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Today’s best sales reps are helpful and personal. Limecall helps sales reps save time & book more meetings in ways Calendly can’t

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Using Calendly? Here's What You're Missing

More meetings, less hoops. With Limecall, it’s easy


Sharing Your Availability Is As Easy As One Click


Cut Out The Friction Of Scheduling A Meeting


Do All Of Your Selling In One Place

Great customer relationships start with LimeCall

Unlimited Meetings Links for Different Events

There’s no limit to the incredible work you and your team can accomplish, which means you need a meeting scheduler tool that won’t limit the types and amount of meetings you can schedule. With Limecall, you can do it all.

Keeps in Control of Your Brand

Take every opportunity to show your customers who you are. Limecall has opportunities to highlight your brand with custom color choices and logo placements.

Ask The Right Questions

With Limecall, capture quality information about a prospect using custom form questions. This saves you time and provides you with valuable context about your contact before the meeting.

How Limecall products can help during this time


Call your Customers in 28 Seconds

Callback your potential customers in 28 seconds to drivegrowth. Turn more visitors into inbound leads. For each call request. Turn more visitors into inbound leads. For each call request.

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Web Calls - Connect from any device

Allow your customers to call you from the page they are already visiting. Enhance their digital journeys and make them personal. Keep your customers engaged like never before.

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“With LimeCall’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our CSAT score is up to 89%.

Jared Morris,


Call scheduling - Find the best meeting time

Schedule calls easier, even when you’re not in the office. Automate dialing and call your prospects at specific times. Call your prospects at the right time and connect with them in real-time.

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Voice API that connects to 2000+ apps through integrations


Team management - Manage teams quickly

Manage your teams quickly and at a glance using LimeCall’s team management feature

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Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!”

Andrey PM,


Lead Routing - Connect the right agent to the right customer

Connect the right agent to the right customer as quickly as possible. Lead routing enables you to connect your customers faster and route them to where they have to be.

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Lead Qualification - Identify Best-fit Potential Customers

Send calls to the right place with LimeCall’s lead qualification software and keep your customers engaged and in the loop.

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Qualify leads based on different criteria

Avoid transferring your customers to multiple reps and give them a hassle-free experience so they’re never uncared for. Qualify your leads based on any criteria you choose

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Ways to schedule meetings with Limecall


Our web scheduler is an all-in-one platform to schedule meetings, track meeting requests, and manage your calendar.


Want a one-click booking option? Share your availability instantly and schedule meetings with a personal scheduling link.

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