5 Tips to Ensure You’re Closing Deals in 2021

Team LimeCall

November 3, 2021
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Closing deals is a sales-related term. Usually, a salesperson communicates some conditions with a customer for selling something. The customer finally chooses that he wants to buy any specific product. This phenomenon is closing deals. There are very few chances that you don’t have to communicate before closing deals. Thus a salesperson must let a customer know about the terms of the agreement.

Closing a contract is difficult, especially for a beginner without skills. One of the main reasons is people will be more likely to reject the deal. It doesn’t need to be a big deal (like property). It will also be related to small sales like (clothing, accessories, devices). Then you have to give a little push to customers.

They can buy products that’s what they came for, sometimes you don’t need to communicate. You have to tell them about the product. They will only ask if they are buying something first. That is one of the reasons why expensive brands hire a salesperson. The happiness of dealing with customers must be thrilling for sales representatives. This satisfaction leads these employees to work with more passion.

There are specific tasks and targets that a salesperson must have to complete. In short, to present their best results in sales. Also, to use different strategies to fulfill their functions. Closing deals with a customer becomes more difficult. When he is not interested or does not want to buy the product, you can only tell if he wants to buy it or not by his gestures.

If the customer does not want to buy, their body language will be more resistant. In general, they don’t want to spend their money on a specific product. And if they’re going to buy something, they will listen to what you have to say. Probably close a deal with you. The primary key is the customer’s attention. You can tell if they are willing to buy or not.

What You Need to Know About Closing Deals?

If you think your deal is becoming more challenging to close, that is, if your customer is not going to make a purchase. No matter what you said, it would help if you tried a close before finalizing a closing. For example, you can ask questions like “what do you think about our product?”.

A customer who is not willing to make a purchase will immediately present an objection. And if you try to remove this objection. They will try to say another offending comment and possibly with more complaints. Keep in mind that these gestures show that your customer is not interested in your product. After negotiating all descriptions, if they don’t want to buy, they will leave.

Suppose you have removed all of the objections. Now you can ask another question to proceed further to close a deal. It depends on what terms you have negotiated with the client. This point is a vital yes or no scene in sales language. Suppose your customer cannot present more objections about the product or service. Then they will tell you if they want to buy that or not.

Suppose they don’t want to buy and have said no. It is usually not the end of your sales. You can still offer them a bargain to change their mind. You can also ask them what is stopping them from buying. And by giving suitable answers, you can make them buy your product. After all, if they still are saying no, you should leave them and ask them to come again if possible. Because maybe they will think about it later and are going to need that product. They will go again if they get some time to think about the product.

5 tips to ensure closing deals in 2021

Remove doubts

guy in doubt

If you have a person interested in your business. a customer is like a target to you. You need to make your target agree and close a deal with you. Now all you need to do is to clear their mind about the service. For example, if you are a therapist who got a client, you should tell them all the details they need to know before closing. So they must feel like, yes, I want to do this.

When you are communicating and they have made up their mind for yes, they can also get a little confused in their mind. So it is necessary to mention all the essential things before signing a contract with you. If you get a yes or you think the client is interested. Then you should move forward with a verbal agreement. If necessary, ask for a paper agreement that will close the deal.

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Time is essential


It does not always happen that you have to tell everything. It will be easier sometimes because not always the client wants a description. They want their services or things done. They will immediately say yes to what you have to offer and close a deal. But that’s not the case if the client is taking a lot of time to think. Now you have to make them realize that that time is less. In short, you need to create a sense of urgency. So that it will be helpful for you and your customer. how can you do this? You have to make some final statements. Like offering them a bargain and shortening service agreement for lower prices. And let your client decide if they want this or not.

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Don’t use the threat of competition


Sometimes business dealers mention their competitors to their clients. That is when they are in the deal-making process. Dealers say that if the client is not going to close an agreement with them. Then they are going to find someone else who is giving the same services. It is the practice that, in my thoughts, is wrong. Because when you’re negotiating the terms of agreement with your clients. You can also motivate them to choose you. For example, by giving them some strong points regarding your service. Why would they choose someone else if they like your services more? They will undoubtedly choose you.

Past reviews and feedbacks of clients

customer review

Keep in your mind that when you are negotiating the conditions with the client. And you’re telling the details regarding your services. You are going to need some feedback or reviews from past clients. You can tell them about the success story of your business. And you can say to them about how you managed to do a critical job with your experience. For example, you can also tell them about your present customers dealing with you. You also have to show them a paper agreement between you and the current client. This tip will help them to trust you.

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Never give up on a deal


You don’t need to be going to close deals with every client. It does not depend on your strategies every time. No matter what you do, what you follow. You have to accept that sometimes the client is not fit for a deal. And probably that is not in your face. But whatever happens, you need to do everything. You cannot close before a client leaves your office or business place.

What are the deal-making Tips?

“Closing the deal is not just selling, it is MOVING people from where they are to where they should be; helping them make the right choices and take action toward their financial freedom, peace of mind, and legacy.”

― Farshad Asl

Be impressive

You should always focus on your sales skills, pitch. And try to forget about everything that’s disturbing you. Because if the client feels any nervousness, they will not be able to communicate with you comfortably.

