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We empower your sales.

Limecall is a piece of nifty tech that seamlessly links website visitors directly to your contact centre – giving them the freedom to speak to an agent immediately, or at a time that suits them. No complex IVR choices, no waiting in hold queues, just knowledgeable help when you need it. Relevant information about the caller and their enquiry is provided directly to the agent, saving time as well as creating an immediately personalised conversation.


Securely hosted in the UK using state of the art ISO27001 accredited data centres, ClickToCall is a cloud-based solution that uses the best technologies to create some amazing benefits. It can be rapidly deployed to any telephony environment globally – usually within days not months – and requires no changes to call centre processes as interactions are still delivered as inbound calls to the agent. Simple!

Here are just some of the super things it can do:

  • Fully customisable agent and customer experience
  • Scalable to suit even the very largest implementations – limited only by your agents’ availability
  • Route to specific agent teams based on customer or nature of call
  • Deliver customer data/insights to the agent before the call
  • ‘Single click’ outcomes enable agents to easily generate follow-up actions and capture information for enhanced insight and reporting
  • Real-time performance dashboards and historical MI
  • Fully integrated SMS/email capability
  • Plays nice with other customer interaction systems, e.g. chat
  • Create a joined-up impression of your organisation by seamlessly helping your customer ‘channel pivot’ from web/SMS/chat to voice without needing to start again

And if you want more horsepower, take a look a look at some of the more advanced features below. If you don’t see something you expected, the chances are we can provide it – we thrive on challenges.

Intelligent Agent Interface
Give your agents the best tools to do the best job – for you and your customers. ClickToCall’s Intelligent Agent Interface provides agents with caller details and contact history on screen as the call arrives, saving time, reducing errors and providing a richer experience for both agent and customer. Agents’ ability to easily record call outcomes (with one click) and generate follow-up actions (such as email product details, SMS a branch address or schedule a future callback to close the sale) mean that it’s not just your customers and agents that will notice the difference – your bottom line will too.

Resource Optimisation
Many organisations aren’t open 24/7/365 – nor do they have pockets deep enough to employ a reserve team of world-class agents around the clock just in case customers decide to call. Most likely, they are struggling to juggle call demand, operational costs and achieve target service levels. Let ClickToCall’s Resource Optimisation put you firmly in the driving seat by allowing you to predetermine the number of call backs per 30 minute time slot – meaning customers can only book calls when agents will be there to take them.

In addition, ClickToCall provides in-built SMS and email capability to provide relevant communications to your customers both before and after the call. Manage call demand, optimise costs, keep your promises!

Customer Journey Attribution
The beauty of corporate websites is that you can see everything pertaining to every individual web visit: how your visitors got to your site, which pages they visit, how long they stay on each page, what they click on, what they buy or at what point they leave. But, if they then get in touch with you by dialling a phone number displayed on the webpage they’re viewing, you lose any ability to tie what happens on the phone call together with what happened on the web.
That is, unless you provide a seamless web to telephony link in the form of intelligent call back together with an agent interface to track call outcomes.

Bust information silos with ClickToCall’s advanced Customer Journey Attribution which allows you to track what happens before and after your customers request a call back. Understand which call backs result in sales, which of your products or web pages are ‘hitting the mark’ and even the ROI on specific marketing campaigns or search terms.

Proactive Engagement
We all know it costs significant money to attract new customers to your website, so when Marketing’s hard work bears fruit, make sure you optimise each and every ‘hit’. ClickToCall’s Proactive Engagement allows you to do just that by proactively engaging with customers at key stages of the customer journey. From automating calls to action, prompting customers that ‘dwell’ too long on a particular web page to triggering a specific event for a high basket value or seamlessly routing a high value web visitor to a VIP agent group, you can be sure Proactive Engagement will help optimise your hard-earned marketing spend.

It’s provided on a flexible, variable pricing model which guarantees low cost of ownership and the security of a fully managed and constantly updated service. You also have access, not just to technical support, but to valuable commercial advice about how the technology can be utilised to maximise your customer contact strategy and the financial returns it delivers.

Try before you buy – if you just aren’t sure about whether to take the plunge, then arrange a pilot to test ClickToCall on your own website first.

Most technologies demand significant upfront capital investment. Not ClickToCall. Our flexible, volume based pricing models mean you pay only for what you use. And we’re confident that you’ll achieve return on investment in terms of increased customer satisfaction, enhanced loyalty and – crucially – higher sales conversion rates.

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