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  • Premium level session recordings
  • Advanced clickmaps with heatmaps
  • 50+ Filters and Segments
  • Custom searchable session data
  • Error tracking
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Session recording

Play back your users’ sessions and learn more about their behavior to make the product even better suited to their needs.

Filters and segments

Filter sessions and create user segments to analyze the behavior of specific user groups faster and more effectively.

Clickmaps and heatmaps

Visualize most engagement places on your website and better analyze users interactions.

Custom properties

Add custom properties, such as subscription plan and other user data you need for your research.

Inspect mode

Find interactions with particular element by selecting it during session playback.

Rage & Error Clicks

Add custom properties, such as subscription plan and other user data you need for your research.

Engagement score

Save your time with our engagement score. You’ll find the most interesting recordings in a few clicks.

Segment notifications

Get the summary of segment activity directly to your email.

User journey

See the whole user journey as a timeline with most important events.

One product, different solutions

Concurrent Ringing

Conversion rate optimization

Put your trust in qualitative data and grow your conversions. See why something works (or why it doesn’t) with session replays. Draw valuable insights that will help you come up with more relevant hypotheses.

Filter session recordings and save plenty of time. This will help you focus on the areas that are crucial for conversion.

Call Stacking

User engagement tracking

Find the most active users and the most interesting sessions thanks to our engagement score. Use custom properties to see how the engagement varies depending on different factors.

We generate engagement scores automatically, based on in-app events, session duration, and other aspects. No need to estimate: the answer is already here.

Customer Data in calls

Usability testing

Use session recordings to get started with usability testing. See how exactly the users interact with your website. It’s just like you’re sitting next to them.

Test your ideas remotely. Watch results anytime. Get more insights with qualitative data.

„We have tried out many, but LiveSession is the best session replay tool out there.”


Gasper Vidovic

Director of Product at Databox

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