How this water treatment engineering company Skyrocketed Their Sales Calls by 100+ In 1 Month


Call Success Rates



New Sales Calls Generated



New Sales Opportunities



Conversations with prospective clients were not productive and it was a waste of time for employees


Users can call immediately or schedule a call with the sales agents.


There was an increase in the overall average of calls generated to over 100 monthly

A water treatment company increased their calls for sales by over 100 in just a month

This is an interview with the marketing manager at a water treatment company which prides itself as one of Asia’s top water treatment engineering companies.

He has been with the company for more than 7 years and is in charge of marketing and bringing in new customers.

In this conversation we learn about the challenges he was facing and how LimeCall helped him improve his marketing and sales efforts.

What made you go look for a callback software?

We used webchats (live chats) on our home page as well as in the online stores. This wasn’t to our best interest as live chats resulted in poor engagement rates between our potential customers and employees.

Since live chat is easy to start, we had a lot of spam and high drop off rates compared to actual customer engagement.

Most of the conversations with customers were not productive and was a total waste of time. Users were concerned about the long time they had to wait to be attended to. It wasn’t only affecting our employees’ time and productivity in responding to queries but was also affecting conversion rates when traffic gets driven to our site.

Since we have customers at different time-zones, we would get calls outside of our business hours and we had to often reschedule calls.

How did LimeCall help solve this problem?

We replaced the web chats on most of our sites with LimeCall’s callback widget. The pop up appears shortly after entering the site so users can immediately call us or schedule a call time with our sales agents.

They can also choose to drop off a message which we receive in our mailbox and as the messages contain the client’s contact information, we can easily make contact with the client.

How has LimeCall improve lead quality?

With LimeCall, spam has been reduced as we have been receiving calls only from people who are interested in or products and services. The queries were more specific compared to chat conversations and this way our sales representatives only spent time on qualified projects with a higher chance of converting into leads and sales.

Our customers love the simplicity and great experience form using LimeCall. It’s a very convenient way of communicating and helps to streamline our sales communication with customers.

What results have you achieved with LimeCall?

LimeCall helped us generate an average of 100 calls per month which is equivalent to 100 more sales opportunities monthly, and improvement to web conversion rates.

It was easy to set up LimeCall; only taking about 15 minutes in total to implement the widget on our site. It’s highly recommended to business owners.

Final thoughts

The customer is happy with LimeCall’s features and service, and looks forward to scale his business.

“LimeCall boosts lead capture, qualifies leads, and saves tons of time for our sales team.”



A leading water treatment engineering company. They are involved in the preparation of water for industrial, social and welfare purposes. Their factory also enables dynamic logistics and fast transport of products, while large storage space ensures immediate and trouble-free order handling.


Engineering, B2B

Features Used

1. Instant Callback

2. Scheduled Calls 

3. Web Triggers

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