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Increasing the volume of inquiries for his company


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An online aggregator platform for SMEs increased their sales inquiries and lead tracking

An online aggregator platform for SMEs was looking for a way to increase the volume of sales inquiries and therefore tried LimeCall. Within 6 months of using LimeCall, they increased their inquiries by 36%, reduced their drop-off rate, and could track and analyze leads from Google ad campaigns all the way to conversion.

The challenge

The digital marketing lead of the online aggregator platform for SMEs faced difficulties in increasing the volume of inquiries for his company.

They initially used web forms in order to capture leads on their website. The problem was that as much as 30% of would-be-interested visitors dropped off halfway through filling in their 2-page web form—a significant loss of prospects who left simply because the process was too tedious or time-consuming.

Another method he used was simply having a company hotline number on the website for visitors to call in. Unfortunately, this didn’t allow him to track where these leads were coming from, capture data to qualify these leads, nor know which Google campaigns were working well bringing in more leads.

Increased inbound calls

While looking for a call-back solution to overcome his challenges, he found out about LimeCall and has since been using it for over a six months.

In that year, the ease for prospects to connect to this online aggregator platform for SMEs increased their inbound call volume by 36% just by adding LimeCall’s Click-to-Call widget on their website. Website visitors no longer need to fill in lengthy forms to get in touch with or qualified by the company, greatly reducing their drop-off rates.

“No matter how good your website is… at the end of the day you are losing that lead if they don’t reach out to you.”

Optimized for mobile sales

More than 52% of people who browse the internet do it through mobile platforms. He understood that the behavior of mobile internet users wanted information or transactions that were immediate—such as booking tickets or making reservations at a restaurant. 

Having a click-to-call widget on mobile sites pander to that need for immediacy, and are thus able to capture the large proportion of mobile users and turn them into leads.

Integrated to Google Analytics

Another change he experienced after using a digital call-back software was that—unlike with analog calls to a company hotline—he could now track leads all the way from a click on his Google ad campaigns to conversions.

Additionally, because LimeCall offers integration into Google Analytics, he can now not only see all his data in one place but also optimize his AdWord campaigns to lower cost per conversion. With 20% of the AdWord leads converting through LimeCall, he is both able to increase leads while saving money.

Final thoughts

LimeCall has helped the company to reach the goal of increasing sales inquiries and tackle the problems of lead drop-offs. It has also solved the problems related to lead tracking.



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