How A Training Company Is Using LimeCall to Automate Their Entire Sales Process


increase in conversions



increase in calls



increase in revenue



Loss of potential customers, and consequently, reduced revenue


Higher rates of conversion and increased revenue from personalized inbound calls


Increase of approximately 15% in revenue

How A Training Company Is Using LimeCall to Automate Their Entire Sales Process

Pedro from an attorney-backed credit repair firm found it difficult to reach out to, and connect with prospective clients with traditional forms of lead capture. After switching to LimeCall, he saw a 600% increase in inbound calls, about 45% increase in conversions, and 15% increase in revenue. The software also turned out to be an essential part of thriving in the ‘new normal’ created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges faced with traditional lead capture

Initially, this attorney-backed credit repair firm relied on web submission forms to capture leads that landed on their website. Credit analysts would then have to call them back manually. These prospects were sometimes unavailable at the time, or simply were in a different mindset than when they had browsed the website.

Pedro, overseeing the digital marketing of the website says their traditional process also involved offering a phone number on their website, or any other listing they could put in on. He says web visitors weren’t as inclined to make a call when they had to look for the contact number or take an additional step of making that call. As a result, the sales team could not connect with prospects when they were in a prime mental state—wanting to ease their frustrations of poor credit situations.

Both these factors led to a great loss of potential customers, and consequently, reduced revenue.

Increased inbound calls with a call-back widget

Pedro says that, when prospects end up on this firm’ website, many feel frustrated with their credit situation. Using a phone number on their website alone, did not immediately address visitors, or reach out to them in their time of need.

Upon implementing LimeCall, his company received a 600% increase in inbound calls, going from 15 calls a month, to 90. He says that it’s not just a rise of calls on paper, but also an increase in personalised attention, and most of the times a call comes through from LimeCall, it has been made at a very appropriate time.

Higher rates of conversion and increased revenue from personalized inbound calls

To Pedro, calls were very important in his industry, because people needed their frustrations dealt with a personal touch, instantly. Web submission forms that he used before however, were both slow and impartial; resulting in conversion rates from this avenue to be between 20% to 25%.

Both the ease of making calls with LimeCall, and the timeliness of the connections being made, led to 40-50% of inbound leads actually converting. Because of this, Pedro has seen an increase of approximately 15% in revenue for this firm, simply from LimeCall’ call-back widget.

An essential software during the Covid-19 pandemic

While Pedro has already experienced many benefits from his usage of LimeCall from the start, it has been in recent times where the call-back service has proven even more useful.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, credit interest rates have dropped and people who are able to take advantage of that, are key prospects of this firm. Pedro says that these prospects in a distressed mindset require their needs to be met quickly, and LimeCall fulfills this exceedingly. The personal touch of a call—speaking to another person on the phone—is also more powerful in addressing customers’ fears, than a cumbersome web form.

“It takes two to three times longer for a client to connect with an analyst through reception. (Calls) through LimeCall shorten that whole time considerably.”

Being an essential business meant some staff could come to the office, albeit in rotation. However, the forced work-from-home measures of the Coronavirus situation still threatened to disrupt workflows, especially when it came to sales, and responding to customers. LimeCall easily overcomes this issue: automatically routing calls to available agents wherever they are, and without having to go through a receptionist or be put on hold. This guarantees all calls are captured, and in a timely manner; ensuring no loss of leads even in a rotating remote work situation.

Limecall’s benefits don’t stop where the software ends

According to Pedro the quick response and personalised touch that LimeCall gives prospects, turns more of them into customers, and subsequently leads to them referring their friends to this firm. This makes a great deal of difference, as he says in his industry, most of their business happens through referrals.

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An attorney-backed credit repair firm that aims to change their clients’ lives through credit. We spoke to Pedro, who oversees the company’s digital marketing, about his experience using Limecall


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