What Is Customer Engagement? The Ultimate Guide to Engage Your Customers

LimeCall Team

January 25, 2021
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‘’39% of customers think that the process of engaging with customer service organizations and getting their questions answered is getting easier. 26% say that it has gotten harder.’’

Why is there still a 26% number?

What would be the issues for the 26% of potential prospects?

The most common issue is when a sales rep isn’t as knowledgeable as you expect them to be when it comes to catering to your issues. 

As a brand you’ll be conducting multiple actions to reach out to your ideal audience such as promotions on social media, adding backlinks in blogs to guide them to your website, placing CTAs to engage with you, and more.

But despite this, if you still fail to receive more calls from your ideal audience, then the problem needs to be identified and addressed sooner.

We understand that inbound calls have grown popular over the years, when you expect a call from your prospects, these are the hot or warm leads that are considering your brand.

Imagine if you receive more such calls from such leads often?

Wouldn’t it make a difference in your lead conversion rates? In your overall sales figures?

This is why you need to start learning how to get people to call your business. 

Luckily for you, this article has everything you need to increase the inbound calls.

What to expect from this article?

Let’s get started.

Inbound Calls: What do you mean?

Inbound calls are the process of you as a sales rep receiving calls that are being made from your potential prospects. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that you have created multiple social media campaigns and have started to post the same online. In those campaigns, you have mentioned your contact details.

Adam, one of your potential prospects, stumbles upon your post and finds it interesting. What he does next sees that number you’ve listed on the post and engage with you.

When Adam engages with you, you will be aware that he is either a hot or a warm lead and his interest needs to be retained.

This is when your call actions should be conducted well:

  • The call should help Adam understand what he is looking for?
  • What are Adam’s expectations?
  • How can you help Adam to cater to his needs?
  • What is the information you will share to engage well with Adam?
  • How will you direct Adam to learn more about your brand?

All of these questions mentioned above should be catered to well because if you fail to engage with leads such as Adam, you could be missing out on such potential opportunities for your competitors.

To help you conduct the right way of doing inbound calls whilst simultaneously ensuring that your inbound calls are increasing, we have covered the top tips to help you in this journey.

Top tips to apply on how to get people to call your business

1.Ensure your contact details are placed in all your marketing actions

Increase Inbound calls :  How to get People to Call your Business

Whether you’re sending out emails to your prospects or publishing social media posts online or even adding pop-ups and more, ensure that your contact details, especially a phone number, are listed so that your prospects can engage with you at that moment.

By doing this, you’re making it easy for inbound calls to increase hence impacting your sales actions.

2. Push your CTAs to make prospects call you

When do you make use of your CTAs?

You make use of CTAs when you expect an action from your prospect’s end.

For example, say that you want your prospects to subscribe to your blogs, you will add a CTA at the end of every blog stating subscribe here. If your blogs are great, your prospect will conduct that action. 

Now imagine what happens when you ask your prospects in the CTA to get on a call or to schedule a call? 

Increase Inbound calls with powerful techniques: ( 2021 Cheat Sheet)

If your prospect’s attention was tapped from one of your blogs, they will be bound to make that call. 

3. State why prospects need to call you

Until and unless you give your prospects the real reason what they will get if they engage with you, then only can you expect your inbound calls to increase.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that you are telling your prospects that they need to contact you now if they wish for the free demo or get a 10% discount in the basic plan or that they can find out how your product can benefit them better than your competitors.

When you give your prospects a reason to call you that is when they will conduct the action. 

Increase Inbound calls :  How to get People to Call your Business

4. Create more targeted content

When you create just plain content, you can’t expect to have more prospects dialing your number. 

Increase Inbound calls with powerful techniques: ( 2021 Cheat Sheet)

Instead, if you have more targeted content on the basis of the actions and activities of the prospect, you stand a higher chance of receiving more calls.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

You have a prospect called Andy. Andy reads your blogs and always prefers to read the ones with topics related to lead generation. What your next action here would be?

You would direct more such lead generation information in the form of blogs, case studies, and more so that Andy can get a better understanding. Andy realizes then that you have great expertise in what he is searching for and gets on a call with you for the same. 

5. Showcase yourself as a subject-matter expert

‘’The most frustrating aspect of a poor customer service experience is an agent that lacks the knowledge or ability to solve the customer’s issue – according to 36% of surveyees. 31% say it is having to repeat or provide their data multiple times.’’

