Private Holidays witnessed 9x more response time with Limecall

Private Holidays witnessed 9x more response time and contacted over 85% potential prospects, all with Limecall

Private Holiday is a travel company that ensures travelers are guided with the right travel activities such as booking tickets, finding a good hotel and more. Traveling has grown to become not just a hobby but a need for individuals to explore and grow in different cultural places.

Which is exactly why Private Holiday’s wanted to increase their demand in the eyes of their customers. Private Holidays has grown to become a great solution for all traveling related queries due to its continuous service of delivering high end traveling solutions to its clients such as finding the best places for clients to reside in, making their travel convenient from both ends and much more.

Due to such actions, Private Holidays ensures that they are delivering an efficient, convenient and hassle-free service when it comes to finding all the right ingredients for their customer’s pleasant traveling experience.

A decrease in sales and engagement activity affected Private Holidays conversions

At Private Holidays the main way for their staff to engage with their customers is through the medium of contacting them via calls. 

What would happen was, a customer would come on Private Holidays  website and fill out the form with their details mentioned. When the teams come online, they will gather all the form information and then reach out to those customers.

But what use to happen was the time customers would fill out the form and by the time Private Holidays team would contact them, the gap was very long. This resulted in lower closing of deals and the obvious lower engagement rate.

Since the teams at Private Holidays contacted their customers late, the engagement either took place for less than a minute or never took place at all. After thorough research, the realization was made that those customers who weren’t catered at that moment, explored another opportunity.

This caused a huge downfall for such an efficient travel company. Despite offering a good experience to their customers, capturing them became a huge hassle. 

The thought of Limecall’s efficient solution got Private Holidays thinking. 

They realized that Limecall being a callback software used efficient techniques that would not help them capture their customers better but can also improve their business to function on the right scale.

Limecall, a smarter way to conduct sales

When Limecall’ s callback widget was installed on Private Holidays website, they saw the rise in engagement.

As you can see in the image above, whenever your customers click on the limecall widget, they had two choices, either to be contacted right away or they can book a call for later. This was great because, for all those customers who wanted immediate assistance, the travel company could provide them at the same moment.

Those who requested to be contacted later are those leads who are warm which is why when contacting them at their convenient time allowed the company to engage with them.

Also, earlier, the company found it difficult to identify which leads are being contacted and which aren’t and here also Limecall has made their service efficient for them. With Limecall’s CRM, all the information about the leads is present in the system. So when the travel company’s team logged in they would find all the information they need about leads such as status of the leads, when to call them, who contacted them and much more on the Limecall dashboard.

This guided the team to understand well what their next action to be.

Also, so that the travel company doesn’t lose on any of their leads, Limecall’s certain features helped the company to continue engaging with their customers without any hassle. Such as Limecall’s ‘retry calls’ feature allowed Private Holidays team to engage with all those leads who they couldn’t connect earlier. 

This was thus another opportunity being provided to capture potential prospects.

A view after Limecall’s presence with Private Holidays 

1 . Engagement rate increased twice as more since connecting to the brand became easier with one tap

2. Easier view of information which sparked 2x more productivity level in lead management

3. Almost 49% of leads are being derived from Limecall alone sparking more hope of closing deals quicker

The Bottom Line…

Taking care of response rates, catering to leads at the time they want to be engaged and making it easier for customers to reach out to the brand is exactly what Limecall aims to deliver to brands, one example is Private Holidays.

Turn inbound visitors into sales qualified leads, instantly.