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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone number overview

You can have one or more local phone numbers for your business in any city or country of choice. If...

How can I get a free phone number?

Get a free phone number anywhere in the world by using our free customer chat function at your web site...

Are phone numbers free with Premium?

Yes. If you are on our Premium plan, you can get one phone number from the following countries free for...

Business package for phone numbers

Upgrade your phone number with the business package at $4.99 per month to get more out of your Sonetel number...

How can I configure my phone numbers?

To manage and configure your phone numbers, sign into the web app by clicking on the settings icon bottom left. Then...

How can I receive calls?

You can receive calls from other team members and Sonetel users. You can also receive regular phone calls by having...

How can I make calls?

You can make free calls to team members and other Sonetel users. You can also make regular calls to contacts...

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