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Top rated tool to generate more sales leads & calls from your website

Limecall enables you to callback your qualified website visitors in 15 seconds. Turn your visitors into customers, increase sales, reduce response time to boost your lead generation up to 70%.

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Saved with every click on LimeCall’s (ex-Leadjet) contact enrichment feature that finds verified emails


Of your team members’ LinkedIn sales activity is captured in the CRM


Data error thanks to eliminating copy and paste work


Instant sync with the CRM, no more time lag

Sales-reps can add prospects, synchronize contact info & messages from LinkedIn to CRM in 1-click, so that CRM records are fully-filled & always up-to-date.

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Embedded CRM in LinkedIn & Sales Nav

Customize what CRM fields you want to embed in the LinkedIn and Sales Navigator interface to see and edit CRM information of your prospects directly from there.

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Shared to collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team, as everyone can view & edit CRM information directly on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator profiles.

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Leadjet saves us 116+ hours per month

LimeCall brings the CRM to LinkedIn. It improves our workflow and ensures that nothing gets lost so our sales and marketing teams are on the same page.


Implementing a tool used to be a nightmare, but with LimeCall (ex-Leadjet), everything is seamless, easy, and quick.

Read the Case Study

Implementing a tool used to be a nightmare, but with LimeCall (ex-Leadjet), everything is seamless, easy, and quick

Read the Case Study

Add & enrich contacts from anywhere in the web

Your CRM on top of your browser. No tab-switching.
Surfe makes it easy to enter and sync prsopect’s info to the CRM from the on-the-fly side panel.

Spend less time managing leads & more time actually selling

Eliminate and facilitate time-consuming, repetitive sales and relationship work with Leadjet.

Before LimeCall

  • Wasted time for CRM data entry
  • CRM updates take forever
  • Loss of productivity when switching tabs
  • Double contacting hurts
  • Tracking of LinkedIn activity is difficult
  • Human errors happen and lead to incorrect data
  • Notes are everywhere but not in one place

After LimeCall

  • Add prospects & autofill CRM fields in 1-click
  • Update clients data & contact info in 1-click
  • Have your CRM embedded in LinkedIn & edit from there
  • See the history with prospects directly on their LinkedIn profiles
  • Instant sync of LinkedIn interactions with the CRM
  • Get warnings about data integrity issues
  • Every note is stored on the LI profile and synced with the CRM

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