Make Your Quarantine Life Better With These 100 Small Best Ecommerce Brands

LimeCall Team

December 8, 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the little things in life and has evolved us to adapt to the changing realities.

Most of us have picked up new hobbies, found creative ways to stay active, and have been shopping online too. We have been shopping for big and small things alike on various ecommerce platforms. 

A trend of supporting the local has been observed among the customers who are shopping online. Keeping the ecommere explosion aside, the small businesses have seen greater sales than giant corporations.

With small brands, people aren’t always sure where to buy the brands from. 

This article showcases the best ecommerce brands that are happy seeing our support in these uncertain times. There has been an immense response from people who are interested to buy local brands. We have compiled a list of few of our favourite brands that we think you will love too. 

Table of Content

  1. Food (& Coffee, Because Coffee is a Food Group Now)
  2. Health & Outdoors
  3. Explore your creative side
  4. Beauty & Self-Pamperings
  5. Apparel & Accessories
  6. Babies, Tots & Kids Accessories
  7. Take care of your Pets (AKA Fur Babies)
  8. Home
  9. Happy Hour

100 Small Best Ecommerce Brands

1. Food (& Coffee, Because Coffee is a Food Group Now) 

1. Takeout Kit: takeout kit is an easy peasy option when you wish to cook your favourite restaurant meal at home. Be it butter chicken, pad thai or Tonkotsu Ramen. Takeout kit makes sure to send authentic, non perishable ingredients along with a recipe card, cooking tips and fresh add-ins. They also suggest the drink to be paired. The preparation needed is usually close to null, ingredients are in the right quantity and the kit is just ready to cook. 

2. Raclette Corner: Raclette is a large wheel of cheese that can be melted and scraped onto other foods. It can be scraped over bread, meat, and potatoes. The online shop sells everything that can be used to make your own raclette like cheese, Swiss meats and the cooking equipment too. 

3. Rumi Spice: rumi is like a flavor town when you literally want to spice up your home cooking. The shop sells ethically sourced spices such as saffron and wild cumin cured from Afghanistan. They deliver  to customers while catalyzing sustainable rural economic development for the citizens of Afghanistan.

4. Prevail Jerky: they are known for their clean products. They sell paleo keto and gluten free products that you will crave for. The tender texture comes from the 100% grass-fed beef and other unprocessed ingredients. The jerky unique flavors will leave you wanting for more! .

5. Frog Hollow Farm: If the thought of going to your petri dish of a grocery store petrifies you to your very core, Frog Hollow Farm has your back. Sourced from a 243-acre farm in Brentwood, California, Frog Hollow grows organic produce and creates small-batch gourmet foods, sold directly online to consumers nationwide.

6. Partners Coffee Roasters: located in Brooklyn, New York, Partners Coffee is a local roaster for small batch coffees. They begin in 2012 with a commitment to securing and roasting quality coffee. They have a partnership with farmers, producers, baristas, roasters, businesses, and guests that help them nurture a shared coffee culture and experience.

7. The Baconer: bacons are everyone’s favourite and you deserve a treat after a rough week. The baconer is owned and run by a family. They specialize in responsibly-made artisanal bacon in chef-driven flavors and hard-to-find cuts.

Like many other small-but-mighty family-owned businesses, they are committed to deliver products wherever needed. 

8. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit: bacons are incomplete without a biscuit. Isn’t it? Callie’s Biscuits specialize in shipping and  frozen biscuits, jams, and pimento cheese and deliver them straight to your door. They have a wide range of flavours ranging from savory to sweet, and you can order biscuits in bulk. 

9. Cold Brew Club: are you also experiencing cold brew withdrawal like many of us working from home, then you surely need cold brew club’s coffee. Cold Brew Club is owned by employees and is a business that delivers cold brew to your door. Check out their subscription plans.

10. Mikey’s: If Hot Pockets had a glow-up, they would be named Mickey’s. Their products are allergen free and have recognizable ingredients. They make pizza pockets, breakfast burritos, tortillas, and english muffins; all out of clean ingredients. 

11. Old Salt Merchants: Old Salt Merchants is owned and operated by woman.  The company is anchored in Berkeley, California. These women are motivated by their passion for food and a mission to develop people’s palates by providing a unique collection gourmet salts, sugars, and healthy teas. They offer Sriracha Sea Salt, Matcha Tea Salt, Dark Coca Sugar and Wild Blueberry.