Another way to get your prospects to contact you more often is to create an impression in their mind that you are the right person they should engage with when it comes to catering to their needs.

They should be aware that you have the right knowledge for them to engage with you. When this happens, your inbound calls will be bound to increase higher.

You can showcase your expertise by:

  • Sharing insightful blogs or other information about your field, industry and more
  • Sharing your opinions in groups, comments, forums, and more
  • Sharing the right kinds of content online

Now that we have learned how to get people to call your business, there is one thing common that we also believe is important for you to learn individually.

While you focus on making your contact details readily available for your prospects to reach out to you, you also need to ensure that the communication channel makes it easy for the prospect to reach out to you also well.

Let’s understand this better in our next category.

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How can callback softwares be useful to increase inbound calls?

As mentioned above, you need a good communication channel that can make engagements faster and convenient between you and your prospects.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

Consider the same example as above, Adam sees your contact details only to find himself waiting for a sales rep to cater to his call. After waiting for what feels like an eternity, he realizes that he needs to be connected to another team for his query to be resolved better.

The long wait and having to hear the background music being played every minute has frustrated Adam and he decides that he has had enough and walks away. 

Who is at a loss here?

Adam will go to your competitors to fulfill his requirements but your brand and you will suffer a bad reputation and the loss of a potential lead. 

You can avoid such issues or scenarios by simply investing in a communication medium that is easy, quick, and makes connecting to the right person easily. 

Here is where callback softwares take place.

Let’s understand this solution better.

We have a callback solution called Limecall

Limecall’s communication pattern is very simple.

When you make use of Limecall, the following takes place:

  • You can install the Limecall widget on your website
  • There is an option where with a click of a button you can connect to the team you wish to engage with such as Sales or billing.
  • The calls get connected within28 seconds or less
  • Limecall has an inbuilt CRM which you can use when speaking to your prospects so that the call is more insightful
  • There is also a chat option for prospects and the reply is replied to on a priority
  • If for some reason, the prospect is short on time but still is interested in your solution – he can schedule a call for a future date and time of convenience.

Callback softwares are the modern solution that brands are on the lookout for. They help to deal with hot or warm leads, especially the ones that come to you, which require a faster communication channel to keep them engaged for long. 

Why don’t you try it out for yourself and see how it works. You can get started here

Now that you have all you need to kick start the amount of inbound calls you receive, let’s dwell on the information shared by the peers in your industry. We have covered the top ones for you. 

Expert opinion on how to increase inbound calls in 2021

Knowlarity, in one of its blogs, had shared the insights from the top experts with regards to this topic. 

1. Benjamin K. Walker

‘’Our first priority is to answer every single call that rings during business hours. If we get a voicemail from someone it means we’ve failed. No one likes to talk with the robot or punch in a bunch of numbers before they get to speak with a person so we answer every call we possibly can.

Every employee, including myself, has to answer the phone at some point during the day. After that, we are polite and ask as few questions as possible while answering all of the questions the caller has for us. There is no magic formula other than to be polite and give them what they want. It’s that simple and works for us because our close rate is very high for inbound B2B calls.’’

2. Jacob Ackerman, CTO at Skylink Data Centers

Unless requested, don’t offer to email them information – talk to them. By calling you they’ve indicated a preference for telephone communication. Respect it.

With an inbound call, you’re in a unique position because the caller wants to speak with you. Be respectful of their time but also take full advantage of the opportunity. Get to know the customer, their needs and level of knowledge. Then adjust the information you give accordingly.

The savvy customer can tell when you’re reading from a script, so unless you’re required by law to give certain disclaimers stay off the script and instead be more interactive.

Your team’s goal during the sales process should be to gather requirements, provide useful information and determine next steps. Do not waste the opportunity by just gathering name, address, email, etc. and then sending some generic email.

Remember, this is an incoming call in a day and age when phone calls are infrequent. Always classify unsolicited incoming calls as hot leads and give them your undivided attention. 9 out of 10 times they’ve already visited your website and have some idea of your offerings.’’

The Bottom Line…

‘’58% of customers say that customer service is a very important factor that affects their choice of a brand.’’

And it should be because when a brand is able to genuinely cater to prospects as and when they call, they will be bound to create a good impression of that brand.

You now have all the information required on how to get people to call your business, it’s time for you to focus on working consistently on that.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Was it helpful? Which tip will you start to apply first? We would love to hear from you.

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, January 25, 2021, LimeCall Team

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