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Choosing the right CRM

Have you ever seen a comparison page where the “challenger” comes out better than the company writing the comparison?

Exactly. Neither have we. So when we set about comparing our sales productivity platform to others we wanted to take a different approach. Here’s the approach we’re taking:

  • The comparison we’ve put together is based on whether it’s possible (and how much it costs) to do in Hubspot what you can do in Close.
  • We’re biased but we’re not blind: for some of you, Hubspot will be the better option. What we’re trying to demonstrate is when Close is a better fit than our competitor.

Cliff Notes

When comparing these two products, the main difference that stands out is price and functionality. Hubspot Sales offers no inbound calling, no SMS, no historical import of email conversations & no bulk email features. To top that, Hubspot Sales has additional costs associated in the form of setup fees, third party apps and a minimum payment for 10 users if you’re on the Enterprise plan ($14,400 annually).

Per User Annually $500 – $1400 $4,000 – $14,000
Setup All-in-one Multiple plans/apps
Calling Global / Unlimited Pay-per-use with free credit Selective 33 hours if on Sales Hub Enterprise plan then pay-per-use
Support Dedicated success/support Pay extra
External consultants Not required Often required

Info sign iconComparison data is based on an analysis from Q1, 2019

Close ideal customer checklist

  • The productivity of your Sales team is your #1 priority
  • You do (or plan to do) high volume outreach by email, phone or SMS
  • You need to qualify large lead lists quickly
  • You’re looking for a scalable system to match your team’s growth
  • You prefer having an all-in-one system over disparate tools
  • You’re looking for a powerful CRM that at the same time is easy to learn and empowers you to onboard new sales people within a day (no training required)

“After 30 days of evaluating Hubspot & other CRM Systems, we picked Close as our perfect solution! Hubspot’s lack of complete email integration and their sadly basic CRM reporting killed them for us. The features that made us choose Close over Hubspot were full email integration, call logging/recording & a good API. Three weeks in, we’re pretty happy with Close. We’ve gotten our integrations done, and our sales team is really loving life right now.”

The rest of document will help you understand why we think Close is a better alternative to Hubspot both in terms of value and pricing.

What can you not do in Hubspot?

Hubspot is a good standalone CRM, but a lot of the critical functionality required by a high-performing sales team is highly dependent on expensive third party applications.

There are also some key sales functions that, even with a third-party app, you just cannot perform using Hubspot. Whereas with Close they’re all built-in.

Backup Calling Provider
Automatic Call Forwarding
Built-in SMS
Manual data migration service
Historical import of email conversations
Inbound calls in CRM
Send/receive SMS
Predictive Dialing

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q1, 2019

How much does Hubspot cost to get the Close Basic features?

To get the functionality of Close Basic on Hubspot you need their Sales Hub Enterprise plan (minimum).

Sales inbox
2-way email sync (send/receive)
Unlimited email tracking
Email templates Unlimited Up to 1000
Scheduling & reminders
Snooze & undo send MixMax integration ($288)
Global Calling (Worldwide)
Receive calls on your system Kixie integration ($780)
Send/Receive SMS (US/Canada) Kixie integration ($780)
Phone Number Kixie integration ($780)
API access & Zapier integration
Sales pipeline reports
  Close Basic: $708.00 Hubspot Sales Enterprise**: $1,440
  Close Basic: $708.00 MixMax: $288.00
    Kixie: $780.00
    Calling Credit: ~$309.00*





Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q1, 2019

How much does Hubspot cost to get the Close Professional features?

Everything you have in the Close Basic plan +

Email sequences
Bulk email sending Additional purchase
Power Dialer Kixie integration ($780)
  Close Professional: $969.00 Hubspot Sales Enterprise**: $1,440
  Calling Credit: -$120.00 Hubspot Marketing Starter: $600.00
    MixMax: $288.00
    Kixie: $780.00
    Calling Credit: ~$309.00*





Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q1, 2019

How much does Hubspot cost to get the Close Business features?

Everything you have in the Close Professional plan +

Predictive Dialing DialerAI purchase ($2,388)
Voicemail Drop Kixie integration ($780)
Group Numbers Kixie integration ($780)
Call Transferring Aircall integration ($780)
Unlimited Call Recording
  Close Business: $1,479.00 Hubspot Sales Enterprise**: $1,440.00
  Calling Credit: -$120.00 Hubspot Marketing Starter: $600.00
    MixMax: $288.00
    Kixie: $780.00
    DialerAI: $2,388.00
    Calling Credit: ~$309.00*





How much does calling cost?

Here are the calling costs comparison of 5 popular countries. Both Close & Hubspot use Twilio as their calling provider so the calling costs are the exact same.

United States of America $0.013 $0.013
United Kingdom $0.017 $0.017
Germany $0.015 $0.015
France $0.013 $0.013
Australia $0.024 $0.024

In summary

When should you choose Hubspot, and when Close

  • Close is a CRM built to double your sales team’s productivity.
  • It’s an “all in one” platform which you can use standalone without needing any other sales emails tools or calling products.
  • It has been built with scalability in mind and can handle a high volume of leads.

  • The majority of your sales are closed without needing an individual salesperson.
  • You don’t have a dedicated sales team doing a high quantity of activities
  • You make low volume of calls, don’t expect any inbound calls & don’t require SMS
  • You’re a heavy user of the Hubspot marketing platform but also doing a bit of sales as well and you want both under one roof
  • You’re OK with paying for training and configuration of the CRM

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