30 Lead Generation Tools to Hack Your Growth Rates

Ugljesa Djuric

Ugljesa is passionate about the content market, sales, and marketing. He's has been working for several SaaS companies on similar topics.

May 22, 2019
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Apart from the fact that we want to attract people to go visit our site or blog, we also want to collect information about them in order to make them our customers.

Carefully designed strategy, high-quality content and good communication are certainly implied if you want people to come to your site. In order to generate leads and nurture those leads, lead generation tools can help you.

In this article, we present you the top 30 lead generation tools sorted in categories so you can choose the ones that will help you to improve your business.

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Lead Data Generation Tools

The following lead generation tools are gathering information about who visited your site or their contact information in order to make your way towards the new leads and customers easier.

1. Leadfeeder (Freemium)

Leadfeeder shows which companies have visited your site and how they have reached you as well as what their interests are, even if they did not meet the contact form. It is intended for salespeople, marketers and agencies.

Over 30000 people are already using this generation tool in order to increase their sales.

With the help of Google Analytics, Leadfeeder discovers which companies have visited the site and at the same time, it removes the bots from the list to provide the most qualified leads.

It automatically sets the hottest leads to the top of the list. This tool also offers a long list of contacts that will be of great importance to you, and there is also a Leadfeeder Booster option which makes it possible for you to have more data pushed daily.

Based on the collected data of your prospects, you can make better sales pitches that will suit their needs.

You can try out their 14-day free trial version, and then you can subscribe for $59 per month.

Leadfeeder has an extremely high rating at Capterra:

lead generation tools_ratings for leadfeeder

2. Datanyze (Freemium)

Datanyze is a leader in technographics. It is oriented towards B2B companies and it helps them collect data that they can use later in order to increase sales.

lead generation tools_datanyze
lead generation tools_datanyze

Technographic data presents gathered information about the technologies that companies use to draw conclusions from when thinking about what particular technologies they are going to use in the future.

This lead generation tool helps improve sales and marketing strategies by collecting 9000 technologies used by over 35 million global companies.

It offers products for different solutions and roles, and it also offers free tools for technographic analysis, chrome extension, as well as webinars and eBooks. Datanyze also has its own free trial version.

lead generation tools_ratings for datanyze

3. Prospect.io (Paid)

Prospect.io is another lead generation data collection tool that can help different types of businesses to generate leads.

lead generation tools_prospect
lead generation tools_prospect

Prospect.io helps with the following things:

  • It collects emails from prospects and checks them through the Email Verification tool
  • It allows you to select a schedule for sending emails
  • It allows you to personalize emails with the help of variables
  • It sends emails and replies to them for you
  • It monitors all reactions of recipients of your emails: whether they answered or not and how did they answer, whether they click on the links you have been sending them, whether they completed the action you wanted from them to complete

It also provides you with various CRM solutions.

Prices range from $99 per month depending on the amount of credit you want to buy.

lead generation tools_ratings for prospect

Email Finder Tools

These lead generation tools come as a great relief when it comes to collecting email addresses of potential customers.

1. UpLead (Freemium)

UpLead has a database of 30 million contacts from all around the world that can be of great importance to B2B companies. You can choose the contacts using different criteria: location, industry, year of establishment, a technology used and many more.

lead generation tools_uplead
lead generation tools_uplead

Through UpLead you can enrich your data. If you already have your own database but you miss some key information to contact prospects, this tool will help you find them.

A 7-day free trial version is available in which you get 5 credits. Paid plans start at $49 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for uplead

2. Voila Norbert (Paid)

With Voila Norbert you can get qualified leads, verify email addresses and enrich contacts so you can get more conversions. You can schedule your emails, and this tool will recognize when someone opens it or clicks on a specific link.

lead generation tools_Voila norbert
lead generation tools_Voila norbert

There are different packages so you can choose the one that suits you, and prices range from $49 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for Voila norbert

3. FindThatLead (Freemium)

FindThatLead is another tool that will ensure that you find the contacts of your potential customers and to nurture your leads with drip email campaigns.

