Guide to Choosing the Best VoIP Provider for Your Business Needs

Team LimeCall

January 10, 2022
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VoIP is a terminology used for commercial enterprise smartphone services (VoIP provider) which lets you apply superior phone call control functions to make calls at once out of your PC or cell device.

Unlike the antique big smartphone setup, commercial enterprise VOIP is an ideal smartphone answer for small businesses. You can reduce conventional smartphone expenses while getting a cost-effective commercial enterprise smartphone system.

In this article, we can explain commercial enterprise VoIP and the way to pick out the exceptional commercial enterprise VoIP issuer in your company.

Since we needed to pick out a VoIP issuer for our personal, commercial enterprise, we can additionally proportion our contrast of the exceptional VoIP smartphone companies for small and developing businesses.

What is VoIP? And what it does?

Phone offerings began with advances primarily based on public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines, operated through local, national, or global carriers. Businesses used non-public department exchange (PBX) structures to course calls internally and externally to the PSTN.

That all modified with the appearance of the Internet, which made it feasible to ship voice alerts as facts packets. VoIP calls might be transmitted similar to an email or chat messages.

Different types:

If we begin with the idea that VoIP is vital for cutting-edge companies of all sizes, then the query will become what VoIP Services must a commercial enterprise consider. In essence, there are three varieties of VoIP services:

In-House VoIP device:

These may be located in the very massive right down to the small commercial enterprise. Large companies use them to update the older POTS PABX. In small commercial enterprises, software programs based on VoIP PBX structures hosted on something as small as a devoted laptop pc offer similar functions.

The first fundamental object is the PBX itself. The current landline connection in your present-day provider, in all likelihood a Telco, may be terminated and changed with a web connection. This can be devoted or routed through a current community connection to the Internet.   

Mobile customers. With SIP technology, clever gadgets like clever phones and pills can act as telephone extensions, best for the more extensive web page where a person usually desires to stay in touch. Mobile users do not want a Wi-Fi community to offer a non-stop connection to the PBX. You will want a SIP software program on the brand new VoIP PBX and a SIP app for the clever device.

Hosted VoIP device:

Suppose a commercial enterprise no longer needs to incur the capital fees of purchasing a complete in-residence VoIP device or possibly the Price of hiring the experts to aid one. In that case, using a hosted VoIP provider can flip capital expenditure into an operating expense. The massive threat in this situation is that if the hyperlink is misplaced, all voice communications are misplaced. An interface may be established within the corporation to ensure that inner calls can keep on if the hyperlink is going down.

Hybrid device:

Some groups are glad about the current non-VoIP device; however, they need to take advantage of VoIP’s Price and practical advantages to keep applying both. However, hybrid device customers will migrate to the overall VoIP device. For the more prominent groups, that is probably an In-residence device.

5 Steps to Follow When Choosing a VoIP Provider:

Whether your commercial enterprise is shifting to VoIP for the primary time or you’re upset with your cutting-edge company and need to save around, observe those five steps to discover a company that meets your needs.

Business communique needs:

Choosing a new provider commonly falls to the IT department. However, it’s a choice that may affect anybody in your company. To begin with the aid of using the expertise that VoIP offers, key stakeholders will want to do their jobs.

You can ask questions like:

This consists of each inbound and outbound calling. • What’s the scope of phone use that’s usual throughout your company these days? Are income groups achieving our potential with the aid of using phones or while it’s time to shut a deal? How much of your customer support operation is primarily based on clients achieving out with the aid of using the phone, even if you provide different channels like email, chat, or social media?

Reviews and consumer stories:

When downloading an app or locating a film to watch, you could increase the standard score or opinions obtained from different consumers. Similarly, while attempting to find a VoIP company, examine its opinions, testimonials, and consumer stories. 

Look for opinions from corporations that are probably much like yours in size, enterprise sector, or commercial enterprise requirements. And see if a company gives any case research demonstrating how it converted its clients’ communications infrastructures. This may be extra beneficial than a company’s score alone. Finally, ensure to head past the opinions at the company’s website online and examine those who seem on third-birthday birthday celebration sites.

Prices and price range:

Cost financial savings is probably one of the critical methods you constructed in the commercial enterprise case for shifting to VoIP. The hardware tends to be much less luxurious than conventional telephony structures. But you’ll want to analyze whether or not a company would possibly rate extra fees. Clarify from the outset whether or not your commercial enterprise tends to rely upon making or receiving a variety of inner calls, for example. Or a commercial enterprise that’s mainly home would possibly want a particular sort of plan.

Features and integrations:

Besides UC solutions, the quality VoIP company will provide several different tools, such as:

  • IVR to control the float of inbound calls (from clients calling with a carrier problem, for instance)
  • Automated attendants to offer clients ready on the preserve and replace approximately wherein they’re with inside the queue
  • Content to decorate the calling experience, whether or not it’s a song or promotional gives and carrier updates
  • Integrations that permit you to feed VoIP statistics into CRM structures to recognize your clients higher
  • Connections among VoIP calls and synthetic intelligence gear like chat

Provider guide offerings:

VoIP Offerings, in the end, should supply excessive overall performance and reliability constantly in your commercial enterprise to preserve running successfully. That being said, don’t expect all carriers to provide an equal stage of the carrier.

