How to Incorporate Conversational Marketing Into Your Content?

LimeCall Team

August 12, 2020
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Conversational marketing will skyrocket your business 3x more than you ever imagined.

In 2020, selling to prospects has moved away from just live chat or forms, you now require an ultimate solution that will help make your prospects come to you.

The reason they should come to you is because they are aware that if any brand can solve their queries sooner, that brand should be yours.

And this can only happen when conversational marketing presence is evident in your brand.

Did you know that conversational marketing can also play a role in your content and SEO efforts?

Their presence can make these two processes more efficient and effective, and luckily for you we have it covered on how you can do this.

What to expect in this article?

Let’s get started.

Meaning of ‘Conversational Marketing’

Conversational marketing is a refined way of communicating with your prospects online. It uses the medium of live chats especially chatbots to engage with your prospects. 

The process works as an automated one where when a prospect starts to engage with the communication will take place according to the prospect’s answers. 

Let’s understand this better with an example:

conversational marketing

Has it struck your memory?

This is a process that you would have encountered either on Facebook messenger or even on Instagram. 

Isn’t this easy?

Just look at the image, the message isn’t selling anything, all it showcases is that it wants to help the prospects and this is the key reason why your business will grow better. 

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Let’s understand this with another example:

So say you are right now on Facebook and you see an ad of a brand selling great clothes and jewellery. What you do is you get in touch with that brand with the communication medium listed which is mostly messaging. 

When you start to chat, you have the options listed above such as:

  • What are you looking for?
  • If you have chosen the option of finding a dress, then the choices would be ‘Are you looking for a party dress or casual wear?’

This communication will continue to go further depending on your actions. So basically if you have requested to see a dress you will find questions related to it.

How easy is this? 

Imagine the advantages you are receiving:

  • No waiting time for responses
  • No need to hear extra information which isn’t relevant to what your prospects are looking for
  • An instant way to answer and guide your prospects to their needs
  • Prospect attention is retained for longer
  • Higher chances of purchases being made

This process is important and why it should matter to you is what you will learn in our next category.

Why should your brand focus on conversational marketing?

Do you know how these top companies are staying on top always?

Take an example of the top companies who are well established, any of them, and start to observe them.

They grew so big even before the digitization was even present.

How did that happen? Even social media wasn’t much of a craze then right?

The answer is through the medium of real communications.

The process was so easy, just talking to prospects and understanding their needs and solving them. But as time grew the world of online and digital started to boom quicker. Slowly these real conversations moved to a more digitized platform.

From catering to one unique prospect, it went to capturing tons of them and throwing the same scripts to all the people. 

This is what led to the fall of multiple brands and you need to understand that this can happen to you as well. Today your prospects are not worried about what your solution is, they want you to convey the benefits of your solution in a manner that doesn’t look like you’re being sales focused. 

How many times have you contacted your prospects, only to hear the usual statements of not interested or disconnected calls and more?

You need to understand that you can achieve to remain on top always, all you need to do is get real and get human. 

Conversational marketing matters which is why you need to understand how it can shape your business for the best.

Benefits of Conversational Marketing

1. More humane experience when selling

The business world has grown to become more digitized in its engagement with its prospects but there is one thing that multiple of your prospects expects from you, human communication. Human communication has gone lost in the crowd which is why via the method of conversational marketing this communication channel needs to be brought back.

With every automated process of communication, you can engage with your prospect just like how you would if you were to speak to them face to face which adds a bonus of success in your business growth. 

2. Grasp more information about your buyers

When you know what your prospects are looking for and what they do when they engage with a chatbot, you tend to grasp a lot of information such as their behaviour patterns, what are they looking for, what are they expecting, and much more. This can help you capture such vital information and align your selling strategies accordingly.

For instance, when you realize that your prospects first would like immediate assistance to view your brand, you would walk in that direction. 

