How this graphic design studio Accelerated Their Marketing ROI By Increasing Their Clients’ Calls By 30%


Call Success Rate



More calls per client



Increase in Conversion



Ability to track calls from our ad campaigns and website


Call scheduling and booking feature


Helps us by identifying qualified leads via incoming calls from our ad campaigns, chatbots, and websites

A graphic design studio improved marketing ROI by achieving 30% increase in clients’ calls

The founder of a graphic design studio implemented LimeCall as a part of their MarTech stack to track calls from ad campaigns for their clients.

Within a few months of implementing LimeCall, the client saw an increase of more than 20 calls and 10 messages, and roughly 30% increase in conversion rate.

This interview explores the challenges customers faced before using LimeCall and the benefits realized afterwards.

What problem were you facing?

One of the challenges that we faced with client campaigns and lead generation is the inability to track calls from our ad campaigns and website.

The only way we had to know that calls came from the website was by asking our leads and customers though a survey. This resulted in a lack of attribution of calls to the ad campaigns we run for our clients. And thus, we had no way to know how successful our clients’ lead generation campaign went. 

How did LimeCall solve this problem?  

LimeCall provides us a way to track calls efficiently. We know where the lead came from without having to purchase a separate, dedicated phone number to track the call. This is something very important for a marketing agency like us. 

“Before Limecall, the only way to know that calls came from the website is by asking our leads and customers.”

We have installed LimeCall widgets on our websites and we are also using the call scheduling and booking feature. It also allows us to handle missed and off-hour calls through the call scheduling and through the call logs. 

For how long have you been using LimeCall?

We’ve been using LimeCall internally, as well as for our clients for almost 4 months now.

“Limecall lets our customers to reach out to us on a click. Best of all, scheduled calls now happen automatically.”

What do you like the most about LimeCall?

LimeCall has so many useful and advanced features that help companies like ours and local businesses that we offer services to by managing and identifying calls, capture new leads, delegate calls to customer service reps and sales agents, and follow-up on missed calls thus increasing lead conversions.

How has Limecall helped you?

LimeCall helps us to identify qualified leads via incoming calls from our ad campaigns, chatbots, and websites. Aside from using them as a widget, we use LimeCall by embedding them into our chatbot’s workflow, pushing a lead into human assistance via an instant call.

Also, it also helps our clients stay organized by booking and managing their incoming calls daily. 

Last but not least, tracking calls and attributing them to our ad campaigns, which helps us track how the ad campaigns are performing to optimize them further. 

Results after implementing Limecall:

Average number of calls per month (generated by LimeCall ): 20+ calls and 10+ messages per month on average per call widget

Number of new opportunities: 15+ answered calls

Success call rate: 70% and up

The time it took to implement LimeCall : 10-15 minutes (the set-up is honestly quite effortless, and that includes extensive customization)

“Limecall helps with communication because at the end of the day, there’s only one human quality that we strive for: people craves connection.”



Started as a graphic design studio which evolved into a bespoke website design and development company.

They are now a full-pledged digital marketing company focusing on online business development.


Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, B2B

Company Size

5 employees

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