LimeCall is a feature rich alternative to Livecall

Firstly, we acknowledge that Livecall is a good callback software. But, if you’re looking for a LiveCall alternative with better features, or evaluating LimeCall against LiveCall, you’re at the right place.

Here’s why we think you’ll find LimeCall suits your business needs better than LiveCall 

If you’re looking to just automate customer calls on your website, then LimeCall does the job well. But if you’re looking to build a long lasting relationship with your customer starting from the first call, then LimeCall is all you need. 

We have designed LimeCall as a full-scale, real time, inside sales platform. It takes care of all your sales team needs starting from capturing leads in real time to nurturing them all the way till conversion.

We’ve built our software with features essential for sales activities such as lead scoring, pipeline management, multichannel engagement, and personalized meeting links. LimeCall also integrates with commonly used sales and collaboration tools to ensure your sales team is empowered to be on their game always.

Need more convincing?

We know you need a detailed comparison sheet to convince your CEO or CFO. So, we put together the rest of the page to help you.

When comparing LimeCall with LiveCall, the biggest differentiators are the price and functionality.

Livecall lacks essential sales features such as live web calls (call from browser), personalized meeting links, and multi-touch, multi-channel engagement.

While Livecall does a good job at capturing website visitors, it does not support lead management functions such as segmentation, scoring, and nurturing.

Livecall has two weeks free trial, limiting the exposure to all the features. With LimeCall you get to experience all our features first-hand. You upgrade only when you’re confident to scale.

6 reasons to pick LimeCall over LiveCall


1. Make calls, globally: Livecall supports calls across 60 countries, but LimeCall supports globally.

2. Easy web call: Allow website visitors to simply connect with your sales team through the web browser without forcing them to share their number. We respect the privacy of our customers and their customers.

3.Lead management: Track and manage activities of upto 1000 leads. Score leads on their behaviour and route the leads to the best sales agents.


4. Quicker Callback: Follow-up with call back requests in 28 seconds or lesser. Faster follow-ups increases the chance of winning the deal conversion.

5. Custom IVR:  Provide is quick and accurate directing your callers. If customers are calling specifically to buy your product and the order is simple, IVR systems can take the order. This allows your sales force to focus on customers who need more assistance.

Rich integration: Connect LimeCall with Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, WebHooks, and Whatsapp to qualify leads. 

What makes LimeCall a better option than Livecall?

Starting price $0 $0.30 per call
International Calls Global Up to 60 countries
Call from browser Yes No
Inbuilt CRM Yes No
Lead Qualification Yes No
Lead Scoring Yes No
Customer Support Dedicated online support with 15 second response time No
Implementation support Free consultation with domain expert No
Free Trial Yes, forever No

What more can you get with LimeCall but not LiveCall

Livecall is a good callback tool, but it falls short as a lead generation and management software. It lacks the comprehensive feature set required to capture, qualify, and nurture leads. Whereas with LimeCall, you get a built-in CRM with rich lead management features. 

Inbuilt CRM Yes No
Free personalized meeting Links Yes No
Lead Segmentation Yes No
Pipeline Management Yes No
Lead Scoring Yes No
Lead Nurturing Yes No
Contact Management Yes No
Send/receive SMS Yes No

When should you choose Livecall, and when LimeCall

  • Your customers want the flexibility with callback – web call, instant call, scheduled call.
  • You need callback software built to not only capture leads but also improve lead generation and management activities. 
  • You want to scale your business growth and manage high volume of call requests.
  • You need dedicated support with implementation and free consultation with domain experts.

  • You have to only capture leads and have other tools for lead management. And Livecall supports integration with your lead management tools.
  • You have a dedicated person to implement the tool and take care of it in case of any problems.
  • You are okay with paying for external tools to manage leads. And you don’t mind upgrading to a higher priced plan to achieve integration requirements.

When it comes to Livecall alternatives, LimeCall is the best. Why don’t you try it yourself to see the difference!

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