12. Colonna Coffee: Colonna are great coffee makers, making coffee by roasting and shipping around the world. You can reach them for freshly roasted beans, fully-recyclable Nespresso compatible capsules. So when you want good coffee that’s good for the environment too, reach out to Colonna coffee. 

13. True Citrus: True Citrus is dedicated to helping people since 30 years now. They believe in a healthy, happy and true lifestyle. Offering delicious water enhancers and drink mixes made with simple, non-GMO ingredients makes their brand unique. They also sell real citrus juices and oils with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors. 

14. Plum Deluxe:  Plum Deluxe are organic loose leaf tea creators. They have cheerful tea accessories, hand-blended fresh with care in Portland, Oregon. What makes them different from your typical online tea company is that they’re a community, and their mission is to help you create moments that mean something. Hi five to that mission! 

15. Bobagreen: This bubble tea shop owner in Chinatown, Boston will make you obsessed with their bubble tea. Share it with your team over Slack as they need their Bubble Tea fix too. 

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2. Health & Outdoors 

1. Bombtech Golf: Golfing while social distancing? Is that true? Yes, you can actually golf while social distancing. Bombtech Golf creates high-performing, beautifully-designed golf clubs that they guarantee will outperform what you already own. 

2. Sunburst Fitness: missing the gym, aren’t you? Sunburst Fitness Supply provide competitive prices on fitness equipment on the online retail market. They have a lineup of CorePump machines that is perfect for those looking to get a full gym workout in a small space.

3. Brazyn Life: Brazyn are known for their innovative and portable fitness mobility tools, including the world’s most portable foam roller, The Morph. The roller collapses flat for easy storage to be carried in bags and also takes up less space at home.

4. Armpocket: if you are also thinking of going out for a walk or run outside, you need an armpocket. It is an eco-friendly, yet durable, fitness armband to carry your phone, ID, keys, and more when you’re out for a jog.

5. Runners Edge: You’ll probably need some new kicks for all those runs you’re going on now (or if you’re me, you ruined your only workout sneakers on a muddy hike). Runners Edge sells tons of name brand sneakers at competitive prices.

6. Booty Band Co.: Booty band and fitness accessory is a leading company offering a range of products that can easily be used at home  or while going out too. They make resistance bands that can be used for pilates, barre, bootcamp, and more, as well as a great substitution when you don’t have free weights handy.

7. Double Under Wonder: reach out for these custom speed ropes if you are a workout enthusiast or an athlete. The ropes are cut to fit your height, designed to fit your style, and are always ready for a workout. These are portable, and easy to use at home for a easy workout. 

8. Stack45: Stack45 is UK based and are known for making weightlifting gear and accessories, with some of their inventory shipping internationally. Their wrist wraps, lifting belts, grips, and sleeves are durable and supportive, and will get you through your at-home lifting sessions.

9. Basin + Bend: they are a fly fishing and hunting retailer that leverages e commerce for the conservation of the fish that pull, the animals they pursue, and the wild places they inhabit. Giving back a portion of profits is no longer enough. They believe in putting Conservation First™, so they donate 2% of the price of your purchase to a different quarterly conservation non-profit.

3. Explore your creative side

1. The Crafty Jackalope: For those of you who love their grandmas and wish to knit like them, The Crafty Jackalope is an online shop offering knit kits (yarn & pattern), knitting patterns, accessories, knitting needles and crochet hooks. This is a one-stop-shop for all your knitting needs. 

2. Orange Street Paper: Orange Street Paper Co. creates and designs original notebooks, pen sets, gift wrap, greeting cards and art prints. While staying connected to people is difficult, and it has all come to meeting on Zoom meetings with friends and family, you might love taking notes.

Orange Street Paper is known for their excellent paper products, which will help you create the most adorable notes and letters.

3. Woodpeckers Crafts: Woodpeckers Crafts believe in and are passionate about the potential for wood to fuel creativity. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner crafter or professional artisan, they have a little something for everyone. Their products work the best if you are doing a craft with your kids or a full furniture makeover. You can probably find something at Woodpeckers for kids and adults alike. 

4. Fairy Tale Yarn Co.: Fairy tale yarn is known for their quirky and whimsical dyed yarn.  You can use them when your projects need a little something extra. With their products, you can let your inner yarnie’s imagination run wild, and create some colorful pieces to remind you of rainbows and unicorns during this difficult time.