You can send them a CSV file (with domains, emails, social URLs, company names etc) and they will verify emails for you.

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This tool also has a card reader so you can just snap a photo of a business card and they will find a contact for your email list.

lead generation tools_find that lead
lead generation tools_find that lead

This tool works best for B2B companies, but it can also be used for B2C. It has its own free basic version and a paid version with multiple benefits which costs $49 a month.

4. ContactOut (Freemium)

ContactOut is a tool with which you can quickly find addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn and GitHub to help you find new leads and employees.

You can organize contacts of your potential job candidates into folders and then share them with your colleagues.

With this tool, it’s easy to contact more people at the same time and follow-up automatically.

lead generation tools_contactout
lead generation tools_contactout

With their templates, you will be able to get in touch with people you need more quickly and efficiently.

This browser extension also gives you a free plan with up to 100 credits.

lead generation tools_ratings for contactout
lead generation tools_ratings for contactout

5. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the unrivaled lead generation tools that can append personal data and IP related information for cleaning the email list. The tool collect the emails from all the major sites and integrates with ZOHO CRM, salesforce, LinkedIn. Through the analytics provided, you can track and get the real-time data about the CTRs and optimize your marketing strategies.


Free – AeroLeads provides 10 credits in the free account that comes with some limitations. You cannot use the premium features like exporting data to other services like Mailchimp, Salesforce, ZOHO etc.

The Take Off Plan – Starts just at $49/month, you will get 1,000 credits in your account that allows you to hunt prospects from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angellist, Xing etc. You can easily import and export data from CSV. Only a single user will be allowed at one time!

The Climb Plan: Priced at $149/month, you will get 4,000 credits in your account that allows five users at one time to use the account! The company provides you 24*7 chat and email support. The data can be easily transferred to Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, HubSpot, FreshSales, Zapier etc.

The Cruise Plan: The company allows unlimited users to use the account at one time and grants a 24*7 chat, email and phone support. You will receive 15,000 credits in your account. Pay only $499/month and get all these exclusive features that can ramp up your sales.
Enterprise: Tailor made to suit your needs, this plan will go along your requirements. Contact AeroLeads and get the best features at your door!


Email Marketing and Follow Up Tools

1. OutreachPlus (Freemium)

OutreachPlus is one of the leading generation tools that monitor prospects behaviour and then sends personalized emails with the help of its variables, resulting in higher response rates.

With Campaign Wizard feature that consists of 4 steps, you can easily make an outreach email campaign and immediately start sending emails.

lead generation tools_outreachplus
lead generation tools_outreachplus

Based on a review of results, you’ll find it easier to look for the best prospects for future campaigns while saving yourself some time.

You can use this tool for free or you can choose one of the packages starting at $18 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for outreachplus
lead generation tools_ratings for outreachplus

2. Lemlist (Freemium)

With Lemlist you can send personalized emails, and by using their technology you can include personalized images which will increase the number of replies.

This tool also tracks the behaviour of your readers so you can focus on those who are most interested in your service or product.

lead generation tools_lemlist
lead generation tools_lemlist

You can try out a 14-day free trial, and prices start at $29 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for lemlist

3. Mailshake (Paid)

Mailshake offers a lot of templates for your cold emails. You can also personalize and automate them.  

As you plan your campaign, assistants suggest how to make it, even more, inviting and in this way succeed in getting to a bigger number of qualified leads.

You can choose the time to send emails, check each email if you want, and suggest changes.

lead generation tools_mailshake
lead generation tools_mailshake

Package prices range from $29, and if you are not 100% satisfied, they offer you a refund.

lead generation tools_ratings for mailshake

4. Autoklose (Freemium)

With this tool you can target your prospects, engage with them and make them your customers with emails and campaigns.

Thanks to the large base of the verified B2B leads from different industries, this tool can find the right prospects for your business.

It is intended for anyone who wants to automate the sales process.

lead generation tools_autoklose
lead generation tools_autoklose

The free trial version lasts for two weeks, and paid programs start at $49.99 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for autoklose
lead generation tools_ratings for autoklose

Email Tracking Tools

For any business to develop, it is necessary to monitor the results. Given that emails are of paramount importance, these lead generation tools for email tracking will help you in doing that.

