How To Launch A Product Using Text?

LimeCall Team

August 7, 2020
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‘Globally, the amount of people who send and receive text messages is predicted to rise to 5.9 billion by 2025.


Text messaging can make your business go from 2x more lead capture to 3x the number. Text messaging cannot be written off when you launch a product.

Text messaging is a traditional method, but did you know that despite it being a traditional method it is still considered to be a widely used platform.

Think of the promotional messages you receive, think of the messages you open because you know that they are important and just like you there are multiple individuals who depend on text messages to know about deals, and more.

So when you know that text messaging is still being considered, why shouldn’t you make use of it especially when you are planning to launch your product.

Imagine the curiosity in the first few texts and then links being clicked to view your product, this way of lead capture will give you genuine leads in your list.

Trust us when we say that text messaging can help you sell your product better and what better than using this medium to launch your product.

We can show you how it is done and you can get started with it easily without any help.

What to expect in this article?

Let’s get started, shall we?

What Do You Mean By Text Messaging?

Have you received a message when your internet wasn’t connected?

It is the sign of an envelope and it can be viewed, deleted, and seen again and again in your inbox, that is what text messaging is. 

Text messaging was no longer an ordinary platform before the internet hit it.

It was easy and quick in its action and could be sent to multiple users anytime and anywhere, no matter the location.

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Text messaging faded away because the rise in the internet and multiple online platforms overshadowed it but despite this happening, still messages are being used to receive vital information and are still being clicked upon when the message comes on the smartphone.

Why do people still use text messaging or rather why do a few brands make use of this platform even today?

Let’s help you understand this better.

Why should your brand make use of the text messaging platform?

1. Messages will be viewed

Today everyone is on the smartphone all the time, even when you’re bored you view the phone, in fact, even a small notification sound will make you view your phone again, so imagine just like you how many users are doing the same thing. So when you send a message in such a scenario about your product launches, don’t you think that your messages will be viewed. Only a count of few would ignore or move away from the message, but if your message has the right content which is attractive, there are good chances of your prospects viewing it. 

2. Lower competition opportunity

As stated earlier, not multiple brands make use of such a platform which means that if you use it, there isn’t any competition you need to beat, you can easily get in good leads which is useful for your brand. There is no tension to tackle a competitor nor there is any need to speed up the lead process because the leads you have will be certain of your brand and they are coming from their end to invest in your product.

3. Texting is still supported

“Quiq’s 2017 research shows the majority of users would pay more for a product or service that comes with text support, and feel more positive toward brands that offer mobile messaging”  Do you still need proof? Texting is still being considered and the ones who are eager for you to make use of such a medium are your prospects. 

4. Click through rates and open rates are better

As stated earlier, an alert or notification will make your prospect open their phone and view what it is which means that the open rates and click-through rates will be high when compared to emails. With emails, you don’t have a certainty whether your emails will be opened in the first place, but with the statistics mentioned in the previous pointer, it is evident that the prospect’s chances to open the text messages are high hence impacting your open rates. These metrics are vital when you launch a product.

5. Keep prospects updated of every information

Do you know that texts can be a great way of updating your prospects about vital information? That’s what most brands do most of the time, any crucial information will be sent via texts which means that you create a curiosity about your product launches that can play a greater role, don’t you think? 

Now that we have got this covered, there is one information that requires your attention.

How to conduct efficient text messaging?

This is for basics because you can’t just conduct text messaging without understanding the basic ways of doing it in the first place.

1. Keep your texts relevant

If you’re sending a text you understand that you have very little characters to convey your message so you need to make good use of it by only sharing the relevant content. For instance, if you want your prospects to have to your website link your content will be related to that where you mention that head to the link to learn more about the new product and more. 

2. Get your prospects interested in your text

Your texts shouldn’t be just boring, make it interesting by making your prospects do more than just receive the text, ask for their feedback, make them fill up a survey, let them share their opinions on your products and more. Sending text messages and receiving the same is a great way to keep your prospects engaged and create a good impression of your brandis important when you launch a product.