5. Shine in All Shades: heard of people turning to adult coloring books to cope with anxiety? Well, lot of us are struggling with it right now. Shine In All Shades Empowerment Coloring Book + Accessories are designed for self-care and to celebrate diversity through positive affirmations and quotes famously said by women of color. Their pages are filled with amazing hand-drawn illustrations that shine a light on the full spectrum of the diaspora.

6. Cute Root: are you also fond of indulging in letter writing? Being stuck at home has triggered the passion of letter writing for many of us. Cute Root offers adrable punny cards that are perfect for sending a note to a friend to let them know you’re thinking about them. The uniqueness; each card is made from recycled paper pulp and non-invasive seeds. So after your card is read, the recipient can plant it and watch it bloom into flowers or herbs! I am buying one right away! 

7. Promptly Journals: there can be no better time to start writing a journal. Promptly offers handwritten and digital journals for you to write your story the way you want. At Promptly, they believe in the power of writing to bring healing, peace, and clarity to our lives. Their journals enable you to express your thoughts, process feelings, and record the memories of these unprecedented times that you will cherish in later future. 

8. Macdaddy Music: if you find comfort in listening to, creating, and playing music, Macdaddy is the platform for you. They sell guitar and bass equipment, specializing in effects, pickups, electronics and amplifiers.

9. Terra Create: Getting your teen off the internet can be challenging, and if you are brave enough, try these craft kits, specifically designed for tweens and teens.

These kits are designed to make crafting approachable and fun while building their craftsmanship and confidence to upgrade them from novice to expert makers.

10. Mountain Crest Gardens: Flex that green thumb and check out the ultimate succulent store, based in California. Mountain Crest Gardens grows and sells over 700 varieties of succulents, and ships to all 50 states. You might love them enough to keep all varieties in your workplace or home. 

11. Crafty Croc: why refrain from living a bright life? Crafty Croc has everything you need to live a brighter life, including watercolor brush pens, paint markers, adult coloring books, and printables. They are hosting Stay at Home art and lettering classes too. Crafty Croc is not just a product; it is an experience as a whole. 

12. Paint By Numbers Online: Find paint by number kits for every skill level, from children to Van Gogh himself. Mindfulness is linked to therapeutic activities like painting, and a kit makes it much less intimidating when you get started.

4. Beauty & Self-Pamperings 

1. Cait + Co: Cait + Co offer great bath bombs that might be mistaken for something to eat; although you shouldn’t! They have handmade bath and body products that bring joy, help you stay fresh throughout the day and radiate your beauty. Their products are made in the USA and 5% of proceeds are donated to The Lovin’ Soap Project!

2. Solitude Soapworks: Located in the socially-distanced Adirondack Mountains, they create small-batch, artisan soaps and body products that are handcrafted. Their products smell amazing and leave your skin feeling silky. As personal hygiene is utmost important right now, they are being generous to their customers by leveling prices and offering discounts, to make their products as accessible as possible. 

3. Bomba Curls: another pearl in the hair care category is Bomba Curls. They are all about freedom to curl. They believe that haircare should be clean and green for healthy hair.Their products are made using premium, natural and certified organic ingredients for strong, healthy bombshell curls.

4. Stone Field Shaving Co.: Stone Field Shaving Co. is a small, Canadian-based online store offering specialized wet shaving products. They sell  razors, brushes, shave creams, shave soaps, aftershaves, and more, to leave you looking like a suave Canadian lumberjack.

5. Chella: Chella, a cosmetic company focused on brows and eyes, is focused to give you beautiful eyes. They are based in Southern California and are dedicated to deliver products that help you enhance the beauty of your eyes. They believe that women can be empowered through beauty and that is the source of inspiration behind the brand. Their “How to Brow in 3 Easy Steps” is what differentiates them in the market and makes them the go-to brand for all things brows.

6. Waxing Kara: Waxing Kara is an organic product that grew from Kara’s work as an artist when she painted with beeswax, into a line of delicious natural foods and skin-loving bath and beauty goods. She has a 40 acres land that is filled with wildflowers. The only mission; nurturing the local bee population.

