Top 7 customer communication best practices in 2019

LimeCall Team

August 28, 2019
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Satisfying customers in today’s competitive market is getting tough.

Even one minute mistake could allow your competitors to grab them away from you.

So what can you do to continuously deliver exceptional customer experience in 2019?

How about a guide that offers you this solution in 7 easy steps?

We have curated a simple 7 step technique which displays crucial factors that would help you in moulding your customer communication practices,  the right way.

Let’s jump right in to it.

customer communication best practices

1. Focus on selling the solution rather than your brand

You walk into a mobile store and are immediately addressed by a staff. You take his assistance to help you find a phone which caters to all your requirements. 

He successfully gets your ideal phone and begins to explain to you the benefits.

You are keenly listening to him speak when suddenly he begins to divert from the topic by speaking about the brand. He continues the conversation by stating how the brand is doing well in the market and why you should bring your friends along to buy their smartphones.

At that point, your interest soon fades away because you wanted to hear how the smartphone can benefit your daily life but instead, you got more information about the brand.

This scenario exactly replicates what your customers feel when you communicate the similar way.

You’re contacting a customer who has no idea of your solution and how it can help them.

When you convey your sales pitch to them, what matters is how your brand can help them?

Think of it in this way:

Whenever you get a call from a sales person, why do you cut in just a few seconds?

The reason is because you figured out that this is the usual cold calls.

Why does this happen?

The reason is because every time you pick up the call the purpose is more about what the brand is selling rather than what will benefit you.

If you want to sell smart in 2019, your priority should be selling what your customers benefit.

Head over to copper to view the finest sales pitch examples that would work in today’s sales market.

2. Having empathy for your customers helps to sell better

Say for instance you currently have a need and you contact someone who you think can help you. 

Yet after explaining what your seeking, that person fails to understand how your need has to be addressed. 

Would you still consider asking that person for help?

This same applies to your customers as well.

When you can’t empathize with what your customer’s actual needs are, you are simply creating an easy path for them to find their needs with your competitors.

So how can empathy help you here?

customer communication best practices_empathy

Empathy refers to a person who understands the pain points of another person. He or she will put themselves in the person’s shoes in order to fully understand what they are going through.

The key to successful customer communication is understanding what your customers’ needs are and this is exactly why you need to have empathy to make this conduct such a process.

See it in this way:

When you speak to your customers, you are providing them a solution. But when you are unaware of what their problem is, how can you be certain that your solution can help them?

It is only when you communicate and learn about their needs is when you can place your solution.

For instance:

You want to buy a house. You contact a broker and tell him all your requirements such as you need a sea facing home, a large compound space, bigger rooms and it has to be on the main road.

Since you have mentioned the detailed requirements, your broker will be able to find you your ideal home.

But if you don’t, then the situation would be like the following:

  • The broker would give you a home that you would be less contented with.
  • Since you have provided very few details/no details at all, it diverts the broker away from finding a home that you would prefer.

Empathy in sales plays a vital factor in connecting you better with your customers. With the world going digital, all that customers expect is a little human side when interacting.

Hubspot has more insights on framing better empathy for sales statements.

Here are 4 more reasons why empathy is great for your business.

3. Listen to what your customers needs are

When you listen to what your leads issues, selling your solution to them is similar to walking on smooth ice.

In 2019, the market is well aware of what their needs are. They even know about the solution that is available, so how will you frame your selling strategy accordingly?

For instance:

You are looking for a software that caters to assisting your leads in a shorter time span. You get in touch with a callback software features company that sells you this solution.

But is that enough for your modern customers?

Here is when you can step in. You understand that your customer wants a solution that can help them to assist their leads better. But why are they doing this?

The answer is obvious to increase the lead count. 

So how can you sell the solution here?

The best thing you can do here is to listen to what they have to say about lead generation. When you listen to what type of solution they require, fitting in your needs becomes easier.

For instance, in this situation, Limecall is the best solution.

Not only does it provide a callback software in less than 28 seconds, it also has additional features which saves the time and money of that customer to generate leads.

The point of successful customer communication is to stay away from all distractions and just give your 100% focus on what your customers have to say, because when you do it, this happens:

  • You have a clearer picture of their needs.
  • You understand what they are expecting from your solution.
  • What makes them not buy from your competitors who call them similarly.
  • Allows you to analyze where your solutions can be placed 

Get a better idea on how you can frame better conversations with this sample examples of sales pitch.

Recommendation: When communicating with a customer, try speaking to them in a quiet place. It could be another office room or some corner where no disturbances are there. Doing this keeps you less distracted and more focused.

4.Research about your customers to learn better about them

Kateln Bourgoin (the gurus of customer research) on audience research, ‘’Marketers who conduct audience research are 466% more successful than those who don’t.’’