1. Docsify (Freemium)

Docsify allows you to get information directly through your Gmail about who opened your email and clicked on the links that you wanted, and the notifications arrive simultaneously. Insights about reader actions are also available on your Gmail account.

You can enable or disable tracking for each email. You can also unsend emails even if you have already clicked “send”.

For every question that you might have, there is direct support.

lead generation tools_docsify

A free trial version is available, and after that, it is charged at $9 a month and up.

lead generation tools_ratings for docsify

2. Mailtrack (Freemium)

Mailtrack is a simple Chrome extension available for all Gmail users.

This tool checks who opened your email, how many times and at what time. It also sends you real-time notifications every time when someone opens your email.

lead generation tools_mailtrack

You can choose your monthly, quarterly or annual plan. From $5.61 for a month or $32.58 for a whole year.

lead generation tools_ratings for mailtrack

Email Collection Tools

The longer your email list is, the higher the number of potential customers. These lead generation tools will help you collect your contacts.

1. HelloBar (Freemium)

With HelloBar you can design messages sent to your site visitors. You can also specify the time when you want your readers to see them.

Through this tool targeting is precise, and it also enables Social Media promotion.

lead generation tools_hellobar

You can choose Starter pack from 0$, Growth from 29$ a month or Elite pack for 99$.

2. OptinMonster (Paid)

Considering that it is linked to all the great email and CRM platforms, it makes it easier to collect email addresses and generate leads.

When it comes to targeting, it includes the following:

  • Page-level targeting – maintenance of the campaigns on multiple pages
  • Exit-Intent technology – keeping visitors’ attention when they want to leave the site
  • OnSite Retargeting – the opportunity to create special offers for those who return to the site
  • LeadSharing –the ability to share leads with your business partners
lead generation tools_optinmonster

This tool is recommended for small businesses, influencers and marketing agencies. Pricing starts at $9 a month.

lead generation tools_ratings for optinmonster

Landing Page and Lead Capture Tools

With the help of the following lead generation tools, you will be able to create custom landing pages and lead capture forms. This will be of great importance to you when the time comes for your visitors to sign up for something.

1. Unbounce (Freemium)

If you want to reduce cost-per-lead, Unbounce can help you by sending visitors to their landing page that has been made for you instead of sending them to your site.

It is aimed at marketers and digital agencies in order to increase conversions by allowing them to make landing pages, popups and sticky bars.

lead generation tools_unbounce

You can try out their 14-day free trial version, and then you can subscribe to one of their packages. Prices range from $79 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for unbounce

2. Poptin (Freemium)

Poptin is based on the creation of effective pop-up windows and it is intended for eCommerce sites, marketers, digital agencies and bloggers.

This tool increases engagement by providing your visitors with content that will be interesting to them and by collecting feedback. Based on the behaviour of visitors, it delivers offers at a certain time.

Without coding skills, you can make a pop-up that will draw your visitors’ attention and bring you more leads.

lead generation tools_poptin

There are free versions, and paid ones range from $19 to $99 per month.

lead generation tools_reviews for poptin

3. Instapage (Paid)

Instapage is also a landing page builder that offers drag-and-drop landing pages, capture forms and heat maps.

Their idea is to provide every potential customer with a personalized post-click experience in order to maintain their interest and increase sales.

Creating a landing page without a developer is possible and with a great deal of time-saving.

lead generation tools_instapage

Prices range from $89 per month.

lead generation tools_reviews for instapage

B2B Sales Automation Tools

These lead generation tools automate the sales process that allows significant time saving so you can focus on other things important for your business.

Due to the fact that new tools appear on a daily basis, we are presenting three proven B2B sales automation tools which can help you with the search.

1. HubSpot (Freemium)

Hubspot is one of the most popular B2B tools. It is great for small and medium businesses.

It will help you to increase your traffic, create landing pages, leverage social media, find leads and close and manage those leads.

