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The Intelligent CRM

A telecom integrated CRM that leverages modern technologies


Customer relationship management system

Our intelligent CRM will personalise and automate customer experience and provides in-depth analytics to ensure you are moving your business in the right direction.


Personalised and automated experience

Limit oversight and increase your productivity by working with LimeCall’s CRM, that’s custom built for your industry and can be built bespoke for your business needs.


Connect with your customers

No matter what channel of communication they use, your interaction can be recorded and measured, enhancing your customer’s experience.


CRM Analysis and Reporting

The reports you generate, allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of your activities in order to measure the true ROI of your marketing efforts and visualise their real impact on your sales.

Click to Call

Your agent no longer has to pick up a head set and dial the number, saving time for the business. The feature is built in the CRM system so they just click the number or the dialer in a matter of seconds and just wait for it to connect.

Real Time Modifications

It allows all agents to be able to review up to date information in real time, without spending time going to the back end of the CRM to make changes. Making changes simply and quickly.

Call Queuing

When there are a number of calls coming in, the calls fall into a virtual queue if agents are not available to take the call. As soon as an agent is available to take the call, the next in the queue is automatically served.

Customer experience workflow management made easy

Case study

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