How Leading B2B Companies Are Shifting Digital Marketing Strategies?

Team LimeCall

August 3, 2020
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‘As for February of 2020, Statista reports a 13% increase in digital marketing budget compared to August 2019 (11.8%).’

Digital marketing can uplift your business from good to great in a short time period. Utilizing the right digital marketing strategies appropriate to your business can supercharge your long-term growth.

What is the Aim of your Business?

To grow more, have an existence but above all, it is to find your valuable leads.

Previously for this to happen, multiple brands would conduct several efforts such as printing ads on newspapers, going door to door, and more.

But as we continue to evolve with the technology and also the market you are in, there is one thing which is common, the fact that you need to walk the way your prospects walk.

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In 2020, prospects don’t want to search for you with drastic measures, it needs to be easy. Your brand shouldn’t just sell well, they need to start selling smart.

To succeed in a competitive market of 2020 and the years to come, you need to make one investment in a solution that is rising since its existence, the digital market.

Digital marketing is your miracle or rather the perfect solution that can skyrocket your business growth from zero to ten with the right techniques.

In this article, we help you see the impact of such an investment on your business:

Table of Content:

1. What is digital marketing?

2. Importance of digital marketing on your business in 2020

3. Top digital marketing strategies to use in 2020

4. How the leading B2B brands are working with their digital marketing strategies?

Let’s get started.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to using the online platform to sell a brand’s products and services.

Today how are you aware that a product exists?

Is it the ad that you saw while scrolling Facebook?

Or the ad that you saw while viewing stories on Instagram?

Brands of 2020 and even of the previous years understand that you need to sell in such platforms where your prospects are present the most which in this case is the online world.

Multiple brands have gone digital not because they just want to match with their prospect’s footsteps but because they realize that this is a convenient and productive way to conduct sales and marketing tactics.

See it in this way, wouldn’t you want to invest in a solution or platform that can give you twice more results than your usual platform?

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This is true because as a brand the better investment you get the more value is being extracted.

This is exactly what digital marketing is all about.

In seconds your brand can go viral with just one post on Instagram or within a shorter time you can capture more lead attention with your latest social media posts and more. Digital marketing strategies strive to enhance lead generation and uplift brand image.

Digital marketing is ruling and it will continue to evolve with time, the question here is your B2B business walking with it?

Let’s learn more about digital marketing in depth.

Importance of Digital Marketing on your Business in 2020

1. Increase in conversion rates

‘’33% of the time of the customers is spent on social media.’’ Social media is the heartbeat of every single individual on this planet. Social media is being used to do so much, educating users about the world and above all conducting efficient selling activities. Digital marketing is highly influenced by this.

For example, now you are aware that your prospects use say for instance Instagram a lot, so what you do is, you create an account, start uploading and posting stories and posts about your product, existing prospects testimonials, and more. Now when your target audience sees all this what happens?

They will be compelled to learn more from you and have a curiosity to explore your brand better. This opportunity gives you the advantage of converting their attention to a confirmed decision of investing in you, which means your conversion rate will increase simultaneously.

2. Engagement with the right target audience

On multiple digital marketing platforms, the one thing which is common is identifying your target audience. When you are able to find them your engagement with them has more reasons and value for it to be conducted. Engagement with the target audience could be done anywhere, in your blog comments, posts, social activities, groups you’ve joined, and more.

Such platforms make it easy to reach out to your ideal audience, get engaging with them, and finally bring them closer towards your brand and the solution you offer. Assessing the target audience is often the starting point most successful digital marketing strategies.

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3. Building brand awareness and reputation

When your brand is online, it is bound to be seen by your audience, it could be done in multiple ways such using hashtags, tagging influential people, and more. Social media are a major part of brand awareness digital marketing strategies. No matter the step, your brand on social media is going to increase your brand awareness. With regular engagement with your audience, answering their queries, exhibiting your expertise, you tend to grow and maintain a good reputation online.

With this, what happens is your brand will be impacted with higher numbers of curiosity from your prospects which you can convert into a sales lead. 

4. Building prospect trust

When you’re using the online platform to grow your business, you are also exhibiting your promises, your testimonials which will help your new prospects to understand how you are as a brand and how helpful you can be to cater to the right needs of your prospects. By doing this continuously, you are opening a huge path of trust to be developed from your prospect’s end.

When this happens, sales doesn’t just become a process, it becomes an easy route to satisfy the needs of your prospects. 

5. Better revenue figures coming in

Constant online engagements, catering to multiple audiences, answering and resolving queries on a multiple scale, being active online, if all this doesn’t contribute to better revenue, what else does? 

Such performances once tracked will be evident in how the digital marketing world is making a huge difference in the lives of any type of business. 

6. Best suited for all business

You could be a small business or a big business, what matters here is digital marketing is for you. You can use it to the maximum because such online platforms investment is very low and affordable in nature. You can go on to invest in a monthly ad activity and find good results for such a low investment.

Digital marketing is flexible, the digital marketing strategies employed must be tailored for the brand and its target audience

Due to this advantage, multiple brands are turning into digital marketing tactics.

7. Cost-effective method

As stated earlier, digital marketing is not expensive. You can even go on to do free things such as you can just sign in on any of your social media handles and start posting social media posts, engaging with prospects, conducting direct messages, sharing blogs, and more for free. If you want more out of the platform, you can check out the pricing packages and what you receive from it.
Digital marketing strategies can be tweaked to suit your budget, depending on your marketing goals

8. Mobile-friendly approach

‘’Around 51% smartphone consumers discover a new brand product online while surfing.’’ If your business isn’t mobile-friendly, you are going to lose out on your potential prospects. Today everyone is depending on their smartphone to do so many things such as purchasing, selling, educating themselves about the world and more so imagine how much importance mobiles have now.

