This way, you can tell the percentage of leads that have attended their scheduled meetings and those that missed it.

There is a free and paid version of Calendar, and the free version comes with a limited number of meetings.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is available for everyone who has a Google account. it’s one of the most straightforward meeting schedulers you can find and allows you to create an event, add your guests, and the time. Google then makes it easier for you by syncing up each person’s calendar and offering you suggestions to create the meeting based on their calendar and yours.

Compared to other meeting schedulers, google calendar doesn’t have quite a lot of features, but it integrates well with other apps, especially from Google. The security risk with this platform is low as Google already has your information.

4. Doodle

Doodle makes it easy to plan your meetings, with iOS and Android apps. It can help you with picking the time, and also date for your meetings, be it professional or personal events. You can also create a URL where your availability can be displayed based on a calendar you have connected.

5. Calendly

With Calendly, your leads can schedule meetings with you based on your availability. It also lets them know the types of meetings you are open to. This way, you can meet with your leads conveniently, and answer all their queries without keeping them waiting for hours on end. Calendly can sync your confirmed appointments to your calendar and also that of your invitees. Automatic reminder emails can be sent as well if you want.

With Calendly, there is easy integration with other platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, etc. You would however need to subscribe to the paid version to enjoy all the benefits.

6. MeetingBird

MeetingBird is a meeting scheduler that is incredibly easy to set up and use. if you use Gmail, google chrome can be used to reflect the meeting times in your email. This way, the recipient has the option of choosing the best time for them. An alluring factor is that it’s free to use and you get unlimited meeting slots you can use. just as with moth meeting schedulers, MeetingBird is easy to integrate with other tools to make your work seamless.

7. Woven

With Woven, it is easier to set up a meeting with your leads. You may find that the interface is busy at first, but you will get used to it over time. It’s easy and quick to set up meetings as you can pick out a time, create a template, and pick out the preferred app of choice for the meeting if you like.

There is also an analytics section that breaks down the statistics for you, showing how long you spend in meetings, and also includes travel time if your meeting isn’t a virtual one.

8. acts as your AI assistant when you create meetings via email. You would need to grant access to your calendar and other information that would be required. You can have your bots set up a meeting by sending an email on your behalf, and you can do it yourself if you choose. As with other top meeting schedulers, there is easy integration between and other platforms and apps.

9. Rallly

With Rallly, you can create polls to find out any of your associates that would be open for a meeting on selected days. The person who creates the poll and those who respond to it remain anonymous. Rallly however doesn’t let you choose times for the meeting as well, just dates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Meeting Scheduler

1. Easy Integration with Other Platforms

Easy integration with other platforms is a factor when investing in meeting schedulers. It should make your job easier rather than more complicated. Being able to integrate the meeting scheduler with other apps and platforms would make it easy for your leads to set up a meeting, and also for you to follow up.

2. Timely Reminders

For every lead that is lost, you would have lost a potential sale that’s why you are investing in a meeting scheduler. The scheduler you choose however should remind you constantly of the bookings that have been made so that you are on time and ensure that your lead has the best experience.

3. Security

When bookings are made, your leads would submit some information to you. your meeting scheduler should be secure and doesn’t share these details with any third party for customer confidentiality.

4. Option to Reschedule Meetings

Sometimes, your prospects would miss your call even though it’s the agreed meeting time. This shouldn’t be the end of it and as such your meeting scheduler should make it possible that your prospect can reschedule the missed meeting to a more convenient time.

5. Easy to Understand and Use Dashboard

With an easy-to-use and understandable dashboard, you can catch up easily as well. So go for a meeting scheduler that makes it easy for you to identify bookings, and makes it easy for you to follow up with your appointments and arrange them most conveniently for you.

How to Manage Your Schedule Using Meeting Schedulers

1. Have A Plan

Always have a plan when you are working on managing your meeting schedules. Have times set out for all activities, and avoid any events that are not captured in your plan. Even though your plan may not be fixed in stone as things could change, it’s always better to have a plan as it would allow you to account for every activity you carry out. To better manage your time and stay on track with your plan, LimeCall is a tool that would come in handy as it allows you to schedule meetings conveniently.

Also, create spaces for your outside meetings and indoor meetings on your calendar, and only have those meetings on the time set for them. By having meeting times for indoor and outdoor meetings, you would better manage your time and have spare time for other activities.

2. Optimize Meeting Times

There is no point in having long meetings, especially with someone you are just getting to know. It’s better to have meetings for:

  • 30 minutes in your office to get to know someone
  • 45 minutes outdoor
  • 10 minutes on a call
  • 15 minutes standing up usually at the start of the day
  • 30 minutes weekly with staff

These meetings times yield better results, and to make the experience even better you need to include them on your calendar to make time for them.

3. Grant Slots for Appointments

With LimeCall, you can allocate time for miscellaneous, just in case something comes up. This time would be booked outside your meeting times, and it can be split into various fractions if necessary. this way, you can stay efficient without having to alter your already set schedule.

4. Have Your Email Time Included in Your Schedule

As a business owner, you will have lots of emails to attend to, and if you don’t take charge you won’t have time for anything else. With regards to this, allocate time to attend to emails on your calendar.

5. Manage Your Time by Yourself

Having someone take charge of your calendar for you isn’t the same as having to do it yourself. Allocating time for work, indoor and outdoor meetings all by yourself would be more satisfying and efficient if done by yourself. 


Meeting schedulers are a must-have for every business as they are one of the effective ways of increasing lead conversion rates. Attending to your leads at a time that is convenient for you both would provide a better experience for your potential lead. And that’s why it’s better to have your leads schedule a meeting with you rather than wait for you to be free and attend to them. There are a lot of meeting schedulers out there, and highly recommended is LimeCall. Apart from providing bookings, it also allows direct web calls so that your leads can have direct access to you.


Never underestimate the power of passion. With over 17 years of experience in building internet businesses, 5 successful bootstrapped b2b brands. Sathish spends most of his time executing ideas into niche internet brands through a lean team and enjoys being a wanderlust.

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