Best Onboarding Tools to Help Increase Your Conversion Rate

, July 17, 2021, admin

best onboarding tools to increase your conversion rate

Research by Wyzowl indicates that over 90% of customers feel that the brand they buy the product from can do much better in onboarding new customers. Another study from the same research shows that over 86% of people will most likely stay loyal to a brand that offers excellent onboarding. These statistics show the importance of the best onboarding tools when it comes to increasing your website conversion rate. 

This guide is for big and small businesses who want to reduce their bounce rate and improve engagement by giving new customers all the help they need by using onboarding tools. We will go through,

  • The process of customer onboarding, 
  • The importance of successful onboarding, 
  • The best tools for your business, and 

We’ll look at the advantages of customer onboarding software and discuss some of the best solutions for impressing your customers in this article.

What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding refers to the set of interactions, communications, and outcomes that your new customers have their first time using your product. Customer onboarding is reliant on the collective intelligence of the entire organization, from product to marketing, UX, engineering, sales, customer support and service, and even finance. Effective client onboarding is not only the product team’s job; in fact, it’s best not to think of it as a product at all. Consider it a stand-alone web application that ensures your product experience/brand promise meets the first time. 

It takes more than luck or magic to create a memorable customer experience. You have to design great customer onboarding, which means you can (and should) build, optimize, and test your way to the ideal customer experience. 

The Importance of Successful Customer Onboarding?

When a visitor first opens your website, you can impress him with your product, and he may want to become your customer, but the lack of onboarding on your website opens a door for him that is for confusion. This confusion led him to close your web page within a few seconds, and thus, you missed a potential customer. 

Now, imagine how many visitors experience the same situation after arriving on your website. You are losing many potential customers by ineffective customer onboarding.

As a service/product owner, it is your responsibility that each click a user takes on your website should reflect the progress of the onboarding cycle. 

You may start to break down the onboarding journey into measurable interactions by thinking of a click as a binary bet you’re asking your consumers to make. measuring each interaction within the onboarding workflow is essential for designing and optimizing an excellent experience. 

How to Choose the Best Onboarding Tools?

Everything can be easier with a positive onboarding experience. It also ensures that your clients will keep buying from you. But, a poor onboarding experience will force the customer to leave your website. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can use the best onboarding tools to guide your customers from the start to the end. But choosing the best tool for your business might be a little tricky. We are here to help you and give you a few tips on choosing the best onboarding tools. Those tips are:

  • Easy website navigation The best method to give your customer an excellent onboarding experience is by making it easier for him to navigate on your website. Always look for a widget in an onboarding tool that you can connect to your software. The finest customer onboarding software is one that is simple to use for the user.
  • Data-driven optimization Your chosen onboarding tool should be able to provide actionable insights by understanding user behavior. Data-driven companies are more likely to attract a broader range of customers. Analytics may help you detect various things, such as where your customers make mistakes, meet challenges, and complete time-consuming jobs. Users must be able to understand the UI fast. They must be able to follow the software’s instructions.
  • Real-time customer contact A live demo tab is another element that should be a part of customer onboarding tools. Customers get experience with your product by using it. This is where you can integrate live exercises and step-by-step demonstration programs. Time to value reduces when you build this into the onboarding process. Demos embedded in the platform allow a new user to get a walkthrough of the platform. It is always there and guides the customer through a step-by-step procedure in a confidential environment.
  • Measure customer actions The onboarding tool should be able to provide milestones to the users. Encourage users to feel progress by giving them a path to follow as they learn how to use your product. This will assist them in getting the most value from their time with you. At each level of the onboarding process, provide milestones.

Best Onboarding Tools:

Using customer onboarding tools can be a lifesaver. It will speed up the client onboarding process and provide the consumer a better understanding of how to use the product . Here are ten fantastic client onboarding solutions that will walk your consumers through the process step by step. 

