How private education institutions stopped losing leads and started connecting with more prospects


Leads, marketing efforts and dollars spent were wasted


Prospects that visit their website can easily click on the widget to request a call


Ability to track leads and show her quick insights captured by the software

A private education institution decreased lost leads and improved conversion

A private education institution used live chat along with SEO and SEM strategies for capturing leads, but wasn’t getting desired results. Limecall helped them to not only capture all inbound calls, but also direct calls to the right personnel, and track leads at the same time.

The challenge

The Marketing Manager at the institution had an in-house Search Engine Optimisation specialist and had outsourced Search Engine Marketing services to an agency. These efforts generated a good amount of traffic to the website. But, capturing leads on website was not effective. They used live chat to capture leads on the website.

Live chat meant that someone from the sales team had to always be available to interact with prospects. Using bots to send automated message to hot leads was not translating into conversion. This meant that not only were leads lost but also the marketing efforts and dollars spent bringing in these leads were wasted—which had a big impact on their profits.

Capturing leads effectively

After discovering LimeCall, the team found that it was drastically different from solutions that this institution’s sales team used before. Prospects on the website could easily click on the widget to request a call, which will automatically inform customer-facing team members and initiate a call. 

The ease of use meant more leads were willing to get in touch with TMC, and without having to manually monitor a live chat, sales agents will never miss an inbound prospect—maximizing their marketing efforts and ad spend.

More ways to connect: Call scheduling and Whatsapp integration

The institution acknowledges that LimeCall gives more flexibility to their customers when connecting with their sales agents. If all agents are unavailable, or if website visitors decide to have a call at a convenient time, they can easily schedule one that matches both parties’ availability.

Because LimeCall offers Whatsapp integration, prospects could also choose to connect to sales agents over text as well. These convenient options make prospects more likely to connect with the institution, thus driving more conversions.

“Limecall gives a lot of flexibility to the consumers, hence makes them more open to leaving us a message and talking to us.”

Simple and accessible lead tracking

Another advantage of using LimeCall is its’ ability to track leads and show quick insights. Before using LimeCall, the team had to rely on data from Google Analytics and stack numbers from the sales team, which required more time and collaboration.

This call reporting allows marketing team to follow the customer journeys from marketing sources and phone conversations to conversion. This way, they would know which strategies in their SEO or SEM campaigns are working, and can streamline ad spend.

Final thoughts

After using LimeCall for over 6 months, the manager can not only help her sales team connect with their prospects instantly, but also optimize time by getting all the relevant data in one place while saving money.



One of the first six private education institutions to be awarded the prestigious 4-year EduTrust Certification in 2010.





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