Smarter Bid Management with Phone Call Conversions

For performance marketers using bid management solutions like Acquisio, including all conversions generated from a PPC campaign is essential. When a prospective customer clicks on an ad managed through a bid management platform like Acquisio and proceeds to pick up the phone to call the advertised business, it’s essential to report that call as a conversion. With Acquisio’s CallRail integration, reporting that phone call back to Acquisio as an advertising conversion makes that simple.

Accurate Conversion Reporting & Advanced Bidding Rules

Enabling Acquisio’s CallRail integration ensures that the conversion reporting within Acquisio is accurate–all the time. With this level of accuracy on call conversions, Acquisio empowers marketers to set up automatic bidding rules that use phone calls as input. An example of how a PPC marketer would use this feature is by setting an automatic bid increase for all ads, ad groups, or keywords that are associated with phone calls. This empowers marketers to use closed loop attribution of phone calls back to PPC ads in real time to drive better performance.

Acquisio’s CallRail integration in a Nutshell:

  • Accurate Campaign Reporting: View calls as campaign conversions right in Acquisio.
  • Advanced Bidding Rules: Create bidding rules and reports based on call conversions.
  • Make Smarter Bids: Armed with the full picture of conversion data, make smarter bids.

For more information on the integration, see our blog post or support article. You can also learn more over at Acquisio.

CallRail’s Acquisio Integration is a Premium Integration available to those on CallRail’s Pro and Elite pricing plans. For more information, contact our Sales Team at sales@callrail.com.