Purplerain Holidays received 3x more sales calls than before

Purplerain Holidays received 3x more sales calls than before increasing their sales opportunities up to 60% higher, all with Limecall

Purplerain Holidays is a travel management software company that ensures every business travel can take place effortlessly. The brand ensures that all travel-related activities for any user be it a business or a normal user is conducted in one place. 

Today the travel industry is growing multiple times bigger. There is a wide competition helping brands to manage their travel-related activities better which is why Purplerain Holidays wishes to be the best from that crowd.

Their investment in customer-related support is proof. They have live chat support and call support that helps to communicate and engage with their customers better so that they can cater to them on time.

Purplerain Holidays comes from such an industry where the travel industry is consistently on the process of booming and with the customers of today wanting quicker services, this brand is going all out to give them just that.

Purplerain Holidays saw a reduction in sales calls of up from 15 to 8 in less than a month

As stated earlier, Purplerain Holidays wants to be the best brand that can offer travel-related activities for its customers which is why they opted for live chat support and call support to reach out to customers. But these two platforms didn’t prove to work for Purplerain Holidays in terms of lead activities.

With live chat support, the leads were coming in but how to manage them became difficult. Multiple leads required immediate assistance but due to frequent delays, Purplerain Holidays wasn’t able to cater to half of them. Even with call support, it became difficult as customers had to wait for long hours to get on-call with them.

This all became a major issue for Purplerain Holidays and impacted directly on the sales calls. Purplerain Holidays knew its customers, they were aware that they wanted a faster process, something that can help them book tickets quicker or make refunds or payments faster without having to run to different people for the same.

Purplerain Holidays had the right solution to sell but the management of its customers was weak. This continued to happen for long until they finally found the ideal platform that could help them, Limecall

Limecall in 2 months increased 35+ sales calls where 25% turned into potential sales opportunities

Limecall is a callback software that is placed on a website in the form of a widget. Limecall understood that for Purplerain Holidays faster response is what their customers expected from them which is why their solution was the perfect choice for Purplerain Holidays. 

With Limecall, the widget offered two choices one being ‘Call me now’ choice where if a customer wants to engage with a Purplerain Holidays they can do so by clicking the widget. The other option was ‘Call me later’ where customers had the option to communicate with Purplerain Holidays according to a schedule.

This widget advantage helped Purplerain Holidays to engage with their customers in a better manner. Not only did they manage to cater to the leads accordingly, this also helped them to convert multiple customers into a sales lead.

Since Purplerain Holidays became prompt in its customer response, the sales call increased as customers were aware that if they require immediate assistance for travel, Purplerain Holidays would be the easiest and quickest platform to enquire anything about travel. 

Purplerain Holidays also went on to use more features of Limecall which helped them to cater to their customers better such as ‘retry calls’ where if incase they miss to connect with customers, they could retry again giving them one more opportunity to increase their sales. 

Also, the ‘Custom SMS’ option helped Purplerain Holidays to engage with their customers regarding their offers, updates on calls, relevant notifications and more and this drive customers to contact the brand to learn more about them.

The picture after Limecall’s existence on Purplerain Holidays

  • Calls were connected in less than 28 seconds
  • Call duration lasted for more than 3 minutes
  • Easy installation of Limecall was connected in 5 minutes
  • Received close to 20 calls per month
  • Conversion rates started increasing up to 76% more

The Bottom Line…

Purplerain Holidays wanted to provide an easy, convenient platform so that engaging with customers won’t be a hassle. When they invested their time in Limecall, they realized that this solution not only helped them to increase the efficiency of calls but also helped to manage it well. 

Turn inbound visitors into sales qualified leads, instantly.