When you make your brand as presentable and easy for your prospects to view and conduct actions on it, you are bringing convenience at their fingertips which is a trait prospects would like to receive from the brand. 

9. Letting prospects take the right action

When you sell online, you are giving your prospects the opportunity to take the action to invest in you. You are putting forth their good things so that when they see it they are compelled to invest in it. 

The greatest part about digital marketing is the factor that you can’t force your prospects to invest in you, you just show them the value and benefit they will receive and the rest of the work will be done by them. This is great because then you will only receive genuine buyers for your brand. 

Since you now have a better understanding of digital marketing, why don’t you start applying the best digital marketing strategies? 

Don’t worry we have you covered in this as well.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies to use in 2020

1. Have a good website

Your website will define your brand. Your website is the source for your prospects to decide whether they want to invest in your brand or not. You need to understand that your website is what will help your prospects understand your brand, retain their attention, and contact you to learn more about it.

For a successful digital marketing tactic to be conducted for your business, you need to first ensure the following is done on your website:

  • A good use of high-quality images
  • Updated testimonials of your existing prospects need to be shared
  • Good use of content needs to be used so that it’s easier to understand what your product is about
  • Value and benefit of the product needs to be exhibited
  • Write blogs and share case studies in a separate section
  • Share valuable information so that your prospects find it useful
  • Put call to actions so that your prospects can reach out to you
  • Put easy ways for your prospects to contact you quicker

2. Use SEO and good content

SEO and good content go in hand to hand the reason being with good content you can impress your prospects to learn more and with SEO you can help them find this good article. SEO optimizes your content with the use of keywords and backlinks which will make it easier for your article to be found when your prospects are searching for it.

Good content is also important and that can only happen when you share valuable information that matters for your prospects. You could do research, add relevant keywords, images, backlinks, and more, and make it great. 

A good content plan is a must when looking at digital marketing strategies that showcase good results. The content must be relevant to your audience, and must be SEO optimized while maintaining readability.

To sell better with SEO and content:

  • Get your stats right
  • Use only high-level keywords
  • Use good backlinks
  • Add high-quality images
  • Keep your content short and simple to understand
  • The content should go with the flow and not feel disconnected when the prospect is reading your article

3. Make use of social media to the maximum

Social media can help you sell better. You can use Instagram stories to share more about your product, conduct ads so that you can sell better and create your brand awareness and you could also use social media posts to exhibit your product frequently. Social media will be your source to increase your prospect engagement, retain their attention, and tap their attention to learn about your product.

This is how your ultimate brand will grow with digital marketing. To sell better on social media:

  • Create a schedule 
  • Post frequently
  • Use high-quality images
  • Partner with similar peers 
  • Share your posts and ask your peers to do the same
  • Sell benefits and value more
  • Keep your information easy and simple to understand

4. Integrate your digital marketing efforts

Another factor you need to consider is integrating your digital marketing efforts. For instance, you could tell on social media about your product and add a link which can guide your prospects to view your website. You can do this for many other activities such as if your prospects read your blogs you can share your social media links for them to understand you better.

All of this can contribute to exhibiting your multiple digital marketing efforts better.

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Now that we have covered the strategies as well you are ready to start your digital marketing efforts sooner. But before you head out, there is one thing you can do to enhance your digital marketing efforts better.

How would an example of your B2B peer’s digital marketing strategies help?

How the Leading B2B brands are working with their Digital Marketing Strategies?

1. Saastr

Saastr replaced the idea of not having a live event to a fully remote live event. They held a remote summit on April 22 where multiple great minds of Saas were present. Saastr didn’t let any COVID- 19 issues to eliminate the need to connect with like minds. One of the early digital marketing strategies to adapt to changing environments.

2. SBA Funding

SBA Funding made a choice to go with conversational marketing. They had released a program called payment protection program. What they did was they moved away from just a normal conversational marketing website to a more welcoming website. They made use of a great communication platform where they allowed their customers to interact with them in concern with the program where issues and inquiries were resolved.

The result of this action, they saw an increase in their website conversions of up to 6x more.

3. Samsara

Digital Marketing Strategies

Samsara made use of content to grasp its prospects. They wrote relevant and valuable content to help their prospects. Like for COVID-19, they wrote content related to fleet management to help their prospects understand better. 

4. Dropbox

Digital Marketing Strategies

As you are aware that Dropbox helps you store multiple information. It is a software that helps you save documents and more. What they did was they kept updating their product so that it always remains in the mind of their prospects about their new features. They updated their software in such a way that the prospects can do so much work while being remote. 

For instance, you could save zoom meetings video in Dropbox and share it with individuals who have missed out on it and more.

The Bottom Line…

Digital marketing is important and you have everything now to get started on it.

But before you head away, let’s quickly summarize what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • Digital marketing refers to using the online platform to sell a brand’s products and services.
  • Importance of digital marketing is the increase in conversions and more
  • Top digital marketing strategies to work on are better website creations, social media and more
  • We saw examples of a few B2B companies on their digital marketing strategy which were Dropbox and more

So what did you think of the article? How do you plan to conduct your digital marketing efforts?

For more such related content, do watch out for Limecall

, August 3, 2020, Team LimeCall

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