7. Freedom Natural Deodorant: Deodrants can be a part of your routine even when you are social distancing. Freedom Natural Deodorant’s have an award-winning formula that contains no toxins or skin irritants and is 100% natural. Featuring luxury essential oil scent blends such as lavender, citrus, bergamot mint, coconut vanilla, and sensitive unscented.

8. PureBody Nantucket: PureBody Nantucket are all set to give you a spa at home. Their sa packages can help you achieve maximum zen at home. They offer plant-based, organic skincare products, handmade on Nantucket Island, that blend quality ingredients with a little luxury.

9. Leafwell Botanicals: Leafwell Botanicals, a US-based company focused on manufacturing premium hemp and CBD-infused products. Their tinctures are made using organic MCT oil, their organically-grown hemp extracts, and organic oils. Their beauty line includes an oil-based body cream that makes an excellent moisturizer and all products are batch made from scratch using all-natural ingredients.

5. Apparel & Accessories 

1. Roanline: Roanline is an online marketplace for the best outfits and gears to wear outdoors. What if you are stuck at home; you can still look like you are going outside. Roanline partners with brands that demonstrate a meaningful commitment to environmental and social responsibility in both the products they make and the actions they take. Our experience is that their clothes are just the right balance between comfort and complete look for your work from home set up. 

2. Catch Some Air: they are probably the happiest clothing brand that you will ever know. You can use their clothes all time. With the funds, they help cancer kids stay happy when they feel crappy. The story is a heartwarming one about the two sister founders going through cancer and using their hours in the hospital to create happy t-shirts, which in turn, made other kids happy!

3. Andie Swim: for days when we will be able to visit the beach again, you will want a cute swimsuit. Andie is a swimwear brand that sells timeless suits to women who believe in simple clothing. Their digital fitting room experience and their team of Fit Experts are ready to step in when you can’t (or don’t want to) be in a store trying on.

4. Fresh Clean Tees: how about a perfect work-from-home uniform? Fresh clean tees are for guys who want to be comfortable in their uniform. This is a men’s basic apparel brand providing guys with super soft, comfortable, stylish and affordable tee shirts, hoodies and more.

5. Gale & Hayes: Gale and Hayes make unique, hand crafted accessories for women. There are handbags, unique denim jackets etc. They are specialised in making 100% USA vegetable-tanned leather. They have designed each piece in their New England studio. They boast of their individuality, slow fashion and the artisan’s touch that the industry lacks today.

6. CŌYA: The brand in made in Athens, Greece for playful colors, lavish delicate materials for women. The looks are elegant, confident and give a touch of whimsy. 

7. Tupelo Honey Maternity: This brand sells maternity clothing. They are stylish, comfortable for pregnant women. They are going to keep your pregnancy days peppy. 

8. Meer: Meer is a comfort provider. We are sure you cannot keep through work-from-home days with an uncomfortable bra. Meer Bras are made to provide the ultimate support and comfort without the uneasy underwire. Meer is designed by engineers and made with 100%, post-consumer plastic water bottles.

9. Socks n Socks: Socks are a fashion statement too. This fashion statement does not stop even if you are stuck inside. This brand was started by a brother duo who had all kinds of fancy design ideas. Their socks are cute and fun to lure you to buy them all. With this Atlanta based socks makers, you need not wear boring socks ever as they sell all over the globe. 

10. Johnnie-O: Johnnie-O is about combining East Coast tradition with Midwest grit & West Coast casual for apparels. They design polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, outerwear, and hats that will look great for any occasion at any coast. 

11. Hello Curve: Hello Curve is a brand for plus size clothing. They sell online from sunny Singapore since 2015. There is a lack of chick fashion for people in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and worldwide in general. And that is what Hello Curve tries to overcome. They provide trendy plus size clothes including dresses, blouses, denim, jackets, swimwear and more for plus size women, shipping free to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, and USA with a purchase of ~$70 or more.

12. Sara Patino Jewelry: Jewellery finds its own fan following and taste amongst women. Sara Patino Jewelry makes modern collection of jewellery. Situated in St. Louis, MO, Sara Patino makes jewellery with recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Sophisticated and modern in style, it’s jewelry that is equally beautiful as it is responsible.

13. Twine & Twig: another jewellery company, Twine & Twig was founded by two sisters in Charlotte, NC. They design and handcrafted pieces with naturally-sourced materials from around the world to make the perfect unique statement piece.