3. Convert quality leads

Conversational marketing is a great process because it lets you capture the right leads always. For instance, say if your leads are hot leads, your immediate assistance at that moment can convert their decisions into a confirmed purchase hence improving your lead count and conversion rates. 

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4. Shorter sales process

Instead of you having to conduct the longer sales process which is capturing leads and then contacting them and then nurturing them, the conversational marketing process cuts short this process for you. With the help of communication, the process can help convert your potential prospects into sales leads. 

You are aware that if you want to excel better than your competitors, you need to sell smarter and faster, and conversational marketing gives you just that. Imagine, when your prospects are looking at your website, and suddenly you start to cater to them, when your prospects find what they are looking for with your help, they would obviously want to continue investing in what you have to offer them, wouldn’t they?

5. Sales pipeline grows better

Your sales pipeline helps you determine exactly where your prospects are in the sales funnel. This is important because it helps you to take the necessary actions. Now when you practice the same process with conversational marketing, the chances of your sales pipeline tend to grow.

For instance, say you have a warm lead that still requires nurturing and when you cater to them at the right time, you are opening the opportunity for them to move from a prospect to a lead quicker. 

Now that you are aware of what conversational marketing is and why it is important we can now move ahead to help you understand how this technique can enhance your content and SEO actions.

How you can apply conversational marketing in your content and SEO tactics?

1. Adding great value to your products and services

Your products and services are what will drive more conversions to your business. The best way to do this is when you make seeking such information easier which is why conversational marketing can be helpful here. Imagine your prospect enquiring about your product feature and with just a few interactions they are able to understand it better?

Even with the service, you offer, using conversational marketing can speed up the way you cater to your prospects better. 

2. Giving 24/7 customer support

You need to always be there for your prospects whenever they need you which is why the presence of conversational marketing can help you here. You will be aware of what questions your prospects would most likely ask such as the pricing packages, the benefits, and more, you could place SEO keywords and frame content which can help your prospects to find answers quicker. 

So when your prospects are typing something and have the same relevant keywords, the chatbot can function accordingly by asking the questions relevant to that keyword. This helps resolve queries quickly and keep your prospects happier. 

3. Improve how long your prospects stay on your website

If your prospects stay for long on your website, that means that they are exploring your brand better and are under the category of having a chance of them being converted into a sales lead. With conversational marketing taking place in your content, this process can take place even better.

For instance, say that your prospect is viewing a blog about social media, you can conduct conversational marketing tactics thereby suggesting to them another blog which is similar to what they are reading, understanding that the prospect wouldn’t mind taking a look at what is interesting to them already. 

4. Enhancing customer engagement

You can make engagements better with your prospects when you’re able to cater to them well. Conversational marketing plays a better role here as it can help find options for the prospect to choose from when conversing with them. When you are aware that the prospect is inquiring about the pricing packages, your options for helping them choose the right one will be more accurate. 

5. Collecting feedback, reviews and more

With conversational marketing, you can ensure that your business is bound to grow well. When you place questions where your prospects can leave their feedback and review, that will help your brand to grow better. 

Conversational marketing is what your brand needs and as you’ve seen how it can impact your content and SEO techniques, you need to realize that it can benefit your other business factors as well which is why incorporating the right practices to get started with this technique is important.

Luckily for you, we got you covered on the same.

Best practices of conversational marketing to help you kick start this technique

1. Engage with prospects at the right time

Now that you are aware that your prospects can be engaged via this method, you need to get one thing clear. You can’t just place your chat mediums anywhere and everywhere, you need to strike only when it’s hot.

For instance, say that your prospects are scrolling through your website and they are reading your products, that would be a good time to start engaging there because your prospects are warm leads and with your immediate assistance they could learn more and you could successfully convert their decision to invest in your brand there itself. 

2. Start with a greeting

You don’t want to start with giving them options in the first, they would either be confused or ignore it. You can first start by introducing yourself and informing them that you can help them find what they are looking for, this would let them understand your purpose and engage with you better. It would be great if you introduce yourself with a name as it would add the personal touch as well.

