Frequently Asked Questions

What does a WhatsApp link look like?

A WhatsApp link always begins with followed by your WhatsApp number. It may also contain a URL-encoded pre-filled message at the end.

What happens after my customers click on a WhatsApp link or link?

When clicked, a WhatsApp link opens a chat window in the app or on WhatsApp web where customers can chat directly with your business.

How much does it cost to generate a WhatsApp link?

It costs nothing to create WhatsApp chat links. LimeCall’s WhatsApp Link creator is free to use!

How can I track where leads come from when they click on a WhatsApp link?

WhatsApp link doesn’t support UTM tracking. To track where WhatsApp leads are generated through WhatsApp link, create a unique reference for each source. Then, add them to the pre-filled message of the WhatsApp link. Please note, the tracking method will only work if the customers use the existing custom pre-filled message.

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