How A Callback Software Can Capture Your Prospects’ Interest In 5 Seconds?

LimeCall Team

October 1, 2020
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If you ever wonder that your prospect capture has become a hassle, then you are doing it wrong.

Prospect capture doesn’t have to be a hassle unless you’re using the wrong tools or mediums. This is where callback software can help you ramp up your business.

In 2020, prospect capture needs to have one ultimate rule, the interest of the prospects needs to be tapped at the right time.

Because when this happens, it reflects on your sales and conversion rates. 

There are multiple mediums available that strive to tap the interest of your prospects at the right time but lose out on minor issues, but there is one solution that escapes all this and is created to manage your prospect’s attention as and when they land on your website.

Presenting to you, the solution of 2020, the ultimate tool that can efficiently capture your prospect’s interest sooner, an intelligent callback technology.

You need to get started with this solution because it can give you so much such as:

  • Larger conversion rates
  • Better sales numbers
  • Easier lead capture process
  • Better brand recognition and more

Understanding how important this solution is, we have curated this article to help brands like yours soar higher than ever with their lead generation tactics.

What will retain your attention for long here?

Let’s get you started.

What Is Callback Technology?

What annoys you the most about having to reach out to a brand?

The most common answer would be the fact that you have to either wait for a callback from them or have the brand put you on hold for long hours.

As a brand, you need to understand one major factor.

Your prospect’s interest has less than 10 seconds to be retained, ’’Sales professionals only have 5 to 10 minutes to convince prospects via cold calling’’ and this is only from one medium of communication, if you still don’t manage to cater to them at such a time no matter the communication medium you use to grasp their attention, you’re losing out on them much sooner than them being retained.

Think of it this way, as a prospect yourself a brand has caught your attention and your interest towards it is rising, but suddenly you notice that no one has contacted your from the brand nor have you been catered well, your interest is fading but not so much when suddenly you see another brand that offers the same solution you are looking.

You even notice that you can start your engagement with that brand at that very minute so what happens here, your interest has disappeared.

This is a huge loss for your brand, prospects who come to you no matter the time are the ones who are genuinely interested in your brand and if you’re not going to do anything about this, you will lose more valuable prospects.

The price of a lead matters for any brand to grow higher which is why callback technology is the solution you need.

What can call-back software do snippet

Callback technology is an easy way to engage with your prospects. It can help your prospect connect with you in less than 28 seconds and also schedule a callback according to their convenience so that you can cater to them as you like.

This image is an example of what callback systems look like.

Callback software snippet

Callback solutions are easy, they waste no time in capturing prospects’ attention. Say you want to clarify any doubts right now, all you need to do is click on the button as shown in the image below and you are connected instantly.

Limecall callback software webcall module

Or say you’re busy but are curious about the brand, you even have the option to schedule a call for the time you’re free, so in this way, no leads are being missed at any cost. 

Limecall 'leave message' module

To understand better how callback solutions function, we have curated an easy video for your understanding.

Let’s learn deeper the impact callback solutions can have on your business. 

Perks Of Using Efficient Callback Software

1. No chances of leads being missed

The callback solution lets your prospects connect with your brand in less time and also lets you schedule calls as per the prospect’s convenient time. When you have such efficient options, missing out on leads cannot take place. There are multiple callback softwares available in the market, where they have a dedicated callback solution that offers multiple features that will enhance your prospects’ assistance better.

2. Capture prospects interest at the right time

When your prospects want to speak to you at this moment, all they need to do is connect with you win a single click, in case they are busy but would like a conversation later with your brand, they even have the option to schedule it, isn’t this proof enough that callback solutions cater to prospects interest as and when they like it?

3. Exhibits better prospects experience

Your prospect’s interest isn’t retained for long, and if you fail to tap their interest, you could lose out on them. Luckily for you, there is an option with callback solutions where catering to leads takes place much quicker and holds no time wastage. 

4. Connecting with leads becomes easy

With our callback software, Limecall, all you need to do is click a button and you get instantly connected to the brand, it is this simple of investing in such a solution. The communication is quicker and the interest of the prospect will continue to grow furthermore.

5. Lesser waiting time

If you want to get on a call you will be connected instantly, if you don’t you can always schedule a call, there is no question of waiting in long queues, or holding on to the phone for hours together which is why callback solutions are the best in such a manner. 

Callback solutions do an excellent job in capturing your prospect’s attention, let’s give you a detailed explanation on the same. 

How Callback Software Can Capture Prospects’ Interest In 5 Seconds?

Callback Software

Let’s understand this with an example:

Customer A has seen an ad on Instagram and has clicked on a link that directs him/her to your website. Customer A sees your website, explores it, and understands that maybe your solution is what he/she is looking for. Customer A sees the callback software and witnesses two options since Customer A is busy, he/she opts to schedule a meeting tomorrow at 5 pm.

Exactly at 5 pm, Customer A receives a call from your brand and the conversation begins. With constant nurturing, Customer A manages to be converted into a sales lead.

Example 2:

Customer B stumbles upon your website and is curious to explore it, he/she observes that they can get on a call immediately to be precise in less than 28 seconds, what he/she does is they get connected to the call. The conversation takes place digitally and all queries are resolved during the call. Customer B is then convinced that he/she needs to make an investment in your brand.

In both the examples, callback solutions managed to capture the interest of the prospects. There was no waiting time, no long queues, nothing that would pull away from the prospect from the brand. For this reason alone, callback softwares is considered to be the best tool to engage with prospects at the correct time. 

Let’s elaborate this further.

Now say that your prospect wants to engage with your brand and they use live chat, not many prospects are confident with the answers and the engagement the live chat service provides which makes them unsure about investing in the brand.

Similarly, if you use an email to reach out to your prospects after they showed interest in your brand, the chances of them opening your email and then reaching out to you are low because either their interest was caught by your competitor or you just caught them at the wrong time. 

Callback solutions can be placed in the right place according to your needs, we can help you in discovering the best places on your website where callback solutions can help you capture more prospects.

Best Practices For Using An Intelligent Callback Software

1. Cold emails/follow-ups

When you’re sending an email about whether to capture your prospect’s attention, to follow up, or do more than that, add a link where your prospect can immediately get on the callback solution and connect with you. When the prospect sees how easy this is, getting on a quick call wouldn’t do them harm. 

2. Support calls

At times, with the guides, case studies, and more documentation, prospects can have minor doubts, don’t let them hang on to it sooner, instead share the callback solution link so that they can connect with your team instantly. 

3. Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to get your prospect’s attention, make it even more convenient for them by adding a link so that they can immediately connect with your brand via the callback solution.

4. Pricing/converting pages

Placing a callback solution link in the pricing pages or any other page that has the potential to convert your prospects into leads can yield you better sales figures. They can click on the link, get their doubts cleared, and immediately start to invest in your solution, how easy is this?

The Bottom Line…

Callback software can push your prospect count from zero to a double-digit in minutes.

As you are now aware of what it is and how you can apply it in your business, it’s time for you to get started.

But before you head out to give it a shot, we would like to know your views on this article, and what do you think about callback software?

Which category caught your attention the most and would you like to share your opinion on the topic with us, if that’s a yes, do tweet us sooner.

, October 1, 2020, LimeCall Team

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