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Use Cases and Best Practices for Sharing Your TimeSync Scheduling Link

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Where to set up your scheduling link?

Setting up your first scheduling link is really simple. Here’s what you need to do:


Log in to your Limecall account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free and get full access to the platform


Under the TimeSync tab, build your first meeting link and test it out.


Join our Limecall Community to share your successes and learn from others.

Great customer relationships start with LimeCall

Instant resolution

Connect web visitors to right team member to resolve query immediately from web and mobile devices

Qualify and route

Qualify and route your calls anyway you like allowing agents to collect relevant information prior to the call

Schedule Call Meetings

You can schedule a call to the right team member or a team based on their real time calender availability

How Limecall products can help during this time


Call your Customers in 28 Seconds

Callback your potential customers in 28 seconds to drivegrowth. Turn more visitors into inbound leads. For each call request. Turn more visitors into inbound leads. For each call request.

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Web Calls - Connect from any device

Allow your customers to call you from the page they are already visiting. Enhance their digital journeys and make them personal. Keep your customers engaged like never before.

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“With LimeCall’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our CSAT score is up to 89%.

Jared Morris,


Call scheduling - Find the best meeting time

Schedule calls easier, even when you’re not in the office. Automate dialing and call your prospects at specific times. Call your prospects at the right time and connect with them in real-time.

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Voice API that connects to 2000+ apps through integrations


Team management - Manage teams quickly

Manage your teams quickly and at a glance using LimeCall’s team management feature

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Limecall helps us build a better customer experience. It resolves 1 in 5 of all our inbound conversations!”

Andrey PM,


Lead Routing - Connect the right agent to the right customer

Connect the right agent to the right customer as quickly as possible. Lead routing enables you to connect your customers faster and route them to where they have to be.

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Lead Qualification - Identify Best-fit Potential Customers

Send calls to the right place with LimeCall’s lead qualification software and keep your customers engaged and in the loop.

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Qualify leads based on different criteria

Avoid transferring your customers to multiple reps and give them a hassle-free experience so they’re never uncared for. Qualify your leads based on any criteria you choose

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Email templates with scheduling link to use for different scenarios

Using for a first sales call (sales discovery)

I saw that you are interested to find out more about (your product/service). Let’s schedule a chat to talk more about your needs. Here’s my availability (insert scheduling link) so we can reach you as soon as possible.

Client follow-up

Hey (first name), how’s everything coming along with (your product/service)? I’d love to help more, you can book a call with me through my link (insert scheduling link).

Recruitment & screening candidates

Hi (first name), thank you for your interest in (job position) with (company). I’d like to learn more about your background, experience, and qualification through a short phone conversation. Here’s my availability (insert scheduling link) for this week. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Office Hours (Academic)

Hi (first name), let’s have a short meeting at my office to discuss your questions on the (insert class, assignment, projects). Please book a time slot here (insert scheduling link) and let me know any questions you have beforehand so that I can prepare.

Upcoming Events or Conference

Hi (first name), it would be great to chat further when we meet at (insert event). Shall we schedule a fixed time to chat on the first day? Here’s my availability, (insert scheduling link) would you choose the time that works best for you? Looking forward to speaking with you!

Email Signature

Adding in your scheduling link in your email signature works wonders in providing a super-easy way for your prospects to book a call with you, especially when doing sales.

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