  1. Appcues
  2. Proof
  3. WalkMe
  4. Loo
  5. Omniconvert
  6. Customer
  7. MailJet
  8. Intercom
  9. Drip 
  10. Feedier
  11. Wootric
  12. LimeCall


Create customizable user onboarding flows and increase adoption and retention rates with Appcues without typing a single line of code. Its best feature is that you can design, publish, and manage things using only one dashboard. Appcues has a rating of 4.5/5, according to G2. There are other tools with the same features, for example, Pendo, but they are not as easy to use as Appcues. You can use many templates and patterns according to your business. Appcues provides free trials with few features, but you have to contact their sales team for quotes to get access to full features.


The Proof allows you to create website pages according to your ideal audience and customers. It’s an amazing onboarding tool for almost every niche to use on your website. It has a rating of 4.4/5, according to G2. SocialProof is another onboarding tool great for visitor notifications on your site. You can trial users on different personas until you find the one that increases your conversation rate. The basic plan starts at $29/mo for up to 1000 visitors. You have to choose higher plans if the visitor volume is big.


WalkMe lets your users see tutorials without making them install anything. They provide a personalized experience to the users resulting in an excellent onboarding experience. Its unique features include a deep insights dashboard, digital transformation capabilities, help desk integration, and advanced API support. WalkMe has a rating of 4.5/5, according to G2. Although WalkMe doesn’t offer a free trial, another tool with the same features Whatfix does, you should see it. You can use the tool to add an on-screen tutorial for the customers. You have to contact their team for a quote.


Loom is one of the most useful onboarding video tools for customers. If you don’t want to bore your customers with long manuals, video user onboarding is the best way to offer you an advantage. Loom has a rating of 4.5/5, according to G2. According to some users, Loom is expensive for beginners, but you can try out Screencastify. You can use the tool to record your product or yourself short video, saving both your and your client’s time and motivating your client to see the tutorial until the end. For pricing information, you have to get in touch with them.


Omniconvert is a fantastic tool to test and get the best conversation for your website. Its best feature is that it provides A/B testing tools which you can run on mobiles, tablets, and desktop to do a higher conversion rate. Omniconvert has a rating of 4.5/5, according to G2. Another onboarding tool that provides amazing test results is VWO Testing. You can save the analytics of successful tests and later use it in your future trial with some improvements. A free trial, 100k visitors to test, initial onboarding, and continuous support is part of the smallest yearly starting plan, which is 3.90 per year. Please get in touch with them for more quotes.

Customer is a marketing platform that allows you to send targeted and automated emails, push notifications, and SMS messages to your customers to engage and keep them. It has the ability to send every customer message and notification in a quick time. It has a rating of 4.2/5, according to G2. It’s a little costly as compared to HubSpot Marketing Hub and other tools. encourages users to send relevant communication to customers, resulting in a positive customer experience that leads to retention and conversion. Their basic plan starts from $150/mo for up to 12,000 profiles.


Mailjet is a professional email service provider that creates, sends, and tracks marketing and transactional emails for over +150,000 businesses around the world. Its best feature is that it can auto-scale to send up to 15M emails/hour per user. It has a rating of 3.9/5, according to G2. Its unique features make it different from Sendinblue and other tools. You can create email campaigns for a specific audience and even track the results. MailJet provides a free trial for up to 6,000 emails but to go further, you have to buy its basic package, which is $9.65/mo for up to 30,000 emails.


Intercom is the best onboarding tool to inform your existing customers about any new updates or features. Its features include in-app prompts, personalized engagement messages, targeted emails, and event-triggered messages. Intercom has a rating of 4.4/5, according to G2. Intercom is easier to use; but, Drift is easier to do business with. With Intercom, you can build strong customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences across the onboarding journey. You have to contact them to know about the quotes.