Imagine it in this way:

You help brands grow their business. Your main target audience would be small businesses and people who are looking to expand and grow their business.

Now would it be ideal for you to sell your solution to a company that is already well established?

The answer is no, because why would a company that is already well established take your help?

And this is exactly why researching about your customers is vital before you even dial their number.

Research is considered as one of the best practices in customer communication because:

  • It helps you identify who your ideal target audience should be.
  • It lets you plan out how your solution can help solve their needs.
  • It gives you confidence that you can answer any of their queries.
  • It keeps you knowledgeable of what the current trend

So what does the scenario look like when you don’t conduct a good research about your customers:

  • You will sell to the wrong audience hence wasting your time on the wrong resource.
  • You will sound less experience when you are unable to answer any questions asked by the customer.
  • You will not be able to sell your solution the right way since you are not confident how it can solve your customer’s needs.

When you have a deeper research of what your customers require, selling becomes an automatic process.

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Let’s understand this with an example:

You have a meeting with the marketing manager of a well versed company. The main agenda for the meeting is to help his brand generate qualified leads.

After researching on the brand you realize that this company falls under the target audience you are looking for. You even realize that your solution can not only increase their lead count but also make the process simpler.

At the meeting, you address your solution. 

You lay out your solution in bits. First you talk about how you can help them increase their leads, second, you throw an advantage of how simpler you can make this process.

The marketing manager there is impressed because not only did you solve their lead generation problem you also helped them to conduct this process smoothly which they have been struggling with.

This was only possible because you managed to make your mark with the research you’ve conducted.

Recommendation: Conduct surveys, keep a list of all the latest trends and news happening in your field. Use LinkedIn and other social media handles where you can find more about your target audience. 

5. Personalize your sales pitches

The most common reason why customers don’t enjoy a fruitful conversation with a sales rep is because they tend to talk like a robot.

customer communication best practices_sales pitches

The common misunderstanding here is that when sales reps create a sales pitch they assume two things:

  • That the pitch applies to all customers.
  • This is the only way to speak to customers.

It’s 2019 and the sales market now doesn’t demand exceptional pitches to be conveyed, instead, it wants that ‘human’ touch when conducting customer communication.

Refrain from using your sales pitch as a medium of forming conversations, instead use it as your guide to help you be on the track during a conversation. 

To personalize sales pitches, you can conduct the following actions:

  • Understand what your customer’s pain points are.
  • Blend your solution during the conversation and make it sound genuine.
  • Have a more realistic conversation just like how you would with your colleague.
  • Ask more questions with reference to learning what your customer’s needs are.
  • Be more empathetic and warm when communicating with your customers.

Personalizing your sales pitch allows you to conduct your customer communication in a more comfortable and relaxed manner.

You allow your customers’ to open up and give you access to what their actual needs are.

When you are aware of their needs, you sell better and impact the sales numbers higher.

Want to learn more on how a personalized sales pitch? Check out this 👉 How to personalize your sales pitch 

6. Deliver exceptional customer experience

The whole point of creating exceptional customer communication is to ensure that you have the right factors to make this happen.

For instance:

  • Communicating in the right tone just like how your customer communicates allows you to build better relations and thus win them over.
  • Making your customers more relaxed and comfortable in times when they are angry or not interested to talk gives you bonus points of winning them over.
  • Asking questions to learn more about your customers’ needs gives them the assurance that you genuinely want to help them.

A good customer experience accommodates all the above pointers.

As seen above, when you constantly win over your customers, you’re not just winning a potential lead, you are shaping the way you’re doing sales.

Recommendation: Imagine how would you like your customer’s experience to be. Write down every pointer and reflect the same with your customers.

7. Prepare a summary for all your calls

You have heard of good impressions, but how can you leave a last ‘good’ impression to your customers?

The answer is by creating a summary of the call made.

Think of it in this way:

Your customer has spoken to you for the past 1 hour telling you about their needs, their aims and what they are expecting and you too, in turn, told them about how your solution can help them.

Wouldn’t it be great that before they end the call, you run them through a list of the important conversation covered?

Now you may ask why it needs to be done because either way you are going to conduct a follow up. 

Let understand better with an example.

For instance, when you create call summaries:

  • It becomes easier to conduct the next call more smoothly.
  • You showcase your client how attentive you are which puts you in their good books.


  • It ensures that you and your customers are on the right page.
  • It helps you take the next necessary action to be conducted.
Recommendation: Keeping writing down important factors during the conversation. Always keep a book and a pen closer to you.

What surprised you the most?

You were aware of the various customer communication practices being applied, but how do you feel when you have only the top 7 productive ones in your hand? Tweet to let us know.

An exceptional customer communication practice is the key to increasing your conversion rates and tapping your qualified leads faster. 

With the 7 top practices right in front of you, which one would you gladly begin to comprehend first?

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, August 28, 2019, LimeCall Team

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