Don’t be uncomfortable

Most of the time, the customer will not be going to know about your services. They might need a specific product, and they want no communication. There are a lot of reasons behind this. You should not feel uneasy about this and keep in mind what you have to do. guide if they need guidance

Become a fan of your client’s opinion

When your customer has a statement regarding your services. And if it is not too offensive, all you have to do is accept it. Manage your emotions and lower your tone as much as you can. The More you sound generous, the more it will calm the client. By doing this, you can attract them and make your conversation going.

Listen attentively

Whenever you think the client is withdrawing themselves from the deal. All you have to do is face the conversation towards the client. Try to mention what your client likes or dislikes to gather their attention. If you have their history, it’s much better to persuade them to buy. When someone talks about their requirements, it is much easier to close a deal with them. 

Focus on necessary details

Try to ask your customer needs first, like “what are you looking for, sir?” and mention your requirements. Tell them about specific services you give according to their needs or goals. You will be able to set your tone according to their requirements too. Create a sense of satisfaction for them by telling them the necessary details. With this tip, you will be able to close deals with most of the clients. 

Take authority of the customer’s issues

Suppose your customer will be going to face a problem regarding a service. It is your responsibility to solve their problem. It is your authority to resolve the issue related to a service or product. The client also wants to know if you will solve their situation in the future or not. So it is your job to make them satisfied regarding a product. That is, they are not going to have an issue. But if they will, you are the one who is going to solve that. Also, let them know that your service or product will also be helpful to them, and you take ownership of the customer’s problem.

Take initiatives

You are going to meet some talkative people. So what these clients do is they try to distract you. Like they will ask about some different things which are not related to the deal. Also, they will interrupt you again and again. You don’t have to frustrate yourself in this case. all you have to do is ask them generously to focus on the deal. And ensure them you are going to talk once you have sorted this deal out.

This technique will let them focus on the conversation about the deal. And don’t forget to answer clients’ questions after you have closed an agreement with them.

Don’t be rude

It is great to have a great rank and position compared to your client. But behavior like I am superior to you and I know everything better than you is not good. This way will indicate your narcissistic tone, and the client is not going to like it.

Please share some important details from your opinion. For example, experts say that our company will increase its sales in 2 months”. “Instead of this try, “our company will increase its sales in two months. Do you think it will benefit you?” both sentences are the same. Still, at first, you prove that you are more educated. And in the second, you make other parties realize a fact that will be helpful for him.

Don’t take anything personally

You will meet a lot of complex clients during the sales procedure, and your communication should not be different from theirs. Try not to take it personally.

Whatever your client does, don’t forget what you have to do. You have to maintain a peaceful environment during the negotiation process. You have to avoid every lousy gesture your client gives you. Keep in mind that their behavior is not going to affect you in any way. Suppose your client is going through some hardships in his life. That is, you have to focus on your job, that’s all. You should want communication because that’s important for closing deals. You have to calm yourself. And you can complete a sale.

What are some strategies to closing deals?

Suppose you want to improve your sales. Then some of the strategies are going to be helpful to make you a good salesperson.

closing deals
Business people shaking hands together
  • You should ask your customer directly what they are looking for in a service or product. In general, be specific about their needs.
  • To sell and keep in mind that selling and closing are two wholly different things. Closing is like an agreement. And selling is like giving your services for money.
  • Try to ask them if they are going to make a decision. It will help you to decide if clients are interested or not.
  • Your client is going to make objections. Possibly present their opinions, so you have to be focused on the deal.
  • If you are selling something, it will be better if you give them something for the trial. It will make clients decide whether to purchase or not.
  • Try to be flexible in terms of payment. If your customers can’t afford something, try to give them a monthly plan.
  • Suppose your client gives you an objection that their budget does not allow them to purchase. Follow your tips and try to persuade them again.
  • Try various techniques for closing deals with your customer. you already know some. Try to learn more and try them on your client’s
  • Many salespeople give up when they face objections. Keep in mind that you have to be persistent if you want to close a deal.
  • Be optimistic about your sales techniques. If you are following the right tip, you will be able to reach your targets easily.


You have reached the end of this piece of information and read all the essential details, tricks, and techniques you need to learn to close a deal. The best way to improve your skills is to try them out next time you get a client. Try some strategies on your clients that you think will not work.

You need to be careful about what style you choose for closing deals. Be generous with your clients. Always remember they are like you. Have you heard the phrase Walk-in someone’s shoes? Yes! You need to realize what your requirements will be if you are in the client’s position. And now, all you have to do is communicate to yourself.

The type of your communication will tell everything about you. Your tone, pitch, gestures, and behavior are the main key points you need to manage. You should keep in mind that communicating on useless topics won’t help you. You need to always focus on the deal. Your time is essential for you. not just for you, and it is more important for your client. So concentrate on describing the terms of the agreement.

It would be best if you do not wait to try these tips and techniques. You need to improve your closing rates in 2021, so you need to focus on your skills and how can you do this? You have to focus on yourself and your energy. Also, you have to learn how to manage your moods and emotions. Under harsh circumstances, all you need is your inner peace. If you are calm and collected, you will be able to improve yourself and your closing skills.

, November 3, 2021, Team LimeCall

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