14. Boldbody Apparel: Boldbody Apparel is a pioneer for premium activewear designed to help you live your life out loud. Their clothing is light and comfortable to give you the ease and confidence to workout without hassles. 

15. Weekend Offender: The Weekend Offender team offer an innovative collection of an ever growing style statement for apparels. They are inspired by the forever increasing brand profile and presence within the fashion industry. Their designs are a culmination of style, functionality and quirkiness, with a primary focus on quality that stays true to their brand philosophy: no-nonsense, functional clothes with an insubordinate twist.

16. Spoonful Apparel: Spoonful Apparel are known for creating apparel with inspiring messages and donate 50% to organizations that work to end childhood hunger in the United States. What is even more amazing is that they show how many meals your purchase will provide on their product page. When the world is trying to do all good, this brand does it all, checking all the boxes.

17. Ruby Lane Boutique: with spring is in full swing; Ruby Lane is offering free-spirited, feminine and creative pieces that make me want to frolic through a meadow in a straw hat (in a good way).

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6. Babies, Tots & Kids Accessories

1. Bazzle Baby: Bazzle Baby is a baby accessories brand owned and operated by women in Jacksonville, Florida. Bazzle Baby were the first in the US market to make bandana drool bibs. They have expanded their line into products that make parents’ lives a little bit easier; and that is what we would be appreciating these days.

2. Morgan & Milo: aren’t baby shoes the cutest things to have? they are the sweetest inanimate objects on the earth. Morgan & Milo are making these objects available to all mothers. With their shoes designed for kids, they make sure of comfort without sacrificing style, using modern twists on timeless, classic designs with a sneaker bottom for extra comfort.

3. Zutano: Zutano makes stay-on baby booties, baby clothing, and accessories from premier fabrics such as organic cotton and their signature Cozie Fleece. The booties are the softest and we are sure your babies will love them. 

4. Geyer Instructional Products: If the lockdown has made you a full-time homeschool teacher, this brand is for you. Geyer sells K-12 school supplies, including math, science, robotics, and general supplies. They specialise in making workbooks, learning resources, and hands-on activities that can make home learning a little easier.

5. Smiling Tree Toys: Smiling Tree Toys are the fun-loving, tree-hugging wooden toy makers! The owners, Justin and Kathleen design and handcraft keepsake wooden toys in their red barn wood shop on the Minnesota prairie.  They design everything from name puzzles to alphabet blocks to wood teethers and more. All products are made with love by their team of four using sustainable woods and an organic finish. What’s more? They plant a tree for every toy they sell.

6. Ezpz: Feeding your baby can be quite a task. Their goal is to be the innovation leader in thoughtfully designed feeding gear for babies. The products are created to help babies and toddlers learn their developmental milestones. Buy their products to make family mealtime less  mess and more fun. They can’t guarantee that your kid won’t end up with spaghetti in her hair, but they can try. 

7. Peejamas: Peejamas are the perfect sustainable and affordable alternative to disposable diapers. These are designed to help parents and kids fulfill their potty training and ongoing bedwetting. We must mention that with their new e commerce tactics, they generated $100,000 in revenue over the course of 7 months. 

8. Little Adventures: Childhood is all about aventures. Little Adventures is for your little ones to jump into the world of make believe simply by changing their clothes. They make dress ups for kids that are washable, comfortable and easy to get on and off. They are made with high quality fabrics that last for years to come, and honestly if they came in adult sizes I would wear them to work all the time.

9. Bear & Company: Bear & Company have build their brand on the traditional Build-a-Bear workshop experience to bring home outfits that comfort your kid. They make outfits that match the plush stuffed animals and their teeny tiny outfits with their forever families. This is a fun indoor activity for kiddos and adults. 

10. Juguear: they believe in a Play, laugh and grow policy. Juguear makes wooden and educational toys in their Spain-based shop. They aim at providing children with toys that will aid their development and learning while fostering imagination and creativity. 

11. Bella Luna Toys: Bella Luna Toys are specialised and committed to offering unique Waldorf, wooden and natural toys and products for children and families. They make sure that the products are safe, healthy, and encourage imaginative play. Their products are whimsical and will inspire kids and the inner kid in all of us. 

12. LAMINIFIGS: LEGO is for the older kids. LAMINIFIGS makes blocks similar to lego to step up their LEGO game. They are not affiliated with LEGO but their online store sells similar block sets that allow you to create your own large dog, cat, or gaming miniatures.

