This digital marketing agency used call tracking for clients and gained 16% increase in leads


Disorganized methods of tracking for different clients


Increased data survey and track leads that result from ads click to conversation


Even though unexpected, the leads were increased

A digital marketing agency helps its clients achieve 16% increase in leads by using LimeCall

The founder of a digital marketing agency was looking for a way to implement a call tracking service for ads he was for his his clients. The old school way of doing this was by purchasing tracking numbers to which potential customers call. But this approach had many drawbacks.

The agency tried LimeCall in the place of existing call tracking service. And within a few months of implementation, they could realize benefits in terms of increased leads and customer data organization.

The challenge

To meet the customers’ needs of call tracking, the agency used a combination of different services. They purchased different call tracking numbers and implemented call tracking software that met unique customer needs.

This approach resulted in customer data getting distributed across siloed systems. The call tracking software didn’t integrate with Google Analytics, the primary lead monitoring system. This made lead tacking and analysis difficult. Furthermore, purchasing a separate call tracking number for every new campaign added to the operational cost.

Seamless call tracking and lead monitoring

The founder observed that many call tracking companies used virtual numbers to mask the real numbers for privacy reasons. But a few clients wanted to show their real number to support their brand building activity.

LimeCall solved this problem successfully by directly linking inbound visitors to clients’ numbers and tracking the leads simultaneously.

As an agent monitoring his clients’ leads, he could easily analyze their data and track a lead’s journey from the first click to conversion. This made his job easier and helped him generate more comprehensive reports for his clients.

Increased sales leads for clients

The founder explained that in the very first month after implementing LimeCall, he saw leads increase by 16%. LimeCall’s comprehensive features including click-to-call, call scheduling, exit intent pop-ups, and WhatsApp integration made lead tracking easier.

“After we implemented LimeCall as a call tracking tool for our clients, there’s an increase of about 16% in the leads. And given the amount of sales these leads would bring, the ROI on LimeCall is quite high.”

Final thoughts

Though the founder started using LimeCall for call tracking, he could realize more benefits with the all-inclusive features. He got better value and a wider implementation among his clients. He also got comprehensive and collated insights, and an increase in leads for his clients.

Going forward, he intends to use and recommend LimeCall to all his clients.



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