Talk to the corporations you’re thinking about approximately whether or not they have plans for a 24/7 guide instead of some offerings at some point of particular hours. Even if they pledge around-the-clock guidance, discover whether or not that means the usage of self-carrier gear like chat or perusing articles in an understanding base as opposed to speaking to an agent.

How to Choose the Best VoIP Service for Your Business?

Several massive corporations supply commercial enterprise VoIP offerings, and it’s an aggressive space. The abundance of alternatives and surprisingly aggressive nature of marketing makes it hard for commercial enterprise proprietors to pick the exceptional VoIP company for their commercial enterprise.

Then there are a few commercial enterprise VoIP structures that aren’t smooth to implement, transfer, or are too expensive. Let’s test our choice out of the exceptional commercial enterprise VoIP providers.

Read more about VoIP software here: Best Interactive Voice Response Softwares .


VoIP provider

Nextiva is an exceptional commercial enterprise VoIP carrier in the market. Their commercial enterprise VoIP carrier gives all of the crucial functions of a developing commercial enterprise: call routing, auto-attendant, unfastened home calling, voicemail to email and text, online fax, and more.


Nextiva provides limitless calling, unfastened wide variety porting, caller ID, call forwarding, custom greetings, preserve music, etc. Their plans also provide an unfastened neighborhood-wide variety or toll-unfastened wide variety. You could be capable of speedy setup expert-sounding welcome messages with listing and phone routing, which facilitates make your small commercial enterprise compete with the massive guys. Their help crew is extraordinarily useful from pre-income all of the manner to onboarding and setup.


Although Nextiva is great for its clients worldwide, it sometimes causes confusing interfaces. The mobile apps provided by Nextiva are buggy mobile apps. The interrogations by Nextiva are not in-depth insights. The status is only shown for contacts. Last but not least, prices are higher as compared to other providers.


Nextiva provides different packages for different needs like:

Essential: In this package, the clients are Priced billed for up to $11.95/month for each. Also, they provide unlimited calling.

Professional: In this package, the clients are Priced billed per month for up to $20.95/month for each. Also, they provide unlimited calling and conferencing for up to 40 participants.

Enterprise: In this package, the clients are Priced billed per month up to $26.95/month for each. Also, they provide unlimited calling and unlimited participants on voice & Videoconferencing.

Ultimate: In this package, the clients are Priced billed for up to $57.95/month for each. Also, they provide unlimited calling.


Highly Reliable Service: Nextiva reports a 99.999% uptime and states that the service had no reported outages in 2019 or 2020. This uptime rate is impressive, and the lack of outages indicates that Nextiva offers the performance and reliability that businesses demand. 


VoIP provider

RingCentral is another terrific commercial enterprise VoIP company. With RingCentral, you get all the usual functions you anticipate from a dependable commercial enterprise VoIP phone carrier like call forwarding, superior routing, call waiting, caller ID, preserve music, etc.


They provide smooth integrations with third-celebration offerings like Dropbox, G Suite, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Zen desk, etc. Other wonderful functions encompass online meetings, video calls, display screen sharing, conferencing, and a smooth-to-apply internet-primarily management panel.


Although the services provided by ring central are great, sometimes reports are administered too late to the owners or supervisors, and sometimes people have complained that the reports are inaccurate.


Essential: In this package, they Priced bill per month up to $15/month for each user. Also, they provide Messages, Phones. Unlimited calls within the US/Canada to their customers

Standard: In this package, they Priced bills per month up to $30/month for each user. Also, they provide Unlimited calling, Messages, Video, Phone to their customers. 

Premium: In this package, they bill up to $26.24/month for each user. Also, they provide Unlimited calling, Message, Video, Phone, Open API to their customers.

Ultimate: In this package, they Price bill up to $50/month for each user. Also, they provide Unlimited calling, Message, Video, Phone, Open API (premium plus) to their customers


We first determined RingCentral organically because they’re very widely recognized and a reasonably massive organization within the commercial enterprise VoIP space. We attempted their telephone device for numerous months, and we discovered the calls to constantly be of high quality. While their function supplying is great, their pricing is a piece at a better price unless you sign the yearly contract.(Denise.D)(overall rating-3.8)

Ooma Office Phone:

VoIP provider

Ooma is a famous commercial enterprise VOIP phone company that gives 1-800 toll unfastened phone numbers at less costly prices. You can upload a wide variety to any Ooma workplace plan. By default, they’ll pre-pick a wide variety of toll-free phones for you, however, you may have the choice to pick a brand new one.


Ooma workplace platform comes with all effective functions you might anticipate, including digital receptionist, extension dialing, music-on-preserve, clever mobile phone apps, and more. Best of all, the setup could be very smooth, and you may do it within minutes.


Clients have reported that faxing documents has limitations on page orientation and upload size. Some clients complain that voicemail to text is not included with the basic package. There are a couple of quality of life features missing such as you can text from mobile, but not from the desktop.


