Outbound Call Software

Drive more sales call leads and increase your sales conversion rates with Novocall’s outbound call system.


A Business Number For Your Business

Get a business phone number, local or toll-free, with features that make your copie rolex business stand out. Always be reachable no matter where your customers might be in the world.


Call Forwarding and Distribution

We provide you with local numbers around the world. Activate your cloud phone number instantly sales without breaking business communications. Use local and toll-free numbers to increase contact rate and connect with a larger number of prospects.


Automate Outbound Calls With Auto-Dialer

Reduce call wait times for your sales team with an auto-dialer. Remove time-consuming tasks such as manual dialing. Only spend time when a prospect answers the phone.

Type of LimeCall Numbers

Local Numbers

We provide you with local numbers around the world.

Call Recording

Record your calls or set your phone number to auto-record every call for you.

Virtual Call Centre

Build a virtual call center for your sales team for them to take sales calls easily.

Get better results with LimeCall Call Forwarding and Distribution

Forward to your phone

Send your business calls to your phone. Distinguish between a personal call and a business call.

Distribute Calls to Teammates

Distribute calls across your team, or filter to different departments.

Call Blast

Ring several phones at once, fastest fingers first.

Advantages of LimeCall Automate Outbound Calls With Auto-Dialer

Automate Phone Calls

Novocall’s auto-dialer allows you to call a list of contacts automatically, and connects your agent only when the call is connected.

List Management

Import and manage your contacts in a single place. Track performance of your lists.

Metrics Reporting

Measure and report the performance of your agents through our analytics dashboard.

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