This tool offers marketing hub, sales hub and all-in-one customer service software. It also offers some simple tools for SEO.

lead generation tools_hubspot

This tool is free, but depending on the features you want, prices range from $ 50 to $ 3200 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for prospect
reviews for hubspot

2. Infusionsoft (Paid)

Infusionsoft is an email marketing company that is focused on small businesses.

It deals with email marketing and automation of sales in order to build a loyal customer base.

You can manage contacts, capture leads and track information about them, create landing pages, automatize sales process, automatize marketing, set up shopping form so your customers can buy 24/7 etc.

lead generation tools_infusionsoft

There is basic (199$/mo), pro (299$/mo) and premiere (399$/mo) program.

lead generation tools_infusionsoft
lead generation tools_reviews for infusionsoft

3. Zapier (Freemium)

This tool allows you to automatically connect the applications you need on a daily basis.

For example, when you receive an email on a Gmail account, it automatically copies the attachment from the email to Dropbox and then notifies you via Slack so you would not miss the important information.

You can make workflows how it suits you and fully automate the process.

lead generation tools_zapier

Zapier offers plans for both individuals and companies, each including a 14-day free trial version. There is also a free plan, and prices range from $20 per month.

lead generation tools_ratings for prospectreviews for zapier
lead generation tools_reviews for zapier

4. Vainu

Vainu is a sales intelligence platform that makes salespeople relevant in every step of the sales process by providing them with actionable company information, when and where they need it.

Vainu is powered by technology to collect, read and understand all company information ever written, and make this easily consumable for the salesperson.Vainu seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs such as HubSpot, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. With this integration you:- Fix data irregularities and update stale information lurking in your CRM

1 . Fill in blanks in your data with our exhaustive firmographic, technographic, and buying signals information

2. Automate workflows based on data triggers

3. Get a holistic company overview in one glance

Lead Qualification and Callback Tools

1. Limecall (Freemium)

Limecall is a callback software that provides personal one-on-one conversations with your prospects that you can turn into qualified leads.

Its employees are available 24/7 to answer any questions from the visitors of your site in order to maintain their attention and to get the answers as soon as possible.

This tool also has a widget that offers free calls to the visitors within 30 seconds of the question, and if they wish, they can schedule the call for some other time that suits them.

lead generation tools_limecall

The Starter Plan is free, and then the prices begin to range from $35/mo depending on the number of calls and the engaged call operators.

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Live Chat Tools

Live chats are a great way to generate leads because with their implementation on the site you indicate that you want to get in touch with your visitors and you can give them a chance to get answers to everything they are interested in.

1. Drift (Freemium)

Drift is a conversational marketing platform that allows you to facilitate communication with your visitors with the help of their bots and artificial intelligence.

Assistants – bots that realise to which sales rap they should speak as soon as they identify your visitors and talk to them in real-time, which is why their interest is maintained.

lead generation tools_Drift

This tool is also intended for individuals and teams and companies. Depending on what you use it for, the prices range from $50 per month, and there is a free plan for those who want a basic chat.

lead generation tools_reviews for drift

2. Intercom (Paid)

Intercom is another tool that offers live chat for personalized conversations, and it also sends targeted emails and offers a help desk in order to solve potential customers’ problems more quickly.

This tool helps in acquiring, engaging and supporting customers.

It is intended for startups and companies.

lead generation tools_intercom

There are no free packages, and paid plans range from $38 per month.

lead generation tools_reviews for intercom
lead generation tools_reviews for intercom

Social Media Lead Generation Tools

Those lead generation tools will help you find leads on different social networks.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Freemium)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to save leads directly from LinkedIn.

You can automate LinkedIn prospecting to a certain extent with tools like Expandi or Dux Soup.

It facilitates the search for the most relevant prospects for your business. Their advanced search filter will find you information like phone numbers and job titles, in order to find qualified leads and leads recommendations.

lead generation tools_linkedin sales navigator

You can start your free trial and then switch to paid plans starting at $65 per month.

