Scalable messaging API

Get in touch with your clients across the world using our scalable SMS APIs


Reach a larger target audience

A scalable messaging API enables you to communicate with customers and prospects across the world with ease


Build intelligent communications

Thanks to our web of carriers across the world, we can optimize the quality and the cost of your communications


Deepen your customer’s trust

Use your SMS to create a branded business identity that all your clients will remember

Communicate securely with your clients

Our API uses an HTTPS encryption to secure all the messages you send to your clients 


Get better results with LimeCall


Improve caller engagement

Double your caller engagement by keeping a closer eye on your calls


Convert more callers

Increase your sales reps’ conversion rates when calling your prospects


Increase your reps’ efficiency

Boost your efficiency and never miss a single call

What our customers say

I was able to have Limecall up and running on our website within 5 minutes. Our team got the first call within 2 hours and closed the deal in 3 says. Limecall helped OutreachPlus convert 40% more sales per month by turning those passive leads to active ones. Our sales have gone through the roof, as we’ve drastically reduced the leads that fall through cracks.


Anastasia Negru

Anastasia Negru h

Turn inbound visitors into sales qualified leads, instantly.