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Privy Is the #1 Rated Sales App in the Shopify App Store

There’s a reason more than 18,000 Shopify merchants have given Privy a 5-Star Rating in the Shopify App Store. Because Privy helps ecommerce store owners sell more on Shopify.

  • Send professional looking emails that drive sales for your business
  • Get more email subscribers with website pop ups and email list building tools
  • Recover more sales with cart abandonment campaigns
  • Drive repeat sales with automated customer winback email sequences
  • Text message marketing built for small and growing ecommerce brands
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Make More Money on Shopify with Privy


Installing Privy on your Shopify store couldn’t be easier. In a few clicks you can have Privy installed (no coding required) and have your first campaign live in minutes.


Convert more visitors and grow your email list with pop ups and on-site announcements that grab a visitor’s attention before they leave your online store.


Recover more sales and reduce cart abandonment with our exit pop ups and automated emails that show customers what they left in their shopping cart and bring them back.


Create coupons that sync with Shopify and promote them on your website, through email or text, and track coupon redemptions in Privy.


Make more money with automated emails and newsletters or text marketing designed to drive repeat sales.


See exactly how much money Privy has made for you with a reporting dashboard that connects with your purchase history in Shopify

Privy Is the #1 Reviewed App for Sales in the Shopify App Store

Used by 500,000+ small ecommerce brands around the world

Can’t believe how much this app does. Loads of features. I may be able to remove some other apps and save some $$.


January 23, 2020

One of the easiest to use apps I have downloaded. The how-to video was perfect, short to the point and I knew what I was doing when I was finished.


January 21, 2020

Our sales have increased by a whopping 30% after downloading and implementing this app. THANK YOU, PRIVY!


January 26, 2020

Track ROI with Email Marketing Built for Shopify

There are plenty of email products you can be using to send emails for your Shopify store. But as an ecommerce merchant it’s important to choose a platform that’s built with your needs in mind. Privy email marketing is built for Shopify merchants, with functionality that lets you pull your product listings directly into the emails you send out and reporting to track the real ROI of your campaigns.

Here are some of the things Shopify Merchants love about Email Marketing from Privy:

  • Re-use your product listings and photos from your Shopify site in your email campaigns
  • Automate key customer follow-ups like order confirmation and welcome emails
  • Drag and drop editor and templates to make every email look professional

Build Your Email List with Eye-Catching Shopify Pop Ups

You don’t need to be a professional designer or know how to write code to create a pop up message that matches your site, makes your brand look great, and gets people’s attention. Connect Privy to your Shopify store in 3 clicks, and go live with a campaign on your site in mere minutes.

Here are some of the features Shopify Merchants love most in Privy pop ups:

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Advanced targeting and triggers to show the right message to the right person
  • Creative pop up forms including spin-to-win wheels, exit-intent discounts, special offer bars, and mobile flyouts
  • Pop ups for any device to convert visitors on desktop or mobile

Get More Sales with Coupons and Offers Built for Shopify

Easily create coupons that turn visitors into customers without the hassle of managing who has redeemed your offer. Coupons in Privy tie directly into your Shopify store so that you can create unique coupon codes and track redemptions in real-time.

Here are some of the things Shopify Merchants love about Privy coupons and offers:

  • Choose between a master coupon for all new visitors or unique discount codes for select customers
  • Direct integration with Shopify to redeem discounts in your
  • Shopify store Easily insert coupons into different campaign types like pop ups, email, or text

Reduce Cart Abandonment and Make More Money

70% of ecommerce carts are abandoned. These are the customers that have the highest likelihood to make a purchase if you can keep them on your site. Privy solves cart abandonment for Shopify merchants with Cart Abandonment pop ups – that will save more sales in the moment when someone is thinking of leaving your site, and cart recovery emails and text messages to bring people back to your store to complete their purchase.

Here are some of the things Shopify Merchants love about Cart Abandonment from Privy:

  • Exit-intent pop ups capture customers right at the moment they are thinking of leaving your store
  • Embed a Shopify Coupon into your abandoned cart message to increase conversion rate
  • Show the exact products a customer left in their shopping cart with our Shopify integration

Go Beyond Marketing Metrics with Shopify Revenue Reporting

Privy lets you track your success, using the metrics that are most valuable to you. Sure, you may want to see how many emails you have collected or how many people saw and interacted with your pop up displays or emails, but what you probably care most about is how many sales can be attributed to your Privy campaigns. That’s why we sync Privy with your actual Shopify revenue data to see just how much money you’ve made from every pop up, email, or text you’ve sent.

Here are some of the things Shopify Merchants love most about reporting in Privy:

  • Customize your dashboard views to track list growth or revenue reporting
  • Track redemptions of coupons to understand how discounts are impacting sales
  • Dig into user level analytics to understand customer purchase history and product preferences from your Shopify store data

Get the Tools to Help Your Shopify Store Grow

Privy Convert

Convert more site visitors and grow your email list with pop ups.

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Privy Email

Bring customers back and drive sales with automated emails and newsletters.

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Privy Text

Send timely messages and notifications with the first SMS tool built for small & medium ecommerce stores.

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