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A/B Testing Made Simple

Optimize and test webpages, the easy way. Autopilot manages traffic, Hybrid Statistics ensure accuracy, and Lightning Mode improves load-speed


Generate more revenue from the same traffic

Optimising your content is the easiest way to make your website more profitable. A/B testing software increases your returns (ROI) from SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Campaigns.

  • Get more landing page conversions
  • Reduce funnel exits and lost sales
  • Improve your visitor and customer experience

“This is a must-have tool for modern performance marketing. I use a lot of tools and this one rounds it all up within a simple and straight forward interface using only one line of code on the actual site”

Tobias Ockermüller

Founder of Tobiastribe

What Makes LimeCall Special

LimeCall is the A/B testing software that anyone can use. The platform includes smart features that make it stupidly simple to test your website content.

“What I particularly like is how easy it is to set up an experiment, and the visual representation of the key A/B testing statistics”

Patricio Tarantino

Founder of MixAula

Enhance your Content In Seconds

The LimeCall SmartEditor™ makes it easy to update your content – without coding – so you never have to wait for your web developer to improve your website.

Update your content in seconds:

  • Text
  • CTA Buttons
  • Colours
  • Product Images
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Relax, Put Your Tests on Autopilot

Autopilot™ manages your traffic whilst your A/B test is running, shifting more visitors to your best-performing pages. That means you never lose out on conversions whilst optimising your website.

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Browse 150+ Optimisation Tactics

The Smart Editor includes a library of over 150 different optimisation tactics, so you never run out of ideas to test.

The tactics are tailored to your specific industry and the page you are optimising, giving you expert tips you can really use.

Explore Optimisation Tactics

“With the easy-to-navigate UI and reporting, we were able to optimise on the go and increase conversions”

Ilan Kasan

CEO of Exceed.ai

Get Results You Can Trust, Fast

The Hybrid Statistics Engine combines frequentist and Bayesian statistics. That means it is able to identify statistically significant results faster.

Your results are presented in three simple charts. With Flight Tracker you can see the traffic and conversion rate for each of your scenarios on every day of your experiment.

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Maintain Fast Loading Whilst You Test

The unique Pixel engineered by Convertize is lighter than alternative software. It also uses the most powerful web server possible. That means that your pages load quickly regardless of how many changes you make or how many visitors you have.

In total, our engineers found 7 different ways to improve page loading speed during testing. The result is super-fast A/B testing in “Lightning Mode”.

  • Avoid page flicker
  • Protect search rankings
  • Improve user experience
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Use drag-and-drop Dynamic Features

Optimizing your online customer experience through personalization allows you to connect with visitors immediately. LimeCall A/B testing software includes dynamic features like Geolocation and Dynamic Text, that you can drag and drop onto any page.

With Dynamic Text, you can show different headlines depending on who your visitor is. Geolocation allows you to target your visitor’s location.

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“LimeCall is easy to use, everything is clear – even if you’re not experienced in marketing and using tools. You can find lots of tips which can make your business grow faster, and even the free package gives me exactly what I need.”

Łukasz Wróbel

Founder of ShowSkill

Install LimeCall, Increase Conversions In Minutes

LimeCall A/B testing software can be added to your website without touching a line of code – simply by adding it to the tag manager or CMS platform (ie. WordPress) you already use.

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