Drip is a marketing automation platform that provides marketers with the tools to establish stronger and more profitable customer relationships at scale. Over 27,000 marketers worldwide use Drip’s thorough tracking, hyper-segmentation, and strong email marketing automation to build their businesses. With Drip, you can make many on board processes for users. It has a rating of 4.4/5, according to G2. If you find Drip hard to use, ActiveCampaign is another easy tool for beginners. You can make more money by sending personalized emails to users. Their initial pricing plan starts at $19/mo for up to 500 subscribers. 


Feedier is an all-in-one feedback collecting tool for your app, product, in-app interactions, and even customer onboarding processes. It can help you with anything, from creating in-depth and informative surveys to conducting insightful analytics and research to providing incentives to your customers. Feedier has a rating of 4.5/5, according to G2. Asknicely is another onboarding tool for expert marketers with more advanced features. It would be best to use Feedier to make your surveys enjoyable, and the result is a good onboarding experience for customers. Its basic package starts from $180/mo for small businesses. If you have a big business, you should consider higher premium plans.


Wootric is one of the most effective onboarding methods for tracking customer loyalty and happiness. You can create unique micro surveys with Wootric, ask the right questions at the right times (across many channels), and get more valuable consumer feedback for your user onboarding. It has a rating of 4.7/5, according to G2. Qualtrics is also a top onboarding tool with the same features. The best part of using Wootric is that you can track your customers’ satisfaction in real-time and even generate automated sentiment measurements. Their pricing plans depend upon the website traffic volume and needs. 


LimeCall makes sure that every potential customer experiences the best onboarding journey after clicking on your website. The tool lets you track customer behavior and respond to increased engagement and conversions. Using LimeCall dynamic features, you can build a single, comprehensive view of your customers and prospects and activate that data to deliver personalized experiences. It provides a customized product experience to your customers. Every user approaches your website . LimeCall performs an excellent job of personalizing in-app messages based on the visitor’s segment, buyer’s path, and even mouse clicks. It lets you send personalized SMS to help solve customer queries and provide customer delight. It has a powerful built-in widget that enables users to self-serve themselves at any time with a long list of real-time interactive walkthroughs. LimeCall has an rating of 5/5, according to G2. You can have a free demo with almost all its advanced features for 14 days. You need no card for it, and you can cancel anytime, isn’t it great? Unlike other onboarding tools such as ZoomInfo, LimeCall is by far the best. Whether you have a startup or large business, LimeCall meets all your business requirements. You can have a custom package according to your business goals and needs. Contact them now, and their 24/7 Customer Support is always available to assist you.

Features of LimeCall

  • Capture lead analytics
  • Personalized IVR 
  • Personalizing user experiences
  • Automated calls/SMS
  • Lead Generation
  • Personalized follow-ups

Request Now for a Free Demo and Build a Loyal Relationship with your Customers By Onboarding Experiences


Your customer success strategy must include user onboarding. If this fails, or if there is no strategy in the first place, it will take a long time for your user to engage with your app, and they may even request refunds. Yet, these onboarding tools are only a part of the solution; they are a cog in your wheel. When used as part of a plan, onboarding tools work well since they complement everything else. When selecting an onboarding tool for your end-users, keep in mind that it will be one of their first impressions as a customer. You need more than one or two user onboarding resources to create ideal and superior user onboarding procedures and in-app experiences.

The best onboarding experiences help users achieve their magic moment; they also set up new users for long-term success. To build ideal and better user onboarding procedures and in-app experiences, you’ll need more than one or two user onboarding resources. The finest onboarding experiences not only help users achieve their magical moment but also set new users up for long-term success.

  • I hope you have understood how customer onboarding works and how important it is for website sales. Choose any one of the above tools which meet your business requirements and budget.
  • I will recommend you to choose LimeCall as it is the best of all of them. Try their demo, and you will find out how helpful LimeCall can be for your business. 
  • If you find the article informative and useful, share it with your colleagues, marketers, and business partners. 

, July 17, 2021, admin

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