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24/7 Customer Support

Limecall support team can solve all your software related problem in minutes, not hours.

In-app Callback Widget

You just want to simply call without your phone, simply call via our in-app callback widget.

Sales Agency Services

We can do the sales agency services for you and provide you the qualified leads, while your team can focus on closing.

More Lead Knowledge

Limecall gives more leads knowledge during the call about your caller so that you can have more engagement without lead enrichment features.

Rich Call Analytics

You want to learn more about your lead & sales process after the call to optimize it. Try our dashboard to give you a better understanding.

Affordable Pricing

Other callback widgets too expensive for you? Their basic plans having too little features? Not with Limecall. Starting at $49/month, we offer one of the affordable yet scalable pricing packages.

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For sure, Livecall is a great enterprise software with rich software.
But Limecall supports SMEs. It’s affordable and as powerful.

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