Scalable Voice API

Reach customers across the world connect with them in a meaningful way using a simple voice API


Reduce operational costs

Switch from legacy call routing systems to a cloud-based voice API. Install our API in a couple of clicks and start calling


Connect with phone operators across the globe

Our strong operator network enables you to connect with clients across the world by bridging your calls so you don’t lose clarity


Automate your call flows

LimeCall’s voice API offers you a call automation feature that’s meant to simplify your user experience. That means it’s super easy to configure and set up.

Delight your customers

Call the right customers at the right time using our conditional routing options. LimeCall helps you enhance your customer experience and build your brand image


Get better results with LimeCall


Improve caller engagement

Double your caller engagement by keeping a closer eye on your calls


Convert more callers

Increase your sales reps’ conversion rates when calling your prospects


Increase your reps’ efficiency

Boost your efficiency and never miss a single call

Discover more features

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