3. Be real

Now the purpose of this action is to tell your prospects that you are a human who is interacting with them. If a prospect realizes that you are a bot, then they might just quote away because bots can’t really empathize with humans and at times even a small empathizing can build the trust of your prospects that you genuinely want to help them.

You can do various things to prove that you’re human such as creating a communication script in a manner where all the statements convey how a human would actually speak or you hire a few staff to engage with them. 

Qualified gives us an example of it:

‘’Hello there! My name is Haley (real person, not a chatbot). Let me know if you need any help if there’s anything, in particular, you are curious about, or would like to see a product demo!’’

4. Focus on hot leads

Not all the leads that will come on your website will be genuine buyers, only a few are going to be serious which is why engaging with them via such a medium would be more fruitful. A hot lead will be engrossed in what you have to offer them and will continue to learn more about your solution when you pop up to help them further, they will be compelled to engage with you.

On the other hand, a cold lead might just scroll through and walk away and these leads require minimum efforts of engagement. 

5. Helps in understanding your prospects better

This activity will work but do you know what else can this action help you in, collecting relevant data. You will have the data in the hand of how your prospects are, what they expect, how they answer, and what makes them hit the purchase button. All of this can help your brand to grow better as you are aware of the behaviours and actions of your prospects. 

Use it to learn more about your prospects so that your personalization can be enhanced even more.

6. Gets your prospects to trust you

Your prospects wouldn’t like to consider any of your actions because they feel that everything is being done for the purpose of making a sale. If you eliminate this assumption, your brand can stand a chance to capture multiple sales opportunities. All you need to do is, create pop-ups so when your prospects scroll through your website you can tell them that if they view this page they can understand better.

This will let your prospects understand that you are helping them and continue to follow your words on the same. 

7. Work around the clock

It is important that there is always someone working behind to ensure that the engagements are taking place well. Ensure that if you are not using a chatbot there is always staff present and active constantly. Working in shifts can help you cater to prospects better. 

8. Make use of bots

While human interactions are better, you can also make use of chatbots in case you are receiving multiple traffic or your representatives are less in number. This will ensure that no limitations or stoppage are present. Bots can also provide a personalized experience.

9. Focus on benefits rather than selling

This is important for you to understand that when using conversational marketing, the main focus should be to help serve your prospects and help them solve their issues. When you conduct this process in an easy manner, don’t you think that your prospects would like to engage with you more?

Keep your focus right and everything will fall into place accordingly. 

10. Provide an easy and quick process for your visitors

When your prospects land up on your website and they find out that your website is tough to even access or view through or is not able to capture their attention, they are going to walk off. This could be a huge loss for your business. Hence it is important that you must keep a closer eye whenever your prospects are on your website so that you can cater to them at the right time as stated earlier in this article. 

Conversational marketing would be great here because it would provide an easy platform for your prospects to understand what you are and what solution you are providing to them with the engagements.

11. Go manually too

As stated earlier, the whole agenda of conversational marketing is to ensure that the lost human touch is restored. While the automated chatbots will cater and engage with your prospects, however, there is no harm in conducting a few engagements manually as well. This will help your prospects understand and believe that there is a human behind the chat and will continue to engage with you. 

The Bottom Line…

Conversational marketing is great and it is evident with the information being shared above.

Before you go on to try it, let’s quickly summarize what we’ve covered:

  • Conversational marketing is a refined way of communicating with your prospects online. It uses the medium of live chats especially chatbots to engage with your prospects. 
  • Benefits of conversational marketing are giving a more humane experience and more
  • You can use conversational marketing in your content and SEO via customer support and more
  • Best practices of conversational marketing are being real, focusing on hot leads, and more.

If you would like more such related content, do watch out for Limecall often. 

, August 12, 2020, LimeCall Team

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