The Secret of Successful Lead Generation Sales Calls

LimeCall Team

January 18, 2021
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‘’27% of sales people say that a B2B call is still an effective first step in a well-thought-out prospecting strategy.’’

We are living in 2021 where the online world is growing to become the medium in which a sales rep like you and your potential prospects can communicate.

What if you were told that while the online world is present, you still need to ring your prospects to close that sale?

‘’Of buyers who accept sales calls, 75% report interest in the product as the most important reason.’’ 

Your potential prospects, wherever they are, they are waiting to speak to you and if you think that this isn’t possible, the statistics above won’t lie.

You need to get one thing clarified here, even if your prospects engage with you via an online platform, at the end of the day, they will want to get on a call with you to make that purchase decision, so why don’t you do it before them?

Lead generation in 2021 requires immediate assistance and attention, with the competition growing higher, you need to pass through the crowd and be first to cater to your prospects which is exactly why lead generation sales calls are the solution you need to start implementing the most.

As you continue to read further, you will understand or rather learn the following:

  • Why couldn’t you use cold calls for lead generation earlier?
  • How cold calls can make an impact on your lead generation count?
  • How can cold calls convert leads faster than you think?
  • Why do cold calls deserve the recognition in 2021?

A sneak peek at what to expect as you continue to read further:

Let’s get started.

The Meaning of Cold calling or Sales Calls

When you engage with a prospect for the first time over call, this process is known as cold calling.

Cold calling is conducted because it is one of the ways where speaking to a prospect can help lead generation numbers to increase simultaneously.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that you sell a software and are aware of how helpful your solution can be when it comes to helping your clients succeed in better business growth. While you have a great online presence, there is always a feeling that getting on a call once can work wonders for you.

When you get on a call, speaking to your prospects gives you the ability to exhibit much more over one conversation. You can talk and speak about your product and the prospect’s needs simultaneously and crack that sale.

Cold calling works wonders and to prove that we have covered the top reasons to justify our statement. 

Why does cold calling deserve your attention?

To help you understand this better, we have shared the top quora answers with reference to what the audience thinks are the benefits of investing time and energy in cold calling.


2. Brooke Harper, Sales expert at Tenfold

3. Azhar Hussain, Director at Digital Jockey,

4. Aleksandra Dziewulska, Marketing specialist at Crazycall,

5. Ludovic Vuillier, Founder at The Good Life Manifesto,

As we discussed this, yet we still remain doubtful about whether cold calling is good to conduct lead generation sales calls. 

Have you wondered why you think in such a manner about cold calls?

We might have something that can help you get closure.

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How cold calling or Sales Calls flew under the bad light?

1. Lack of good sales calls

When you have made up your mind that cold calling is difficult, how can you expect to conduct good cold calls? 

Due to this cold calls is what happens in a bad manner. Also, when you conduct cold calls, sales reps tend to sound like reading a script word to word, in such cases, why would a prospect want to continue the call?

Due to such reasons, it becomes difficult to conduct great calls. When you have given up on the idea of conducting cold calls, when you are conducting this action only for the purpose of sales rather than to help your prospects, you are bound to have a lack of good sales calls.

2. A reputation risk

The most common reason why sales reps ignore or fade away from conducting cold calls is that it can cause a bad reputation for a brand. 

While this is true, have you wondered why this happens or rather how it comes down to such a conclusion?

The reason being your prospects are not happy with that call you’ve just made to them.

The reason could be multiple such as:

  • Not listening to what your prospects have to say
  • Not catering to the actual needs of the prospects
  • Sounding too rude or not interested in your tone
  • Giving your prospects the impression that this is a sales call

When you conduct the above actions, wouldn’t your prospect form a bad impression of your brand?

Today even the slightest mistakes in the content displayed by brands on social media are criticized, this is a phone call that has gone wrong, wouldn’t the reputation risk stand higher?

3. Cold calls are traditional approaches

Yes, cold calls are traditional yet even today they are being considered for the simple reason that, ‘’92% of customer interactions happen over the phone.’’ Phone calls used to be a success than when telemarketing was taking place and the results are the well-established brands that still exist.

4. Cold calls are time-consuming

You’re dealing with new prospects who are not even aware of who you are and what you do. They are prospects that require the awareness of who you are and what your product can help them achieve on the basis of their needs. For this to happen, there is a time that will take place.