13. My Very Own House: how about a house altogether to curb your kids desire to color a house? Well, My Very Own House offers houses where they’re actually encouraged to color all over the walls. These large children’s coloring houses are constructed from eco-friendly, durable cardboard and can easily be colored in with crayons or washable markers.

7. Take care of your Pets (AKA Fur Babies) 

1. Jax & Bones: Jax & Bones is an eco-friendly company known for making luxury dog bedding and adorable and durable dog toys and accessories. The founder, Tina Nguyen wanted to create a business that would allow her to take her dog to work and cater to two of his basic needs: sleeping and playing! Jax, her dog is the beagle; the inspiration behind the company and continues to inspire her to create new bedding shapes and styles and toys for all seasons.

2. Wolf & I Co.: Wolf & I Co. is an Australian company making superior equipment for dogs. The founders are dog lovers and enjoy plenty of time with their dog. They realised the importance of equipment that stands well in the great outdoors, be tough in order to withstand the salt, sun, mud, surf and sand. They believe life should be an adventure, and they pride themselves on their robust range of products to ensure that everyone’s four-legged friend can join in on the adventure.

3. Fetching Fields: another brand caring for your pets, Fetching Fields is a brand that makes  human-grade, certified organic, plant-based wellness treats for your canine. Their products are formulated and designed for the goodest boys and girls.

4. TacoCat Creations: something for the cats too! For all you fellow crazy cat people out there, TacoCat makes cool stuff for cats and the people who love them! Catnip, catnip toys, cat beds, bow ties and collars are all a reality now. They also have human stuff like shirts, buttons, pins, magnets, stickers and more to suit your cat fantasies! 

5. PussMeow: In a world filled with cat items, PussMeow started selling just last year with the goal to find and create unique cat products for consumers who sought something other than mainstream.

6. Wild Clementine Co.: Wild Clementine Co. provides handcrafted, quality products for your and your pet’s everyday life. They have ombre-dyed rope leashes as their major product.  Their mission is to bring bright colors, quirky textiles, and artisan-made goods for pets, home, and daily use. Every item is made with love, handcrafted in Washington State. They utilize natural materials and work hard to reduce waste at every step of the process. They also donate a portion of every sale to the World Wildlife Fund.

8. Home 

1. Hygge Box: Hygge in Danish means mood of coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment which is usually achieved by staying home. This makes Hygge Box an appropriate subscription to take up during a pandemic. They send a box of curated items (including drink, snack & candle) from around the world each month so that you can stay home and be hygge.

2. Jolie Home: If you’re binge-watching HGTV while scrolling Pinterest for your next home DIY inspiration, it’s go time. Jolie paints, brushes, and complementary products are developed to make it easy to refresh your furniture and makeover your home. Paint a table, paint your walls, paint everything you own.

3. Hudson & Vine: Hudson and Vine are a little bit of everything. There is glassware,  throw pillows, storage and bedding. Hudson & Vine is an online retailer of unique and high quality home and garden products.

4. hülyahome: After spending all day craning your neck at whatever makeshift home office you’ve built, rest your head on hülyahome’s eco-friendly bed pillows. Their pillows and bed linens are made of cotton, bamboo and their unique Polar Cooling Fiber, to keep you cool and well-rested while you’re stuck at home.

5. Cancelled Plans: Though the irony of their name isn’t lost on us, we can still appreciate Cancelled Plans during this time. Their relatable scented, hand-poured candles make us feel seen, with scent names like Introvert, Do Not Disturb, and Social Anxiety. High-end design, clean burning, and vibrant pops of color, these small-batch relatable candles will have all of you saying, “sorry I can’t go out tonight, I have a date with my couch,” which will actually be true for once.

6. Neat & Navy Blue: This small home fragrance business run out of rural Iowa will leave your home sanctuary (or prison, depending on your levels of cabin fever right now) feeling fresh, clean, and renewed. Neat & Navy Blue’s candles, diffusers, and soaps come in a variety of natural scents, like Lemon & Lavender, Sage & Seasalt, Spring Farmhouse, and Sweet Clementine.

7. Memory Block: Print your memories on wood, acrylic or slate with Memory block. They make professional and personalized, and heartwarming decor or gifts. It feels more special than just hanging a framed photo, allowing you to take that gallery wall you always wanted up a notch.