On TrustRadius it was rated with a total score of 8.5 out of 10:

lead generation tools_review for linkedin sales navigator
lead generation tools_review for linkedin sales navigator

2. Quora (Free)

Quora is one of the most famous forums where people ask questions about various topics. You can ask a question or search for different topics with already existing answers.

It is intended for everyone. No matter how big your business is, this forum is a great tool for searching what your target audience is interested in.

lead generation tools_quora

You can see a lot of different opinions about this forum, but do not let them get to you before trying to search the information that matters to you:

lead generation tool_quora marketing

3. PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster is an API store that automatizes processes on different social media.

You can use this tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Reddit, GitHub, YouTube, Medium etc. It will help you to increase productivity and to save time for other tasks.

It offers services such as automatic likes, messages comments, email extractor, followers collector, post clappers and many more.

lead generation tools_phantombuster

It has a free package and paid plans start at $30 per month. The prices are based on execution time per day.

lead generation tools_reviews for phantombuster

Customer Development Tools

1. Feedier (Freemium)

This tool gathers your customers’ feedbacks so you can improve your business and make a better atmosphere for your customers.

Creative and interactive surveys will easily engage prospects to leave feedback on your services, product, experience, etc. In their feedback collection method, they included both animations and rewards.

lead generation tools_feedier

Prices range from $59 per month, and there is a free plan. You can also make custom versions that suit your needs.

lead generation tools_reviews for feedier

2. Typeform (Freemium)

Another good lead generation tool for collecting information from users.

It makes all kinds of interactive forms: surveys, quizzes, polls, online shops etc.

Typeform mission is to design different forms in a way that they are interesting to customers and visitors, in order to gather as much information as possible about their experience.

It is intended for anyone who wants to start or already has started a smaller or bigger business.

lead generation tools_typeform

You can start with a free plan to introduce yourself to this tool, and then go with the pro plan starting at 30$ a month.

lead generation tools_reviews for typeform

Meetings Scheduling Tools

Using these tools will save you some time and you will be able to avoid long deals. The prospects just have to choose the time in your calendar and the meeting is arranged.

1. Calendly  (Freemium)

Calendly works like this: you get to type in all available appointments for meetings, calls, demo requests etc. and then send them to your prospects so they could select the time that suits them. The event is automatically entered into your calendar.

This tool also detects the time zones in order to avoid confusion, and it also works with other calendars in Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud in order to avoid overlapping scheduled appointments.

lead generation tools_calendly

There is a free basic plan with which you can schedule an unlimited number of events, but events must be of the same type. If you want to schedule different types of events, paid plans range from $8 per month.

lead generation tools_reviews for calendly

2. Google Calendar (Free)

You can type in all your responsibilities in Google Calendar to make them transparent. You can enter tasks and set reminders.

lead generation tools_google calendar

On GetApp it has a rating of 4.67 from 5.

lead generation tools_reviews for google calendar
lead generation tools_reviews for google calendar

Lead Qualification and Callback Tools

1. LimeCall (Freemium)

Limecall is a callback software that provides personal one-on-one conversations with your prospects that you can turn into qualified leads.

Its employees are available 24/7 to answer any questions from the visitors of your site in order to maintain their attention and to get the answers as soon as possible.

This tool also has a widget that offers free calls to the visitors within 30 seconds of the question, and if they wish, they can schedule the call for some other time that suits them.

lead generation tools_limecall callback software

The Starter Plan is free, and then the prices begin to range from $35/mo depending on the number of calls and the engaged call operators.

Bottom line

There are too many different lead generation tools and for real estate lead generation on the market, so we hope that this list of 30 tools for developing your business will help you.

Do not forget to track the results and to keep in mind that your audience pays attention to every change, so listen carefully to their requests and feedbacks.

It’s time to choose those lead generating tools like Leads Tool for automotive business whose callback software features and products best suit your needs and start turning the visitors into real and loyal customers.

Also, It’s advisable to use an callback software to engage with your visitors and connect them with your sales repository, customer support or call center, so they can provide your website visitors with relevant information which can improve your sales. Check Limecall Pricing Now!

, May 22, 2019, Ugljesa Djuric

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