There are two bundles that ooma phone providers provide:

Ooma Office base price (includes a user extension, a local phone number, and unlimited calling to the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico) $19.95 Monthly per user.

Ooma Office Pro (includes all standard Ooma Office features plus Ooma Meetings, Call Recording, enhanced call blocking, Voicemail Transcriptions, and more.) $24.95 Monthly per user.


Clients are usually very happy with Ooma phone systems because they provide numerous practical features at lower rates. Customer service is very good according to customers and responsive.(Alex.k)(overall rating-4.5) 


VoIP provider

Grasshopper is a famous commercial enterprise VoIP carrier appropriate agency. They provide digital phone numbers via voice-over-net protocol (VoIP), allowing call forwarding to any number or device. The drawback is that you’ll want a phone line for outgoing calls.


They provide all of the functions you may anticipate like call waiting, forwarding, preserving music, superior routing, voicemail to email, etc. You can control it from a laptop by using your internet browser or mobile phone apps. It works with neighborhood, toll-unfastened, conceitedness numbers, and you may pick from the US, Canada, or the UK primarily based on total numbers.


Some grasshopper clients have difficulty attending calls because the grasshopper doesn’t indicate call ringing and later it shows a missed call. You also need to check voicemails on your phone because it is not visible on the desktop. Also, clients complain that transferring Voicemails is frustrating.


Solo: In this package, the Price billed per month is $29, and it is usually up to the Price billed per year is $26 per month. Numbers and Extensions provided in this package are One number/Three Extensions.

Partner: In this package, the Price billed per month is $49 per month, and it is usually up to the Price billed per year is $44 per month. Numbers and Extensions provided in this package are three number/six Extensions.

Small business: In this package, the Price billed per month is $89 per month, and it is usually up to the Price billed per year is $80 per month. Numbers and Extensions provided in this package are five number/unlimited Extensions.


Unlike other VoIP services, it does not offer an accurate unified communications system. Instead, it’s more focused on making it easy to make and manage calls through a virtual phone system. Your regular phone number is masked by a dedicated phone number ensuring your small business looks more professional. (Thomas) (overall rating-3.8)


Their carrier consists of call forwarding, routing, waiting, custom greetings and music, conferencing, etc. You also can combine your VoIP plan with famous CRM software programs like Salesforce or Zoho. Customer service and live chat are amazing, and it is simple, straightforward, and Affordable.


Although they are the best providers that provide their services at lesser rates than others, it is more reasonable. Reviews suggested that clients are happy with their services to their clients.


There are three bundles that they provide to their customers for Basic Users, the Price is $ 12.99/month/user billed monthly, and it allows Video conferencing with 10 participants. For Plus users, the prices are $ 19.99 /month/user billed monthly, and it allows Video conferencing with 25 participants. For Pro Users, the Price is $ 29.99/month/user billed monthly, and it allows Video conferencing with 100 participants.

Review: is every other famous desire amongst small commercial enterprise VoIP carrier providers. They encompass many European nations and Canada in their neighborhood. If you’re working in the one’s locations, it may be a reasonably-priced commercial enterprise VoIP carrier.




It consists of all the standard functions, including call forwarding and routing, caller ID, waiting, etc. Apart from that, additionally, they provide crew messaging and chat, convention calling, CRM integration, computerized call attendant, call recording, and more.


They provide different plans with distinct functions and limitations. Also, they need to work on history settings. Sometimes they won’t show the call history. Sometimes the app doesn’t even show the call recording history.


There are different bundles that Vonage, such as Mobile, provide. In this package, the Price is $19.99 per month/per line plus taxes & fees. Premium in this package is $29.99 per month/per line plus taxes & fees. Advanced in this package, the Price is $39.99 per month/per line plus taxes & fees.


Vonage is well-known for supplying residential VoIP, but additionally, they provide commercial enterprise VoIP offerings for small to medium-sized agencies and employer clients. They provide a wide variety of VoIP commercial enterprise verbal exchange gear. (Vonage)

Benefits of VoIP:

Following are simply a number of the advantages of the use of a commercial enterprise VoIP system:

  • You can acquire incoming calls using your computer (computing device app), VoIP smartphone sets, or even smartphones (Android / iOS).
  • Estimate the percentage of one range with numerous employees.
  • Effortlessly name duration, keep times, wait times, and ordinary usage.
  • Most commercial enterprise VoIP offerings include name forwarding, caller ID, name waiting, name routing, unlimited extensions.
  • You can use the identical commercial enterprise smartphone range everywhere you want.
  • It offers you a commercial enterprise smartphone range so that you don’t have to estimate the percentage of your private cellular phone range with clients.
  • Business VoIP gives less expensive nearby and global calling rates.
  • Popular commercial enterprise VoIP companies additionally consist of commercial enterprise SMS, faxing, group messaging, and video conferencing features.


There are sufficient motives to extrude your VoIP issuer if your modern one doesn’t provide you good features, most security, an excellent bandwidth to generate traffic, doesn’t match your budget, or isn’t reliable. Whether you choose cloud-primarily based web website hosting or onsite setup depends on your commercial enterprise. Don’t accept one which doesn’t shape your ambitions.

, January 10, 2022, Team LimeCall

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