8. Rumpl: Come winters, there is demand for blankets. While the weather in New England is getting cold, Rumpl is all set to create amazing blankets for both indoor and outdoor coziness. Their blankets are made with modern materials typically found in premium outdoor gear.

9. If you have a yard at your home, you can indulge in fun activities at your door. is into building some of the highest quality outdoor games on the planet. Games ranging from cornhole to giant checkers, paddles to giant Jenga are all that they have in store.  Add a few pints and you’ve got yourself a nice brewery patio vibe.

10. Lottie Murphy: Lottie is a London-based designer and illustrator. She illustrates these bright and colorful tea towels, trays, aprons, and art prints. Lottie is using her fine art background and hand-drawn style to spread cheerful products across the world.

11. Nomad Wax: Nomad Wax makes 100% soy candles and scented products that elevate your everyday experiences. They utilise the highest quality, most ethical suppliers around, and strive to use only all-natural, organic ingredients wherever possible. Vegan, phthalate-free, paraben-free, lead-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, handmade products for home + body.

12. My Ex Boyfriend: My Ex Boyfriend is a curated collection of unique furniture & gift items. If you enjoy punchy colors, sleek designs, and the occasional sarcastic joke, you’ll probably love this place. 

9. Happy Hour

1. Wine Nook: mind having a boxed wine on tap right now?  Wine Nook can help you drink Moët on your Franzie budget, and your pals during your Zoom Happy Hour will be none the wiser. 

2. Adventures in Homebrewing: if home-brewed beer is your thing, this product is your go to catch. You can buy all the supplies for home brewing at Adventures in Homebrewing. They also have products that would allow you to make your own wine or liquor, along with tons of recipes. If you can’t go out to the bar, bring the bar to you. 

3. Spirits & Spice: Spirits & Spice have the highest quality spirits, custom spice blends, amazing oils, vinegars, and wine. Each product is curated by the owner, Kim Weiss, so you can create your own craft cocktails at home.

4. Wine Shop at Home: Wine Shop at Home provides you with everything that you need to create your own wine tasting at home. So why wait to level up your date night (or drink it all by yourself). You can go for individual bottles, send a gift basket, or join their Wine Club. Get some charcuterie and go to town.

5. Fingaz Bowl: If you have roommates to play with, The Fingaz Bowl is designed specifically to play the drinking game, Fingers. If you can count, you can play. Please play responsibly.

6. Enchanted Drinks: Enchanted drinks is a range of non-alcoholic shimmer powders to alcohol gift sets. These are perfect for a virtual girls’ night or practicing some self care with a cocktail in hand. Enchanted Drinks will help you shake things up for the party. Use their mesmerizing drink products to transform your drinks into enchanting creations. 

7. EATABLE Popcorn: EATABLE are known for their gourmet popcorn infused with wines, spirits and cocktail flavors! Yes, you heard that right! Their refined snacks are made using natural ingredients, worthy of your everyday celebration. So, what is different now? Drinking at 3:30pm on a Tuesday because day and time mean nothing now! 

That is a whole lot of products from some of the best ecommerce brands.  Ranging from household to kids to adventure and even things for your pets. These products are well crafted, mostly made with organic raw materials, are tailor made for everyone’s needs and sale better than the so called famous brands. 

In an urge to support the local, our extensive list of products will give you options to buy something from these online stores in these tough times. While these brands do not market themselves in a grand way, they are greatly encouraged by the products that you buy.

Each penny earned is a token of appreciation for these small scale industries. Support the local for the betterment of the economy. 

, December 8, 2020, LimeCall Team

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Business Hours

Task Management

Capture to-dos, notes, files, and dates in seconds. Never forget a detail again.

Project Management

Organize tasks into projects to visualize your work as a board, list, or timeline.

Voice Intelligence

Calendars & Timelines

See your tasks, teammates tasks, and project timelines on a calendar.

Call Recording

Hyper Collaborative

Comments, file sharing, channels, and direct messaging come built into Flow.

Conference Call Analytics

Powerful & Flexible

Assign tasks a priority or due time, add sub-tasks, tags, and so much more.

Smart Voice Support

Beautifully Designed

Tired of dull and dreary productivity apps? Flow is simple, beautiful, and delightful.