This digital marketing agency used call tracking for clients and gained 16% increase in leads


Disorganized methods of tracking for different clients


Increased data survey and track leads that result from ads click to conversation


Even though unexpected, the leads were increased

This Digital Marketing Agency Made Use of Call Tracking for Their Clients and Had A 16% Increase in Leads

The digital marketing agency in question needed a call tracking service that would help its clients with simple call tracking and monitoring. This was meant to replace the purchase of tracking numbers by the clients as was the procedure at the time.

They were delighted with the results of not only being able to track calls and data in one place, but they also got new leads for their clients by simply implementing LimeCall.

The Challenges Faced

The founder of the digital marketing agency utilized different solutions in a bid to help his clients. He employed Google Analytics, and also facilitated the purchase of call tracking software and call tracking numbers of different usage.

The results were disorganized tracking methods for different clients, and it made it more difficult to analyze. It was also an extra cost for his clients to buy individual numbers for each campaign.

Seamless Call Tracking and Lead Monitoring

He discovered that many call tracking companies made use of virtual numbers to mask the real numbers for different reasons. This wasn’t what some clients wanted as they preferred to have their real numbers shown and so the service could not meet the needs of all his clients.

To his relief and delight, he discovered LimeCall, a call tracking company that could directly link inbound visitors to clients’ numbers and track the leads simultaneously.

As an agent monitoring his clients’ leads, he could easily analyze their data helping with easy tracking of the leads from ads down to conversion. This made his job easier and helped him generate more comprehensive reports for his clients.

Increased Sales Leads for Clients

He didn’t anticipate the increase in leads for his clients by directly linking customers to company representatives. He explained that in implementing LimeCall, he saw an increase of 16% in leads and this was possible due to attractive features such as click-to-call, call scheduling, exit intent pop-ups, and WhatsApp integration.

“After we implemented LimeCall in call tracking for our clients, there’s an increase of about 16% in Gold Autoworks leads, and it’s directly attributed to LimeCall. And if the clients compare the revenue they generate to the price for LimeCall, they would agree that it’s a very good deal. So that’s how we started to share this with customers to get them excited and bring them on board.


Hw only thought about the possibility of call tracking, but LimeCall gave him more. He got better value and a wider implementation among his clients. He also got comprehensive and collated insights, and an increase in leads for his clients all thanks to LimeCall.



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