How A Corporate Travel Software Company Gains Extra 90 Sales Calls Per Month Using LimeCall


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Need to respond to leads more quickly


Offers a free callback in 30 seconds


50% increase from their previous solution

How a Corporate Travel Software Company Gained Extra 90 Sales Calls Per Month Using LimeCall

Hugo is the co-founder of this Travel Software Company, a corporate travel management software. They have been in operations for almost 4 years, serving corporate clients globally. They help companies manage their business travels easily through a single platform. 

The Need For Speed

The world of corporate and business travel has also been the same, inflexible and slow.

Hugo think that the industry is no longer in tune with current issues of companies. Companies now prefer corporate travel to be as fast and simple as possible. This Travel Software Companygives agility, flexibility, autonomy and simplicity for all parties involved.

But how do potential customers of this company learn about their software? As a software company, they provides a free demo of their application, where visitors fill in a form. Getting engagement through forms or email can take ages, and we’re talking about people who have no time to lose.

How this Travel Software Company use Limecall

With the need to respond to leads more quickly, Hugo decided to pick up Limecall. Instead of relying on visitors to fill in their contact details on a contact form, and providing a demo through email communications, this company uses Limecall.

The callback widget on Supertripper’s website analyzes for potentially interested visitors and offers them a free callback in 30 seconds.

With this, Hugo’s sales team instantly gets their leads to have a conversation with them on the phone. They can then ask qualifying questions, provide demo or even close the lead on the spot. Hugo said that his main use case is for demo scheduling:

“Limecall is now our alternative to the classic Demo application as it allows our sales team to have hot leads on the phone.”

Installation’s a Breeze

One of the main selling point for Hugo, was how easy he could install Limecall. Using Google Tag Manager, “setting up is very easy”. It took Hugo about 2 mins to copy and paste Limecall’s code into GTM, and it’s good to go.

Consistent Results

Before Hugo brought in Limecall, they saw about ~20 leads come through their email contact form each month. Even though the email form is the standard way for demos, Hugo knew something could change. That’s when they decided to bring in a callback solution. 

Hugo and team at this company have been using Limecall to schedule demos for 4 months, and he said Limecall has been driving >15 calls per month – nearly a 50% increase from their previous solution.

This Company has seen great results since bringing Limecall in their tech stack. 



A Corporate Travel Management Software. Teams can  manage all business travels, configure travel policies and  centralize payment methods.


Travel, Software, B2B

Company Size

Over 10 employees

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1 . Instant Callback

2. Scheduled Calls 

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