Uberstays received 3x more conversions with much quicker leads

Uberstays received 3x more conversion rates and connected much quicker with leads, thanks to Limecall

Uberstays is one of the most well-known adventure resort. They ensure that their customers enjoy their time whenever they visit the resort. Keeping in mind from a customer point of view, Uberstays has created multiple activities that will suit any of heir customers who wish to relax and have fun in their resort.

While Uberstays have kept in mind about what their customers would prefer best from them, they have also worked on how they can capture their new customers better. Uberstays have invested in live chat support and online forms so that they can always cater to their customers better.

The main agenda of UberStays is to deliver to all their customer needs but also they want to capture their customers first. Uberstays understands that the competition in their industry is tough and if they want to remain on the top always, they need to tap their prospects faster.

Delay in assisting leads led to UberStays loss in potential customers

While UberStays had what a customer would need, they weren’t able to speak volumes of it. Though they had online forms and live chat support, the lead response time was long. Customers would have to wait for long to receive answers for their queries and with online forms, the revert would take place very late.

This caused a major downfall for UberStays. Since they weren’t able to cater to their leads, the leads use to walk away. No one would like to wait for long just to have one query resolved or to get a booking in a resort. The service from the other end is expected to be quicker and efficient.

When UberStays realized this issue, they understood that they need to work on their lead response time which is exactly how Limecall came into the picture. 

Limecall, Increases lead capture and lead response time

The blue call widget you see at the end of the image above on the right side is what Limecall is. It is a callback software that was on the UberStays website. When the customers use to tap that, they would receive a call in less than 28 seconds if they want to speak immediately.

For those who are occupied and want to converse later, Limecall helped UberStays to capture them by letting them have the opportunity to contact them later. Customers can set when they want to interact with the team of UberStays and they will be contacted then.

UberStays eliminated the need for live chat support and online forms because with Limecall the process became easier to connect with their customer. There was no waiting time and connecting with customers became on the spot.

When this action was conducted consistently, UberStays was able to sell its brand better in the eyes of those customers. They were able to retain the interest of their customers and guide the further to book their fun with them.

Limecall’s impact on UberStays

1 . 45% increase in lead calls

2. Lead response time was faster less than 28 seconds to be precise

The Bottom Line…

The faster you cater to your lead’s response the more indulged they will be in investing in your brand. Understanding this, UberStays chose to implement Limecall in their customer-centric world to continue delivering exceptional customer experience to all. 

Turn inbound visitors into sales qualified leads, instantly.