A Voice of Customer Solution

What it is, why you should use it, and how to implement it

What is Voice of Customer?

A Voice of Customer solution, sometimes referred to as "VoC," involves the process of collecting insights into customers’ wants and needs through their own words.

It enables you to understand the customer experience that you are delivering and it is a
critical component to driving organizational efforts to bring value to customers. In a nutshell,
VoC is listening to your customers. It began as a way to link customer needs to performance
measures in Japanese product development, but currently, it’s a popular method of market
research and customer feedback collection for top performing companies in many verticals.

why does voice of customer research matter?

In a society where consumers are more invested in the products and services that they use, it’s
clear that giving your customers a voice is key for surviving in fast-paced markets and keeping
a competitive advantage.

Following the standards set by Lean Six Sigma, Voice of Customer research has three main

  • To figure out what customers care about
  • To set priorities and goals consistent with the needs of your customers
  • To determine what customer needs you can profitably meet
why does voice of customer research matter?

By conducting Voice of Customer research, you can ask the right question to understand the
customer journey, which helps drive customer-centric organizational change. In terms of your
digital channels, analytics may be telling you what is happening on your website or in your
conversion funnels, but your customer’s voice helps you understand why. By asking your
customers, you can build better products, deliver better services, and improve your customer
experience to adapt to your customer’s evolving needs and foster loyalty.

Improve User Experience
Save Time and Resources
Increase Conversions
Drive Organizational Change

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how to build an effective voice of customer program

The key to building an effective VoC program is to gather customer insights across multiple
touchpoints to make your data actionable. The Voice of the Customer can be captured through
various methods: surveys, emails, chat transcripts, phone calls, social media interactions, etc.
The insights collected can be further translated into clear business objectives that will help
bridge the gap between customer expectations and the organization’s offerings.

  • Ask

    Gather feedback across all the important touch points in the customer or user journey, across websites, mobile apps, emails, or in-store.

  • Analyze

    After collection of the data, the key insights will show you where to take action. You can analyze the data across dates, ratings, labels, to draw conclusions and act.

  • Act

    Turn your Voice of Customer insights into actions that improve your customer’s journey, and truly drive organizational change towards customer-centricity.

What is Customer-Centricity?

It's all about putting your customers at the heart of your digital strategy

A customer-centric organization is driven by the input received from customers, what they need and what they want. You collect user insights and subsequently put them to use, by designing delightful experiences. Such efforts improve customer loyalty and healthy customer relationships over time. This customer-centric approach brings in loyalty, which decreases costs in customer acquisition and product development. Also, understanding how customers use your products and services allows you to prioritize features in a cost-effective way. The risk of making expensive mistakes decreases, while you achieve a competitive edge. An organization doesn’t become customer-centric in one big jump: it’s a journey with different stages of maturity, and it all starts with a strong Voice of Customer program.

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Transforming the Voice of the Customer

How to execute a VoC program that is customer-centric and actionable.

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Transforming the Voice of the Customer

How to execute a VoC program that is customer-centric and actionable.

Download it now
Transforming the Voice of the Customer

How to execute a VoC program that is customer-centric and actionable.

Download it now

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