Your prospects aren’t going to invest in you in the first conversation that you’ll engage with, ‘’93% of converted leads are often reached only by the 6th cold call attempt.’’ and why shouldn’t they?

Your prospects are aware that there are multiple similar solutions that are present in the market and hence for that reason alone, they are going to take more time to convince themselves to invest in you. Your follow-ups are a part of that process. 

5. Rejection stops sales reps 

When a cold call is rejected, sales reps tend to feel defeated and in turn ruin the other lead generation sales call for the day. When a prospect comes further down the sales funnel only to leave later and this is in content with the second stage of the sales funnel which is the consideration stage , sales reps feel that what they are doing is wrong and believe that cold calling is not the ideal lead generation sales call tools needed. 

In every aspect of life, rejection will be walking next to you. To achieve great things, you need to fall down and then rise up again. You will engage with 100 prospects in a week and out of that at least 40 prospects will reject your offer or move away, what your focus should be to actually convert at least 10 of the remaining prospects.

When you stop considering rejections, that is when you realize that cold calls aren’t as bad as you think it is. 

Why don’t we justify the reasons on your behalf?

We have curated the top tips that can help you conduct successful lead generation sales calls that will work your way in 2021. These are the most effective tips that will guarantee your success faster than your competitors. 

Powerful tips to lighten up your cold calling game higher

1. Make use of automation to conduct your other sales tasks

‘’63% of companies outgrowing their competitors are using automation.’’ 

Automation is a miracle tool for sales reps like you. These are tools that are helpful in getting you to conduct other sales actions such as your meetings, CRM, and more. Dealing with a prospect requires your complete time and energy which is why all your other sales actions which are also important such as follow-ups with leads can be taken care of by the automation solution.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

You will have leads that require more nurturing, you cannot deal with all these leads individually each day hence with automation you can schedule the follow-up actions such as sending emails and more so that your other leads are taken care of well. 

2. Keep practicing cold calls or Sales Calls

No one can ever perfect cold calls because there isn’t any perfection rule for it. The best way to achieve better lead generation sales calls is to continue making calls and learning from your mistakes. 

Pro tip : Record your calls and listen to them so that you can understand what went wrong and work on enhancing your cold calling actions better. 

3. Listen to your prospects

As a sales rep the urgency to finish sales is evident but when it comes to cold calling the urgency factor cannot be displayed. The calls are taking place to serve one purpose, helping leads to understand that you can cater to their needs. The best way for you to conduct the same is to hear out what your prospects expect from you.

You just don’t tell your prospects that your product can help them, you need to explain to them how your product can help them.

For example, say that your prospect is looking for abc qualities in its needs, you need to explain to them how your product can help them achieve that abc quality.

When your lead understands this, then only will they be able to consider what you’re selling to them. 

4. Don’t sell for the purpose of just sales through Sales Calls

If your conducting lead generation sales calls for the purpose of just sales, then you’re doing sales the wrong way. The whole agenda of the sales calls is to help your prospects find their needs.

If you’re going to sell to them just because you need to achieve your sales target, your cold calls will not be conducted well and as a result, you’ll have lower conversion rates. 

5. Communicate in an open-ended format

Instead of saying ‘would you be interested to try this product’? try switching to ‘how do you like the idea of giving this product a try?

The second statement is more warm and gives your prospects the ability to answer with a yes. In the entire cold call communication, speak and question your prospects in an open-ended manner so that you’re able to understand how you can cater to your prospects better.

Just like you, you have your peers who have seen success with cold calls, with their experience, they are sharing a few tips that can help you to get started as well.

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The Bottom Line…

‘’41.2% of sales professionals believe that their phone is their most effective tool for the job.’’

And it will continue to be because cold calling isn’t just making an impact in the way you’re doing sales, it is also retaining that human touch required that can make sales be conducted in a much more convenient manner. 

1. Kaitlin Pettersen, Intercom’s customer support Global Director stated,

‘’Every customer should feel like they’re involved in a one-to-one conversation with a business.’’

Cold calling is here to stay and can be considered as a great lead generation sales calls solution in 2021 and the years to come. 

2. Chase Clemons from Basecamp stated,

‘’Customer support is as much a feature of your product as that last feature your team added. When done right, it can set you apart from your competition. An app can be recreated easily. A rocking support experience is much harder to copy. When customers know they’re going to get great support, they’ll usually choose you over the competitor.’’

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Was it helpful? Did you find it useful? 

We would love to hear from you. 

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, January 18, 2021, LimeCall Team

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