Inbound Sales Calls: Should Your Business Really Need to Do It?

LimeCall Team

October 6, 2020
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‘’62% of salespeople who do not use inbound social selling miss their quotas’’

What can you find wrong in this statement?

As a sales rep is this the only way to miss out on your sales quota?

Multiple brands today are making use of inbound selling or rather inbound sales calls because they believe that sales that come from such a process are more efficient.

Sadly this isn’t true because when you see it close, inbound sales follow a communication pattern that has to be waited upon for you to continue further.

It’s like a $1 note that is kept on the table and whoever takes it will come to you, but what happens when you give the $1 note to the same person? 

Won’t they come to you quicker? 

Inbound sales will give you the results, it will help you find the right leads but the question is are you ready to wait for it?

The competition is increasing and if you’re not going to tap on your potential leads, your competitor will, which is why we are here to help you make the right sales actions that will win you better sales figures from this year onwards.

What to expect in this article that can help you understand why an inbound sales call center is not for you?

Table of Content

Let’s get started.

What Is Inbound Sales?

Let’s say you liked a product and you search for it online, you stumble upon a brand that sells it and visits their website, you continue to explore their brand when a team member from that brand helps you to learn better about the product.

You explore and in a few days get in touch with the team member to learn better, you are then convinced that this brand has the solution or rather the need you’ve wanted and hence you invest in the brand.

This process is called inbound sales.

It is when the prospect comes to you instead of you going to the prospect which makes it different from outbound sales.

Inbound sales grew into the picture because multiple brands felt that it would be a great way to get the prospect to come to your brand instead of them approaching them first, it would create a good impression and they will invest in their brand, but what happens is the leads that come to the brand are at the time, not your target audience.

For instance, say that your brand has seen a prospect come to you inquiring about a product, you continue to guide them to learn about your brand and after a few days, you see no trace or action of that process may be because the prospect just wanted to explore and not buy, and this has costed you wastage of time.

Time is precious for any brand and making the right use of it matters. Since you now realize the major drawback of inbound sales calls why do brands rely on it or are not able to see the drawback?

Why Have Brands Started Conducting Inbound Sales?

Inbound Sales Calls

As it is evident in the image above, inbound sales use the medium of strong and powerful content to tap prospects but with outbound sales, since the brand communicates with the prospects first, they conduct the following mediums such as cold calling and more.

Now the reason why brands opt for inbound sales is because they believe that outbound sales are not effective which is wrong,  ‘’27% of sales people say that a B2B call is still an effective first step in a well-thought-out prospecting strategy’’

Brands believe that placing content out there, conducting Google Ads is enough to get prospects’ interest diverted to the brand but what they fail to observe is that at the end of the day if you’re going to approach prospects that would be a much quicker factor to tap the leads.

The other methods of inbound sales calls are eliminated because brands can’t do it right.

Trish Agarwal, an MBA student stated about outbound calls on Quora,

‘’It depends on how you’re doing it, if you’re doing it the wrong way which is mean you keep pushing the prospect and you keep being rude to him, you call him in a wrong time and if you don’t know the right techniques of how you do it than it is a waste of time, because you’re not going to get any results. A lot of people say that it doesn’t worth it, simply because they don’t know how to do it, and it’s easy to dismiss the whole tactic after failure, but if you learn how to do it correctly, and if you master the technique it’s going to be worth it definitely.’’

Inbound sales might seem easy and efficient but it doesn’t it can make you use thrice your effort in lead generation when it is not required as much in the first place itself, to help you get more clarity, let’s move ahead to the understanding the drawbacks inbound sales call center can hold on your brand.

Why Investing In Inbound Sales Is A Big NO In 2020?

1. The sales process is longer

Inbound sales are using the form of content to tap the attention of prospects, which means this is a longer lead generation process. You need to conduct your research, create content, then post it accordingly and then get the leads, and finally view the results to enhance it. It is going to take time and for the leads to spot your content, consider and then come to you is another lengthy process.

2. Requires a long term commitment

If you’re going to use content to grow, you need to understand that this is a long term commitment that is required from your end. If you are going to start today, you need to understand that it is going to take time for the prospect to read your content, continue to follow and read it and then take the call to engage or invest in you.

3. Need to hire more staff

You can’t just get started on content just like that, for inbound sales to be successful you require more team members to conduct the process you need someone who can create good content, who can create campaigns better, who is great in research and more. All of this will cost you more investment.

4. Taping prospects is slower

Your prospects will only reach you when they have read your content or are curious to learn about you and for that to happen, they need to start trusting you and develop a bond with your content and then only will they come to you and you can guide them further. 

5. The trust factor is poor

On the basis of one content, your prospect will not decide that your brand is the perfect solution to invest in, they need to be convinced with multiple contents that they read or subscribe for, and then only can the trust be built to speak to you. 

The Bottom Line…

Inbound sales call for a brand that depends on lead generation activities the most isn’t fruitful.

For the modern market, the faster you capture your prospects the better are your chances of growing successful and beating the competition and the information stated above is proof of that. 

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Before you head away, let’s quickly summarize what we’ve covered to help you get started:

  • We understood the meaning of what inbound sales calls is all about
  • We saw reasons why your peers decided to invest in the inbound sales calls tactics
  • We viewed the top sins of inbound sales calls and analyzed why it won’t work for you

So tell us, what did you like in this article? Is there something you would like to add on the topic or share your opinion on the same? We would love to hear from you, all you need to do is tweet us and we are all ears. 

, October 6, 2020, LimeCall Team

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