Mobile Application

Call Support from Mobile App

Provide calls support from your mobile application.


How it works

Step 1

Call buttons are displayed on a mobile application according to business rules determined in advance by the company or even after a chat conversation.

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Step 2

A customer clicks on this button, the call is live through the application. You can custom as the UI of the call button on your iOS or Android. 

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Step 3

The agent in your company receives calls on zendesk with all customer data. The agent is also able to call the same customer from Zendesk using as the inbound call data network.

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Make inbound and outbound call within your app

What LimeCall resolves for you:

  • Complexity of telco network (international number & cost/mn)
  • Uncontrolled & unqualified number of calls
  • Disconnected experience between voice and digital
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Turn inbound visitors into sales qualified leads, instantly.