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Voice AI

LimeCall enables you to generate multi-turn conversations from scratch and kickstart your customer support efforts with a voice AI system.


Omnichannel programmable calling

Make calls instantly or program different scenarios quickly with our voice AI feature. Program your cross-channel messaging within our dashboard


Create support tickets

Automatically create support tickets right from our ticketing and chat system. LimeCall enables your customer service teams to provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage their other support channels


Dynamic conversational flows

Create complex series of questions to find the information you’re looking for. With LimeCall, you can generate dynamic multi-turn conversations from scratch

Designed to scale

LimeCall’s voice AI system is designed to scale. Our platform enables you to scale your AI efforts and dynamically generate the appropriate conversation


Get better results with LimeCall


Improve caller engagement

Double your caller engagement by keeping a closer eye on your calls


Convert more callers

Increase your sales reps’ conversion rates when calling your prospects


Increase your reps’ efficiency

Boost your efficiency and never miss a single call

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