Customer Success at Limecall

Your success is our success

That’s why at Limecall we are not only committed to our customers, we live and breathe customer-centricity. We provide you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and offer full support for implementation, as well as resources and guides along the way to ensure you achieve your goals.

How can we help you?

Expert Advice

With over 9 years of experience, we have a wide base of industry-specific best practices and knowledge sharing. Our team will work with you to brainstorm new goals, strategize, and analyze your data to facilitate action within your organization.

Team Effort

You’ve got a team of experts behind you. Customer Success Managers ensure a swift onboarding and guide your through your Voice of Customer journey. Technical Success Specialists provide on-demand support, and the Product Team will listen to and explore your feature requests.

Personalized Approach

You receive an exhaustive diagnosis and feedback plan. We understand that every client’s goals are different and we work to understand your needs.

  • Ask

    Gather feedback across all the important touch points in the customer or user journey, across
    websites, mobile apps, emails, or in-store.

  • Analyze

    After collection of the data, the key insights will show you where to take action. You can
    analyze the data across dates, ratings, labels, to draw conclusions and act.

  • Act

    Turn your Voice of Customer insights into actions that improve your customer’s journey, and
    truly drive organizational change towards customer-centricity.


“Our Customer Success team is extraordinary. They are the driving force behind empowering our clients with expert knowledge to reach and exceed their goals. For personalized consultancy, our Customer Success Managers research their client’s goals, uncover motives behind the goals, and deliver best practices that are unique to each industry and role. With all of our different strengths, from technical specialists to implementation support, our combined skills create a driving force of action and success!”

Jacky ten Cate
Head of Customer Success

“Customer Success is like the ground control team for a spaceship. Once clients come on board the Limecall Spaceship, Customer Success Managers train our new clients on how to operate the ship and hit the launch button to send them flying into the feedback galaxy where they start collecting feedback. Back on earth, we give them the tools to talk to their customers in the most effective way, collecting valuable feedback and managing it on their own. If anything goes wrong on the ship in the meantime, they can always relay and SOS to our Support team who will assist with technical advice.“

Steven Farina
Customer Success Manager

“It’s not just about ensuring our clients are using our solution in the right way. My job is to guarantee that with the results our clients collect, they’re able to make improvements to their user journey. Feedback is useless unless acted upon, and I don’t believe there is a success until a client receives actionable feedback and is able to make adjustments to their digital user experience because of it. As a CSM, I am not only to be used when becoming familiar with the Limecall solution. I am here for my clients throughout the feedback collection process, even after the feedback has done its magic.”

Alexandra Bezozo
Customer Success Manager

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