3. Give your prospects more reason to sign up for texts

The whole agenda of using texts is to firstly make your prospects aware that there is a brand like yours who exists and can help them in multiple ways and secondly they should sign up for your text alerts so that they can learn more from you about you. The best way to do this is to show the value your prospects will be receiving from your text. When you are aware that if you receive a certain text and it can help you solve an issue, you will sign up for such texts wouldn’t you? This same theory applies to your prospects as well. 

4. Send texts at the right time

You can’t send your prospects texts at 3 am in the morning or at 1 am in the night. You need to conduct your research such as when your prospects are available or what time zone they are in so that you can connect with them easily. 

5. Send clear messages

If you want your prospects to click on your website link, put the message out there clear for them if you want your prospects to complete a survey, mention it clearly in your texts. Keep it simple and easy for your prospects to engage and learn about you. 

6. Send triggered messages

Another excellent way to make use of your texts is to send triggered messages and this can happen when you observe your prospect’s actions. For instance, when you are aware that your prospects have clicked on a website link you shared with them in your last message, on the basis of that you can share another text where they can reach out to you to learn quicker. When this happens, it becomes easier to engage and nurture them and finally convert them into a sales lead.

Now that you’re clear with all this, let’s move ahead to understand how you can use text messages to promote your new product.

How can you launch a product using text messaging?

Before you launch your product, you need to conduct the following:

1. Build a text list

For you to send your product launch details, you need to first identify who your target audience is and accordingly, you need to get their numbers to send them the text. You could even do this via email by telling your prospects to share their contact details so that they can always receive alerts easily and quicker via texts. 

2. Choose your launch date

This is a crucial decision here because your prospects need to click on the text when you send them which means you need to understand when is the right time to send them the text. Avoid Mondays, weekends and official holidays, try working it out on Friday because it’s the end of the week and mostly many like to spend more with their salary coming in and more. 

The reason why you’re doing this is because your text messaging needs to fulfill the expectation that is being set by you. It needs to give you the result that you’re looking and that can only happen when you too are doing it right in the first place. Think of it this way, you could send a great text message that converts but what’s the point when no one is going to read it. Focus on sending the texts at the right time for your effort to be more meaningful. 

3. Launch your product

Once you have got the above conducted, you are ready to launch your product. Get everything together and ensure that when launching you have checked all the to-dos beforehand. Before launching your product if you could preview it would better ensure there are no grammatical errors, the texts have all the vital information, if your adding links ensure that the links are working properly and more. 

Ensure you preview well because if you are going to make a mistake it can cost you a huge loss, so avoid this from happening by checking every text message you plan to send out to your prospects. 

After the product has been launched, you need to conduct the following:

4. Review your text performance

Once done, keep checking your text performance. See what is working well for you and what you can improve. You need to understand that while you’re using text messaging to get more from it, the only way you can do it better is when you have been tracking it since the time you started to use it.

With constant tracking you will be able to understand what texts work for you and what don’t. For instance, just one liner text may not be that effective than the texts that have links for prospects to explore about the brand. Keep a closer eye on your text messaging activities, understand when the prospects open the texts, how many didn’t open, why didn’t they open, how often prospects open your texts and more.

This will help you do so much more with text messaging. 

The Bottom Line…

As we promised we told you you can easily get started with your product launches with the information above and without our help.

But before you go ahead to try it out, let’s quickly summarize what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • It is the sign of an envelope and it can be viewed, deleted, and seen again and again in your inbox, that is what text messaging is. 
  • Your brand should make use of a text messaging platform because the messages can be viewed and more
  • To conduct efficient text messaging activities, ensure that it is relevant and more
  • You can launch your product via text messaging by first building a text list and more

So what did you think of this article? Would you like to add your opinion on this article, you can do so by tweeting us on the same.

Also for more such related content blogs, keep a closer eye on Limecall often.

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, August 7, 2020, LimeCall Team

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