How this Tour Agency Increased Their Sales Calls by 100+ In 1 Month




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increased sales



Low website to call conversation


Allow website visitors to request for an instant callback


Phone leads have increased without having to increase my marketing budget

A tour agency increased sales calls by more than 100 in less than a month’s time

The head of digital marketing in a top European tour agency that specializes in Europe and USA tour packages.

He has been a part of the company for years and has been there through the transformation from being a traditional tour agency to having a digital strategy that meets the needs of the online masses.

Challenges in converting web visitors into successful sales calls

Many businesses in the travel industry, especially tour agencies, still prefer traditional marketing, phone calls, and sales agents as personalized services play a major role in securing sales.

Most of their marketing efforts are invested in travel fairs and physical advertising. Customers make inquiries through emails or calls. Digitally, they have a website where they provide information about tour packages and the websites generate thousands of traffic daily.

“Many customers are busy during the typical work hours and therefore call us late. But, our agents wouldn’t be able to attend those calls and therefore we would either lose the lead or put them through the inconvenience of rescheduling a call. This manual process was a blocker and pushed us to go looking for a callback tool”.

Adding to this woe was poor lead tracking. The customer journey tracking was disconnected and results in a poor website to call conversion.

Why Limecall?

He decided to use LimeCall for two main reasons:

1. Instant callback allows them to shorten the customer journey in contacting a sales agent.

2. Web triggers push passive visitors to act, increasing lead engagement rate.

Streamlined Customer Journey

A broken customer journey causes a low visitor to call conversion rate. With LimeCall, website visitors can request an instant callback and they get connected to a sales agent immediately.  By this, the agents could instantly engage with an interested customer by cutting down the unwanted steps the customer had to take to make the first contact.

LimeCall also reduces the number of missed calls that come in from after-hours with the scheduling features. Since LimeCall allows customers to reschedule calls to their preferred time, the sales agents have been able to save time on manual rescheduling of the missed calls. This way the customer journey is more streamlined.

By focusing on converting passive visitors onto leads, the agency has seen an increase in qualified phone calls. These include visitors who would have bounced from their website if not for LimeCall.

Final thoughts

A month after implementing LimeCall on their website, the agency has made over 100 successful sales callbacks, and over 200 messages and WhatsApp leads, all from his website. The ease of reaching a sales agent from the website has helped increase sales response by at least 10%, and increase conversion rate by 15%.

The customer says, “LimeCall has helped us with more than lead generation. It has helped us book more calls and convert better without having to increase my marketing budget.”



An award wining tour agency offering a wide range of Europe & USA tour packages for travelers to Europe, USA, Finland, Eastern Europe and more. 


Travel, B2C

Company Size

Over 100 employees

Products Used

1 . Instant Callback

2. Scheduled Calls 

3. Web Triggers

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